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This Week in Yankees History February 4th-11th
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This Week in Yankees History February 4th-10th Part One

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February 4th

1875- Former Yankees OF Alfonzo "Lefty" Davis (1903) was born.
Before the start of the 1903 MLB Season, OF Lefty Davis jumped from the Pirates to the Yankees. He appeared in 104 games for the 1903 Yankees, while hitting .237 with 0 HRs and 25 RBIs.

1915- The Yankees purchased 1B Wally Pipp and OF Hugh High from the Tigers for a reported $5,000 each. Baseball historian Lyle Spatz (Yankees Coming, Yankees Going) writes that this was the 1st of some promised funneling of ball players to the recently sold Yankees franchise. Wally Pipp would be the Yankees regular 1B from 1915 until midseason of 1925, being replaced by Lou Gehrig. He would be sold to the Reds following the completion of the 1925 AL season. Outfielder Hugh High would play in 345 games for the 1915-1918 Yankees, while hitting .250 with 3 HRs and 90 RBIs.

1916- The Yankees released veteran OF Birdie Cree (1908-1915). Birdie had retired from MLB. He had played for the Yankees for 8 seasons, hitting a career .292 BA in 742 games with 761 hits, 11 HRs and 332 RBI's. His best Yankees season was in 1911, when he hit .348 in 137 games for the team.

1937- Former Yankees Manager Harry Wolverton (1912) passed away. (1873-1937)
Harry Wolverton managed the 1912 Yankees to a 50-102 record for a last place finish in the American League. He had replaced player-manager Hal Chase. The former veteran NL infielder had appeared in 33 games a pinch-hitter and played 3B for the 1912 Yankees, while hitting .300. Former Cubs Manager Frank Chance would replace Harry Wolverton as Yankees Manager for the 1913 AL season. After leaving the Yankees, Harry would return to be a minor league manager in the Pacific Coast League. He had managed the Oakland Oaks before joining the Yankees in 1912.

1957- Former Yankees, Cubs and Red Sox MLB Manager Joe McCarthy and OF Sam Crawford are elected to the Hall of Fame by the BWAA. Joe "Marsh" McCarthy, the ingest manager in MLB history, won 9 pennants and 4 consecutive World Championships with the Yankees. He was the 1st MLB manager to win league championships in NL (Cubs) and in the AL (Yankees and the Red Sox). Sam "Wahoo Sam" Crawford, one of the greatest MLB hitters of the dead-ball era, finished his MLB playing career with 309 triples, 1st on the all-time MLB list. Overall, he appeared in 2,517 games, while hitting .309 with 97 HRs and 1,525 RBIs. He played for the Reds (1899-1902) and the Tigers (1903-1917). He appeared in the 1907-1909 World Series with the Tigers, appearing in 17 games, hitting .243 with 1 HR and 6 RBIs.

1961 - Former Yankees Minor League Executive and MLB General Manager Parker Carroll passed away. (1904-1961)
From 1958-1960, Parker Carroll was the General Manager of the Kansas City A's. During those years, he engineered a few trades that sent key players to the Yankees, such as Hector Lopez Ralph Terry, Duke Maas, but his most notable deal came on December 11,1959 in which Carroll sent OF Roger Maris, 1B Kent Hadley and veteran shortstop Joe DeMasteri to the Yankees for veteran P Don Larsen, reserve 1B/OF Marv Throneberry, OF Hank Bauer and OF/1B Norm Siebern. With the aid of the short RF porch in Yankee Stadium, Roger Maris set a single-season HR record with 61 HR in 1961, just 2 seasons after leaving the A's. Only Norm Siebern would pay dividends for the A's however, as he was their regular 1B from 1961-1963. Carroll's MLB trade dealings with the Yankees were considered controversial because the A's, under Team Owner Arnold Johnson had sent many top players to the Bronx in apparent 1-sided trades during the mid-to late-1950s. Johnson and the team's Director of Player Personnel, George Selkirk had previously traded quality players such as veteran starter Bobby Shantz, bonus baby INF Clete Boyer and reliever Ryne Duren to the Yankees. Many people seem to forget that the A's did traded away many of the talented players that they had acquired from the Yankees, like Woody Held, Billy Martin, Vic Power, Tom Morgan and others to other AL teams. Also, Johnson had previous business ties with Yankees team Co-Owner Del Webb. He had owned Yankee Stadium in the Bronx prior to purchasing the Philadelphia A's from Connie Mack family in the winter of 1954. All these factors led to charges from baseball fans, sports writers and other MLB teams that Johnson and Carroll ran the A's as a Yankee farm team at the MLB level.
Parker Carroll had come to the team directly, after working in the Yankees organization as a Minor League Business Manager for the Bombers' 2 top AA farm clubs, the Kansas City Blues (American Association) and the Newark Bears (International League). A former sportswriter, who served as sports editor of the Kansas City Journal Post, Carroll entered pro baseball, when that newspaper ceased publication during World War II. He joined the A's front office during their 1st MLB season in Kansas City in 1955 as Vice President and Business Manager. After the end of the 1958 AL season, Johnson promoted him to General Manager. He previously had not handed the GM title to a specific A's baseball executive, preferring to divide the job responsibilities among himself, George Selkirk and Carroll. At the end of the 1960 AL season, new A's Team Owner Charley O. Finley fired Parker Carroll replacing him with veteran MLB General Manager Frank "Trader" Lane.

