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Flaherty interested ...
1 year ago  ::  Nov 10, 2017 - 7:19AM #31
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Nov 9, 2017 -- 3:12PM, newinn wrote:

Nov 9, 2017 -- 12:56PM, yank0428 wrote:

Nov 9, 2017 -- 11:33AM, newinn wrote:

Nov 9, 2017 -- 10:26AM, yank0428 wrote:

Nov 9, 2017 -- 9:12AM, newinn wrote:

Nov 9, 2017 -- 8:49AM, yank0428 wrote:

Nov 9, 2017 -- 2:19AM, laurenfrances wrote:

I also read Cone expressing his interest for the job. If they are looking for someone to incorporate sabermetrics, Cone might be your guy....just a thought if they are also searching for someone to dial down the intensity with communication skills.


In comparing Cone to Flaherty from listening to them I think Cone has more to offer. He's really bright, knows the farm system better then any of the former players on YES and also has the sabermetrics down. I know he was thought to be a bit of a party boy as a player but he also has a much better personaility then Flaherty. Not sure if either would be good but I'd rather go with Cone over Flaherty.

welcome back. How was the cruise?

Thanks New. It was great. Saw alot . Went on tours in every city which was good for us instead of wasting time not knowing what to see or where to go. Barcelona and Rome were our favorite cities but all were interesting. Saw the Vatican our last day this past Tuesday and glad we did. More history and art in there then any place. Visted a lot of churches because of the history involved besides other historical sites.St Peters is huge. I'm not a holy roller but was impressed. La Grada Familia in Barcalona was unreal ..All really cool.  Norte Dame in Marsaille. 

I ate to much. Tough to pass up all that good food. Omletes every day and to much dessert which I never eat but it was there so I had no will power.Starting the health kick now. Hit some good small neighborhood reasturants in Rome. Better then the expensive over rated spots near the tourist areas.

 Nice to be back but we enjoyed it.. If the Yanks were in the Series I would have missed it.It would have drove me nuts . Only got CNN and BBC on the cruise. 

Sounds like a great time. Smart doing the tours. Happy you're back safe.

Thanks New. Have to admit when we went to La Rambla in Barcalona where they had the attack I was looking around. Then you hear about what went down in NYC. Shame it's in our minds now.

I'm not a big fan of flying so that's mainly why I won'tgo to Europe but even with that I guess if I were to get caught up in a terrorist attack I'd rather it be in our country. At least I know the lay of the land and most here speak English

I might be wrong, but I think as an American I will do my vacationing in the good old USA.. I think going to some of these foreign countries as an American might be a little risky ?? 

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