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I said it before, and I will say it again. The Yankees will never be the same without George.
5 years ago  ::  Dec 23, 2012 - 5:18PM #61
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And Charlie Brown still tries to kick the football..

Point is, no one ever said a fool doesn't want to win.

All a Yankee owner has to do is say they want to win, sign a few players, and we will show up. When the team actually kept more money, we knew it, and made no moves, the fans didn't show up.

Most around here believe that King George spent so much money he went into debt to please them. He didn't, not even close, raking in more than 50% of the revenue for himself. That is the point. He was no different than the owner of the Royals. Both kept over 50% of revenues, but some unenlightened Yankee fans believe "George went overboard to win" or "If George was here he would have bought us Hamilton, Zack, etc." A freaking illusion.

And that is my point.

Dec 23, 2012 -- 4:56PM, newinn wrote:

Dec 23, 2012 -- 4:46PM, T15D23A46 wrote:

I don't "hate" King George.

He was who he was. Hapless and a pr whore. He was anything but what history revisionists want to make of him. Mostly it is absolute ignorance (ie. he spent more than anyone else, no he didn't, the team stayed at the league average or under vs revenue (46%)) He lucked out with Torre. Firing Showalter when he did was insanity. 

King George, to me, took away from the team. Took away from those who left it on the field. It was all about him, not to mention the undue credit he sought.  He got his way. He tore down Yankee Stadium and his plaque is some 4x larger than those who changed the game and the fate of this organization. 

I am, was, more disgusted by King George. I do not hate him.

Dec 23, 2012 -- 7:34AM, YankeeLoon wrote:

George was starting to slip mentally around 05 he was never heard from again unless through a publicist. Billy was a great manager but his Yankee legacy doesn't SHOULDN'T hold a candle to Torre. Anyone saying the 96-2001 Yankees managed themselves is foolish. Torre should've been gone after 04....can't believe he survived TWO additional early October exits. I don't hate George like T15 does, but 01-08 Yankees was 80's redux in its methods and ultimate results.

You keep using that 46% number T and claim it's the same as every other team. Sorry but %'s don't pay the bill, money does. Lord knows I'm far from a big Steinbrenner fan but to be objective, he did some good things. He could have put a lower % of revenue back into payroll and still outspent every other team but he didn't do that. I hated when he got so involved with the actual runnin g of the team and the ridiculous turnover of managers and coaches but I never once questioned his desire to win.


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