1966- Former Yankees Shortstop Mike "Mollie" Milosevich (1944-1945) passed away. (1915-1966)
Shortstop Mike "Mollie" Milosevich hit .241 with 0 HRs and 39 RBIs in 124 games for the 1944-1945 Wartime Yankees. Mike had played in the Yankees minor league system from 1935-1946. In 1947, Mollie moved to the Red Sox minor league organization. Milosevich managed the Baxley-Hazlehurst Red Socks for part of the 1949 baseball season. He also managed a Class D team, the 1951 Americus Rebels.

1969- Attorney Bowie Kuhn is named MLB commissioner, succeeding Spike Eckert. Kuhn receives a 1-year contract paying him $100,000. Major league owners turned to Kuhn after failing to agree on either of 2 other candidates, Michael Burke of the Yankees and Chub Feeney of the Giants. Kuhn was a close friend of Dodgers Owner Walter O'Malley. He had represented MLB during the 1950's Congressional anti-trust hearings.

1984- The Yankees obtained 3B Toby Harrah and a player to be named later from the Indians in exchange for OF Otis Nixon, P George Frazier and a player to be named later. The Indians will send minor leaguer Rick Browne on February 8, 1984 to the Yankees to complete the trade. The Yankees will send minor league P Guy Elston on February 8,1984 to the Tribe to complete the trade. Toby Harrah was a major disappointment with the bat for the Yankees. He only managed to hit .217 in 88 games with 1 HR with 26 RBIs. On February 27,1985, Toby was traded by the Yankees to the Rangers for a player to be named later and MLB OF Billy Sample. The Rangers will send minor league player Eric Dersin on July 14,1985 to the Yankees to complete the trade.

2007- Former Yankees Pitcher Steve Barber (1967-1968) passed away. (1938-2007)
On July 4,1967, veteran hurler Steve Barber was traded by the Orioles to the Yankees for players to be named later, MLB 1B Ray "Buddy" Barker and cash. The Yankees sent minor league players INF Chet Trail and OF Joe Brady to the Orioles to complete the trade. Steve went 12-14 in 37 games for the Yankees before being drafted by the Seattle Pilots in the 1968 AL expansion team player draft. He was still recovering from arm problems that he had with the Orioles, never showing the great form that made him a successful starter for the Birds during the early 1960's.

2007- Former Yankees Reserve OF Jim Pisoni (1959-1960) passed away. (1929-2007)
Jim Pisoni came to Yankees from the Kansas City A's in the Billy Martin trade on June 15,1957. He hit .144 in 32 games as a reserve Yankees outfielder. In 1949, Jim was signed as a MLB amateur player by the St. Louis Browns. He came up to the MLB in September of 1953, becoming the last MLB rookie to debut with the Browns before they moved to Baltimore in 1954. On December 1,1958 Jim was drafted by the Braves from the Yankees organization in the 1958 MLB Rule 5 player draft. In May of 1959, the Braves returned Jim to the Yankees organization. He would spend most his time in the Yankees organization, playing for the AAA Richmond Virginians (International League). He finished his pro baseball career in 1962, after spending the season with the Reds AAA team the San Diego Padres (PCL).

2011- Long-time Yankees starter Andy Pettitte announces his MLB player retirement at a press conference, after hesitating all off-season about whether to return to play another year in the Bronx. The Yankees have signed veteran MLB pitchers Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia as potential replacements, but Pettitte's decision still leaves a gaping hole in the team's 2011 AL season starting rotation.

2011- The Yankees signed MLB veteran 3B Eric Chavez, who will attempt a comeback after being plagued by back injuries for the past 4 seasons with the Oakland A's and announcing his player retirement early last season.

February 5th

1878- Former Yankees Reserve OF/MLB Coach Herman "Germany" Schaeffer (1916) was born. (1878-1919)
Veteran OF Herman Schaeffer appeared in only 1 game for the 1916 Yankees with no hits, before becoming a Yankees MLB Coach. With WWI going on, he will change his nickname of "Germany" to "Liberty."

