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Minor League Updates
6 years ago  ::  Apr 12, 2015 - 9:04AM #31
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Minor League Schedule 4/12

AAA: Syracuse at SWB 1:05 (Chase Whitley)

AA: Trenton at Erie (doubleheader) 12:05 start. (Gm 1: Eric Ruth, Gm 2: Caleb Smith)

A: Lakeland at Tampa 5:00 (TBD)

A: Lexington at Charleston 5:05 (Jordan Montgomery)

6 years ago  ::  Apr 12, 2015 - 9:15AM #32
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Where the Yankees' top 30 prospects are starting the season:

1. Luis Severino - Trenton Thunder (AA)

2. Aaron Judge - Trenton Thunder (AA)

3. Jorge Mateo - Charleston RiverDogs (A)

4. Greg Bird - Trenton Thunder (AA)

5. Robert Refsnyder - Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders (AAA)

6. Ian Clarkin - Tampa Yankees (A Adv.)

7. Gary Sanchez - Trenton Thunder (AA)

8. Eric Jagielo - Trenton Thunder (AA)

9. Jacob Lindgren - Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders (AAA)

10. Luis Torrens - Charleston RiverDogs (A) - DL

11. Miguel Andujar - Tampa Yankees (A Adv.)

12. Domingo German - Trenton Thunder (AA) - DL

13. Austin DeCarr - Extended Spring Training

14. Bryan Mitchell - Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders (AAA)

15. Juan DeLeon - Extended Spring Training

16. Dermis Garcia - Extended Spring Training

17. Brady Lail - Tampa Yankees (A Adv.)

18. Tyler Austin - Scranton-Wilkes/Barre Railriders (AAA)

19. Jose A. Ramirez - Scranton-Wilkes/Barre Railriders (AAA)

20. Tyler Wade - Tampa Yankees (A Adv.)

21. Abiatal Avelino - Charleston RiverDogs (A)

22. Jake Cave - Trenton Thunder (AA)

23. Rookie Davis - Tampa Yankees (A Adv.)

24. Jose Pirela - Scranton-Wilkes/Barre Railriders (AAA) - DL

25. Ramon Flores - Scranton-Wilkes/Barre Railriders (AAA)

26. Mason Williams - Trenton Thunder (AA)

27. Gosuke Katoh - Charleston RiverDogs (A)

28. Leonardo Molina - Extended Spring Training

29. Domingo Acevedo - Charleston RiverDogs (A)

30. Ty Hensley - Charleston RiverDogs (A) - DL

6 years ago  ::  Apr 12, 2015 - 9:16AM #33
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Nick Rumbelow did not expect to rocket through the Yankees' system, but as the young right-hander tried on uniforms for each of the organization's top four Minor League affiliates last summer, it was impossible not to think about New York being the next stop.

Rumbelow started the season with Class A Charleston and finished it with Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, with an excellent strikeout rate to thank for his progress. Once he could finally unpack and exhale, Rumbelow said he appreciated the experiences of his travels through all of those cities.

"At the end of the season, once I was back home, I think the magnitude of moving through the different teams kind of set in a little bit," Rumbelow said. "During the season, I was trying to stay focused on what I was trying to do and not get too caught up in the 'wow' moment of it."

Rumbelow continued to make a good impression in Spring Training, coming off a season in which he was 5-2 with a 2.64 ERA in 44 games, striking out 81 batters and walking just 18 in 58 innings. He will begin this season with Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre and can offer teammates a first-hand review of the entire Yanks' system.

"The best city? They all brought cool things, different aspects, whether you were in Charleston -- it's kind of a younger crowd at the games," Rumbelow said. "Then you go to Trenton and it's just a cool atmosphere, it's just a packed stadium all the time. Then obviously in Scranton, it was just one of those things where it was a really nice ballpark. It was hard not to be happy every day there."

A seventh-round pick in the 2013 First-Year Player Draft from Louisiana State University, Rumbelow made eight appearances for Charleston before being summoned to Tampa, where he found a roommate in third-base prospect Eric Jagielo, who offered a spare set of keys to his house.

While in Florida, Rumbelow said that he got to explore the areas around the Yankees' spring home.

"I like yoga; that's one of the hobbies that I gravitate toward when I'm not at the field," Rumbelow said. "I love clean eating, so usually when I'm in Tampa, I'll go to yoga and then I'll go to Fresh Kitchen, that's my favorite spot. It's the best food ever. Those are the kind of things that I enjoy doing, things that benefit me on the field."

Describing himself as a "low-key guy" who enjoys hitting the mall for some new clothes or a new pair of sneakers over "venturing out and doing anything too crazy," the hard-throwing Rumbelow made 19 appearances for Tampa before being sent to Trenton, where he crashed in an apartment just over the New Jersey-Pennsylvania border.

