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Feb 8, 2013 -- 11:23AM, Max wrote:

Feb 8, 2013 -- 11:00AM, JoeGNJ wrote:

Feb 8, 2013 -- 10:32AM, Max wrote:

Jan 27, 2013 -- 2:01PM, JoeGNJ wrote:

....still putting up great numbers. Dissing him is like dissing Mo. Both the best there ever was and perhaps will be in our lifetimes.

IMO, Mo and Marty go hand in hand.

Yes they do....Islander fan?  WOW......I played several games in college in the Nassau Coliseum. They would be on the afternoons of Islander night games.  Few fans realize how early the pros get to the arena. Every game, guys on the Islanders and visiting team would saunter out of the locker room to catch soem of our game.  Those were the days of Gilllies, Trottier, Potvin, & Bossy. Was real cool, and the guys were awesome to us. One great memory for me was a game that we played when the Black Hawks were in town to play the Isles. It was just a few seconds before the buzzer between the first and second period and the other goalie robbed me with a save that made my eyes pop out. After the buzzer, as we were heading through the tunnel, a "spectator" said to me, "that f'n guy robbed you, nice shot!"  It was Tony Esposito of the Black Hawks. 

Those were the glory years. Gillies and Bossy were my favorites. What a great Tony Espo story. You didn't score a goal on that play but Tony gave you a memory that you will never forget.

Oh man it was cool!  But, there were ALWAYS guys from the Isles and the visiting team watching, "cheering" etc....

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