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Maybe This Is all starting to Make Sense
5 years ago  ::  Dec 09, 2012 - 1:29PM #61
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Dec 9, 2012 -- 3:04AM, go4broke wrote:

Dec 9, 2012 -- 2:32AM, yanks3457 wrote:

Used to post here a while back but it was so long ago that I forgot my old password to both my account and the old email account connected to it. This thread compelled me to return.

Just wanted to throw some questions into the discussion and make some points.

Why does signing Hamilton go hand-in-hand with trading Granderson? Granderson is under contract for 2013 only, so his money does not affect the 2014 budget. Wouldn't people prefer an OF of Granderson-Gardner-Hamilton? And wouldn't Granderson's well-known positive influence and personality in the clubhouse be a help to someone like Hamilton who needs a strong support system of teammates around him?

One thing that the Hamilton lovers aren't brining up is how he has postseason choke-artist written all over him, much like Granderson and other Yankees last season. The guy folded down the stretch in September for Texas both at the plate and in the field (anyone remember the dropped routine flyball?). His last 10 games played of the 2012 season he hit .262 with 1 HR and struck out 18 times in 42 at bats. And in that wild card came he looked as lost at the plate as Granderson going 0 for 4 with 2 Ks. Outside of ONE stellar postseason series against the Yanks in 2010, the guy hasn't done all that much in October (a couple solid, but not stellar, series and the rest total stinkers) . Granderson had an awful postseason in 2012 but before then his postseason production was pretty solid. Both players have very similar postseason numbers in almost the same exact number off games played. Hamilton .227/.295/.424/.720 in 34 games. Granderson .229/.333/.458/.791 in 36 games. Granderson slightly outperforms Hamilton in October because he managed to draw more walks and mixed some triples with his HRs and doubles. Hamilton has more postseason RBIs (22 to Curtis' 17) but he also hit in a better spot in the lineup to get better chances with more runners on base in those postseason series. 

Anyway, despite the struggles of both in October, with Arod hurt and Jeter coming off of injury at an old age, doesn't this team kind of need both players in 2013 to stand any chance of going to the postseason again and taking a shot at winning a ring?

I am not in favor of signing Hamilton because I think the media and fans here will destroy him but to call him a choker in the postseason is a bit much. The big difference in comparing Granderson to Hamilton in the postseason is that Hamilton is the guy that everybody keys on. If you stop him you stop Texas. Granderson is not in that position. Its much easier to perform when you are perceived by the other team to be 2nd 3rd or even 4th in the list of players you don't want to let beat you then when you are undeniably the number 1 threat that has to be contained.

I agree that the media tabloids in New York will have a field day with him. It will be Arod times a thousand. But i must ask, do you consider Arod an October choker? Thats his rap with most Yankees fans. His postseason OPS (.833) is far better than Hamilton's. If Hamilton comes here and puts up .750 or less postseason OPS numbers every season, how could he not fall under the same scrutiny as Arod has?

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