"It was a little tough," Rumbelow said. "That's one of the transitions that you have to work with, is finding a spot everywhere you're going, but everyone was very welcoming all the way from [Class A Advanced] to Triple-A. The guys took care of me. They were open to me staying with them and stuff like that. It wasn't a challenge for me, once I got there. The teams were like, 'All right, man, you need a place to stay?'"

He enjoyed the atmosphere in Trenton but did not have much time to explore the state capital. There was one evening that he boarded a New Jersey Transit train and ventured into Manhattan, sleeping at the apartment of teammate Jaron Long, whose father, Kevin, was the Yankees' hitting coach.

Rumbelow guessed that his time in the Big Apple comprised about 10 hours; not even enough time to sample a New York pizza slice, though he had a good excuse for bolting.

"I spent the night there and then I had to catch a train back to Trenton because I got called up [to Triple-A]," he said. "So I had to catch a train from New York City to Trenton and then a car to Syracuse to play. When you get that phone call and they say, 'Hey, we want you in Triple-A,' you're like, 'OK -- let's go.'"

He wrapped the year with the RailRiders, posting a 4.11 ERA in 10 appearances while sharing a house with catcher John Ryan Murphy. Rumbelow said he even carved out a little time to visit a popular hot spot: Doc Magrogan's, an oyster house that sits just up the hill from PNC Field, the refurbished home of the Yanks' top farm club.

"I didn't know they had different kinds of oysters," Rumbelow said. "I thought there was only one type of oyster, but there's a multitude of different types. I ate a lot of them there; they were good."

While in Spring Training, Rumbelow said that he tried to watch bullpen routines and how veterans interact with one another, preparing for their outings. Having seen five levels of the Yanks' system in a little more than a year, Rumbelow said he is eager to walk the streets of New York as a Yankee.

"I think if you're coming into our system and you don't have that goal and that mindset that you could be in New York one day, then things won't work out that well for you," he said. "I look forward to spending time in New York, and hopefully I can contribute and help this team win some more games."

6 years ago  ::  Apr 12, 2015 - 9:18AM #34
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SWB Postgame notes: “The progress is there, and the work ethic is there.”

April 11th, 2015

It was one play that may have told the story of the last six weeks for Rob Refsnyder.

Here’s the stage: Runner on first, nobody out. RailRiders leading 2-1 in the eighth inning. The ultra-quick Derrick Robinson on first. The equally as speedy Emmanuell Burriss at the plate, bouncing a high, sharp chopper to the right side, toward the hole between first and second.

Here’s what a savvy, veteran second baseman might have been thinking: This play is a set-up. It’s designed to get me in trouble if I play it too aggressively. Stay back. Don’t let the hop play you. Get the out at first.

But less than 24 hours earlier, Refsnyder made his first error of the season by being not aggressive enough. He shuffled to his right, tried to backhand a routine grounder, and it popped up off his glove. He was in no position to handle a ball that took a hop that was even slightly askew, never mind when he’s bringing his glove up too early.

Once Burriss’ bat touched the ball, and the ball took its first high bounce off the PNC Field turf, you could see Refsnyder wasn’t playing this one passively. He charged in and to his right. Get the right hop, he may have tried to make a brilliant play and cut Robinson off at second. But he charged too far, too quickly. The hop came up hard and with some spin. The ball was practically at his shoulder as he was bringing his mitt up to make a stab at it.

It got by him, of course. Two errors in two games. Both plays he needed to play the opposite way. Both leading to big Syracuse innings. This one, a three-run eighth that pushed the Chiefs to a 4-2 win.

Too passive one day. Too aggressive the next. And there was Rob Refsnyder, caught in the middle. Of a hop on Saturday. And on defense as a whole right now.

Refsnyder’s defense seems to be the story every fan is focusing on with the RailRiders this season. Some want him in New York, anyway, playing second base every day. After all, he isn’t taking the errors with him to the plate — Ref was 2 for 4 yesterday (and could have been 3 for 4) and he’s 4 for 12 this season — and the Yankees need bats. All seem to be dying for a pretty good young player from the system to crack the lineup, and he’s easily the closest one. My take since last year is that Refsnyder is clearly athletic enough to do the job, with some work. I can’t remember a time last season when he was here — and he was for almost half a season — when I thought defense was even a little bit of an issue. But maybe, it would help to hear it from someone with a bit more of a pedigree than sportswriter.

“I’m not worried about it,” RailRiders manager Dave Miley said. “The way he works, he’s out there every day. I think every day he goes out there, he gets better, and that’s something he’s honing in on. As far as what happened in spring training, I could care less. He’s working every day. I just know the progress is there and the work ethic is there, on a daily basis. If you’re not here at 2:30, 3:00 in the afternoon, he’s working his butt off. Since I’ve had him last year, I see him getting better every day. I’m not worried about him. He’s going to get it done.”

