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Trump's many lies
3 months ago  ::  Jan 17, 2021 - 10:50AM #831
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Covid response from this administration follows the same derelict pattern as Trump fumes and fiddles.

3 months ago  ::  Jan 18, 2021 - 1:01PM #832
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1 month ago  ::  Mar 01, 2021 - 5:13PM #833
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Fact check: 5 falsehoods Trump repeated at CPAC, from election fraud to Texas' wind power


1 month ago  ::  Mar 01, 2021 - 5:47PM #834
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Did Madison Cawthorn Lie About The Accident That Left Him Paralyzed?

It’s safe to say the Republican party has become synonymous with lying. But no one embodies the deception of the GOP quite like freshman Rep. Madison Cawthorn, who lies about everything, including the accident that left him partially paralyzed. 

According to a Washington Post report from this weekend, while giving a speech at Patrick Henry College in 2017, Cawthorn lied multiple times about the 2014 car crash that left him reliant on a wheelchair. The Post says that Cawthorn claimed his friend who was driving the vehicle at the time, Bradley Ledford, had left him for dead.

“He was my brother, my best friend. And he leaves me in a car to die in a fiery tomb,” Cawthorn said of the accident. “He runs to safety deep in the woods and just leaves me in a burning car as the flames start to lick my legs and curl up and burn my left side.” Cawthorn also claimed he was pronounced dead at the scene, but thanks to “adrenaline or divine intervention, I definitely believe it’s the latter, I had a deep inhale of breath.”

The problem, of course, is that none of it was true. According to Ledford, he saved Cawthorn’s life. “That statement he made was false” Ledford told The Washington Post. “It hurt very badly that he would say something as false as that. That is not at all what happened. I pulled him out of the car the second that I was able to get out of the car.” And, according to a court deposition, Cawthorn claims he has no memory from the accident. And per a police accident report and Florida Highway Patrol records, Cawthorn was “incapacitated and in critical condition” but was not declared dead.

Cawthorn launched his congressional campaign and has long-relied on the fictional version of the car accident to reach his political goals. He has also claimed that the crash derailed his dreams of attending the Naval Academy — another outright lie. Cawthorn was friends with former Rep. Mark Meadows’ son, Blake, and in December 2013, he convinced Meadows to nominate Cawthorn to the Naval Academy via a “process that enables a local member of Congress to recommend candidates,” The Post reports. But Cawthorn’s acceptance also hinged on his grades and other benchmarks, and prior to the car accident, he was rejected from the Naval Academy. Cawthorn said in a court deposition that “he went on a spring break trip in Florida with his friend Ledford” after his application was denied. 


1 month ago  ::  Mar 03, 2021 - 12:30PM #835
prof. quiz
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Mar 1, 2021 -- 5:47PM, SSBob wrote:

It’s safe to say the Republican party has become synonymous with lying. 

Good, wholesome family values.

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