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Go Yanks
4 years ago  ::  Mar 28, 2017 - 10:03AM #31
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Mar 27, 2017 -- 6:06PM, theBaron wrote:

Mar 18, 2017 -- 9:06AM, newinn wrote:

Don't think they will be serious contenders but they should be a lot of fun to watch. I think this is the most I've looked forward to a season in the last 4 years. 

good to see you New !! ...im really impressed with the young players ...and i give kudos to Cashman, Oppeinheimer, and player Development Director Denbo ...anyway looking forward to the season ...i think maybe this current crop of Bronx Bombers might just surprise us ...

Hey Baron my old friend. Yeah, I'm looking forward to this season. Don't see them as a contender but perhaps they will surprise. I'm looking forward to watching youngsters play and seeing some enthusiasm. The last four versions of the Yankee teams bored me to tears

4 years ago  ::  Mar 28, 2017 - 10:30AM #32
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Mar 18, 2017 -- 4:50PM, newinn wrote:

Mar 18, 2017 -- 4:42PM, Yankees wrote:

They're better than they are last year.  I think they will will "surprise" us and contend for minimum a wild card spot.

I think they're more exciting than last year. I just don't think we can expect Sanchez to carry them like he did last year. If the kids really come on they just might surprise us and Pineda has to be better then he has been since he's been here. Just a lot of question marks but going into the season, nothing wrong being optimistic. Should be fun either way

Oh don't say the P word!

I think he'd do very well in a big NL park where he can take a batter off every 3rd inning or so. Odds are he's a Yankee for the whole season though unless some GM gets desperate, has been boozing heavily and decides to give Cashman a call offering a ridiculous haul prospects for him. Pretty unlikely.

I do think that the offense is much better with the additions of Holliday and Bird. Also I think Judge makes the adjustment but I worry about him the most. Throw Sanchez in the middle of that and it's a pretty respectable lineup. I think they definitely score more runs than last sesaon. They averaged about 4.20 runs a game, good for 22nd amoung 30 teams. I think 4.5 runs a game is reasonable given the fact that we won't be dealing with a half a season of A-Rod, Tex, McCann and Hicks. Even though it's just spring training I'd be surprised if they can't out produce our 2016 team that had a very time scoring runs until they called up a bunch of these kids. 

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4 years ago  ::  Mar 28, 2017 - 12:16PM #33
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7 losses in the pre-season and you folks sound happy...  you want to celebrate and I want Girardi fired for the teams performance...  GET US LEYLAND HANK!!!!!!!!!!!  YellYell

4 years ago  ::  Mar 29, 2017 - 3:25PM #34
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Best spring training record... Let's throw a parade! Wink

I'm getting excited to see some real baseball and see what these youngsters got!

4 years ago  ::  Mar 29, 2017 - 5:58PM #35
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Mar 29, 2017 -- 3:25PM, Lola wrote:

Best spring training record... Let's throw a parade! 

I'm getting excited to see some real baseball and see what these youngsters got!

Exciteed too, but worried about what the starting lineup looks like. Hoping for this...


Gardner LF

Sanchez C

Bird 1B

Holliday DH

Ellsbury (only because Joe wants it this way and is leaning toward it) CF

Judge RF

Castro 2B (I don't view him as a 2-hitter, needs a better AVG to get those PA's)

Headley 3B

Torreyes 3B (already announced; likely because it doesn't cost a roster move)


Romine (already announced)

Hicks (he's a 4th OF)

Carter (serves Austin's role as backup 1B and likely gone when Austin returns after a 60-Day DL stint)

Refsnyder (showcase for a trade)





Montgomery (takes Austin's roster spot after retroactive 60-day DL)


Green (works as long reliever and competes for 5th spot)

Mitchell (works as long reliever and competes for 5th spot)

Warren (hate to choose him over Holder/Heller, but either one can work late innings at SWB until the 5th starter situation is sorted out)






Severino is only 22 and should work on his craft at AAA

All this only requires one roster spot to open and that's Austin to the 60-day DL. If they name Hicks the starter in RF and send Judge to AAA their only 40-man roster options are Austin Aune and Mason Williams as 4th OF. I just can't see them being this silly with the adjustments that Judge has shown. 

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4 years ago  ::  Mar 29, 2017 - 8:13PM #36
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Mar 19, 2017 -- 10:52AM, Max wrote:

Mar 18, 2017 -- 10:34PM, laurenfrances wrote:

I just hope Yankees give Bird and Judge every opportunity to succeed.  Let Bird play everyday. This business of making considerations for Carter should be in the back burner if Bird needs a game off on occasions. Judge and Bird is not going to improve if they don't have consistency to get in as many games as possible. Hicks will get his turn playing in all oldfield positions.

I'm excited with the coming season.  Contenders or otherwise, it's fun to see Yankees developing players and to watch them grow in the seasons ahead.

I agree both Judge and Bird should play every day. 

Well lauren's comments about letting Bird play is outdated since days later he won the starting job. So that's not an issue.

As for Judge, I think that will all all depend on how the start of the season goes. 

If we learned anything from last season, it's that the first half cost the Yankees a post season berth. It's important that the Yankees get off to a good start and hopefully by the All Star break the team will be about 10 games or more above .500.  Cashman will then do his midseason magic and we'll where it goes from there. 


Judge will be a big part of that, as well as the Yankee pitching. I am not expecting Judge to go on an early slump, but if he does, I wouldn't hesitate to pull him out in situations and try an alternate path to victory.

4 years ago  ::  Mar 29, 2017 - 8:38PM #37
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I think Judge has a great future, but I still think the best for him would be to go down in AAA and play everyday.. I don't like the idea of him platooning, if he plays everyday it will do him a lot more good.. Just because he goes down for a while and plays everyday doesn't mean a demotion.. He's young, his day will come...

4 years ago  ::  Mar 30, 2017 - 11:00AM #38
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My line up choice to start the season. 


Els CF

Castro 2B

Sanchez C

Bird 1B

Holliday DH

Judge RF

Hicks LF

Headley 3B

Torreyes SS

If no trades are made in my opinion the Yankee line up should eventually look like this. It also depends if Headley and Hicks hit when they were in the original line up. If they don't then Gardner is in the line up and Headley and Hicks are on the bench. 


Els CF

Holiday DH

Sanchez C

Bird 1B

Judge RF


Didi SS

Hicks LF

Torreyes 3B

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