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Yankees/Rays game 2 lineup/game thread
12 months ago  ::  Sep 13, 2017 - 10:41AM #41
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Sep 13, 2017 -- 10:03AM, Cocopugg wrote:

Sep 13, 2017 -- 9:47AM, ArtVandelay wrote:

Sep 13, 2017 -- 12:48AM, qwik3457 wrote:

Just about the best lost they could have. Complete game, and they didn't waste any scoring chances. They didn't have but one. Played good defense behind Gray, too. Saved the bullpen. Of course, the bullpen might get saved tomorrow again, with Garcia vs. Archer, as they'll likely be behind multiple runs from early on, but if they need Green Robertson Betances Chapman, they now have all of them.

so you start Green and then bring in the rest of the guys if you think you're going to be multiple runs down with Garcia....

I only hope this will be the last start for Garcia as a Yankee. Time is running short, and we don't need anymore giveaway games.

One thing about the game of baseball you never know how it's going to turn out, who knew we'd have that well of pitched game last night and still lose, well, Garcia might just pitch a gem or we might just score 10 runs off of Archer, this is a funny game, you can never predict baseball ??

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