The Yankees, and fans, are just going to have to be a little patient here. Understand, this is just the start of his third season as a second baseman. He spent spring training working with an entirely new infield coach with new ideas and new techniques, and now, he has a new coach at Triple-A, Justin Tordi. Refsnyder is getting a lot of new things thrown at him, and while he’s certainly athletic enough and smart enough to process it all and make it work for him, to expect that to happen in a few weeks, never mind a few games, is not fair.

He has played something like 243 games at this level as a second baseman. For the sake of comparison, Robinson Cano played 391 games there before he became a big leaguer, and he was at least an infielder before he moved over. So, this is a learning process, and the Yankees aren’t at the end of it with Refsnyder. It’s unfortunate, because the convenient thing for the organization would have been to have stopped it in the offseason and planned for Refsnyder to be the second baseman in New York this year. But that wouldn’t have been fair to Refsnyder, either.

And that’s why Stephen Drew is here.

- – -

The weather clearly did not help the Saturday.

“We had some really solidly hit balls today that just found a glove,” shortstop Cole Figueroa said.

You can debate that the RailRiders were robbed of three home runs by the steady, swirling wind coming in through the rocks in left field. I will say it certainly took away two: Tyler Austin’s blast in the first inning that died on the warning track in left, and Rob Segedin’s in the sixth. Segedin’s might have been the hardest-hit ball of the night for either side.

Refsnyder also hit a hard line drive in the third that I know some people who were there thought would have left.

Miley said after the game, with a shrug, that anything hit hard to left had “no chance.” And, that appeared to be true.

“It’s frustrating, but you can’t do anything about it,” Segedin said. “Your objective is to hit the ball hard and hope you get hits out of it.”

- – -

"Leave the gun. Take the cannoli."
6 years ago  ::  Apr 12, 2015 - 9:19AM #35
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Apr 12, 2015 -- 9:18AM, BigGuy wrote:

Apr 11, 2015 -- 11:12PM, diehardma wrote:

I'll move this thread over to the Minor League forum if that's what everyone wants... I thought with the way the big league season is going that a lot of people would be interested in our minor league teams. 

Leave it right here. If anybody complains tell them to go pound sand. For about 5 years I did nightly SWB game updates and a couple complained about them being up here. Chas held a poll and over 90 percent were in favor of it. I would have stopped doing them if it was moved below. This is where the action is, and this is where the people will see it.  

Thanks. All of your input is greatly appreciated. I'm just posting box scores and articles... you see a lot more of it than I do!!

6 years ago  ::  Apr 12, 2015 - 9:52AM #36
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Yea leave it here. We need to read something positive .

6 years ago  ::  Apr 12, 2015 - 11:31AM #37
Posts: 6,671

   If the folks who moderate the site read these things...I hope the thread stays here. Not that it cannot be found elsewhere, but we need the positive and the hopeful. Even I get sick of complaining about Cashman, Drew and Capuano. It is good to hear about the youngsters...and dream ! 

6 years ago  ::  Apr 12, 2015 - 11:33AM #38
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Keep it here. The youngsters are the future and likely the salvation of the major league team. Good work!

6 years ago  ::  Apr 12, 2015 - 11:49AM #39
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Hey Chas, how about we pin this thread. 

6 years ago  ::  Apr 12, 2015 - 12:11PM #40
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GAME 4: RailRiders try to snak a two-game skid against Syracuse

April 12th, 2015

RailRiders (1-2)
Ben Gamel cf
Ramon Flores lf
Rob Refsnyder 2b
Kyle Roller dh
Tyler Austin lf
Austin Romine c
Rob Segedin 3b
Jonathan Galvez 1b
Nick Noonan ss

Chase Whitley rhp (0-0, 0.00)

Syracuse (2-1)
Derrick Robinson cf
Tony Gwynn Jr. rf
Mark Minicozzi lf
Kila Ka’aihue 1b
Cutter Dykstra 2b
Jason Martinson ss
Caleb Ramsey dh
Dan Butler c
Josh Johnson 3b

Scott McGregor rhp (0-0, 0.00)

First start of the year behind the plate for Austin Romine.

Slade Heathcott out of the lineup for the first time this season. I’d expect him to play every three out of four games for a while. Cole Figueroa is the other RailRiders player who started the first three games that is not in the starting lineup tonight.

That leaves Ramon Flores, Rob Refsnyder and Tyler Austin as the only players who have started all four games for the RailRiders.

"Leave the gun. Take the cannoli."
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