1891- Former Yankees INF (1913-1921) and Player-Manager (1914) Roger Peckinpaugh was born. (1891-1977)
On May 25,1913, shortstop Roger Peckinpaugh was traded by the Indians to the Yankees for shortstops Bill Stumpf and Jack Lelivelt. In 1919, Roger led the Yankees in batting with a .305 BA along with a 29-game hitting streak. He had 8 good seasons with the Yankees as their starting shortstop until 1921, when he was traded to the Red Sox. His overall Yankees playing career totals were a .257 BA in 1,219 games with 36 HRs and 427 RBIs. On December 20, 1921, Roger was traded by the Yankees along with Pitchers Rip Collins, Bill Piercy, Jack Quinn and $100,000 to the Red Sox for Pitchers Bullet Joe Bush, Sad Sam Jones and Shortstop Everett "Deacon" Scott. He never played for the Red Sox, who later traded him that winter to the Senators. In 1914, he briefly managed the Yankees for 17 games, when the team owners fired Frank Chance, posting a 9-8 mark. He finished his MLB playing career with the 1927 White Sox. In 1928, he managed the Indians from 1927 to 1933. He returned for 1 more season in 1941, his overall MLB manager's record was 992-499.

1921- The New York Yankees purchased 10 acres of land in the Bronx. The Yankees will use the land as the site for their new park, which will be called Yankee Stadium.

1926- Former Yankees PH/1B Hank Workman (1950) was born.
Before the start of the 1948 MLB season, the Yankees signed Hank Workman as an amateur MLB free agent. He had been a college star baseball player at USC. Hank appeared in only 2 games for the 1950 Yankees, hitting just .200. Workman would play 6 years in the Yankees minor league system. Then he would become a lawyer in California.

1935-At the of age of 39, MLB HR King and AL All Star OF Babe Ruth is released by the Yankees. He will finish his long MLB playing career with the 1935 Boston Braves.

1936- Former Yankees Reserve OF/1B and MLB Baseball Executive James "Leroy" Thomas (1961) was born.
In 1954, the Yankees signed Lee Thomas as an MLB amateur free agent. Lee was unable to break into the Yankees regular starting outfield. He was traded to the new AL expansion team; the Angeles in the Ryne Duren-Bob Cerv trade in May of 1961. In 1961, Lee was named to the Topps All Star Rookie Team. In 1962, Lee was named to the 1962 AL All Star team. Lee had 3- 20 HR seasons (1961-1962 and 1965). He played for the Yankees, Angels, Red Sox, Braves, Cubs and the Astros, while hitting 106 MLB career HRs. After retiring as a MLB player (1961-1968), he worked in the minor leagues as a coach and manager for the Cardinals and Reds minor league organizations. From 1983-1988, he was the Cardinals Farm Director, later becoming a MLB General Manager with the Phillies (1988-1997). In 2012, Lee was a Special Assistant to VP of Baseball Operations for the Orioles.

1942- The Boston Braves obtained minor league OF Tommy Holmes from the Yankees for 1B Buddy Hassett and OF Gene Moore in one of the best trades in Braves team history. Buddy Hassett will hit .284 with 5 HRs and 48 RBIs and then he would join the Navy. He would never return to the MLB. The much-traveled Gene Moore will never play for the Yankees at the MLB level. Tommy Holmes couldn't break into Yankees All-Star outfield, but he will be a .302 MLB career hitter. After leading the Braves to the 1948 NL pennant, he will win the 1948 NL MVP Award.

1955- Former Yankees INF/Catcher Mike Heath (1978) was born.
The Yankees in the 2nd round of the 1973 MLB amateur player draft selected INF Mike Heath. He appeared in 33 games for the 1978 Yankees, while hitting .238. Originally, he was drafted as an infielder. He was being converted into a catcher in the Yankees minor league system. He was being groomed to be Thurman Munson's replacement behind the plate, until he was traded to the Rangers in the Sparky Lyle-Dave Righetti trade in the fall of 1978. After retiring as an active MLB player, Mike became a minor league coach and manager.

1966- Former Yankees MLB Scout Eddie Dancisak passed away. (1912-1966)
Outfielder Eddie Dancisak played minor league baseball from 1937-1942, almost entirely at the Class C and D levels. He entered the Army in February of 1944, being discharged in May of 1946. Ed scouted for the 1946-1948 St. Louis Browns, 1949-1959 Boston/Milwaukee Braves, 1960-1962 Yankees and the 1964-1966 Mets. Also, he was a minor league manager in the Indians and the St. Louis Browns organizations during the late 1940's.

2002- Luis (Tite) Arroyo is inducted into the Latin American Baseball Hall of Fame Museum. The Puerto Rican reliever, who made the NL All Star squad as a rookie with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1955, posted a 40-32 MLB career record with 36 saves with a 3.93 ERA in 8 MLB seasons. Arroyo is best remembered for his 1961 season with the Yankees, when he went 15-5 with 29 saves. During his MLB pitching career (1955-1963), Luis pitched for the Cardinals, Pirates and the Reds, before joining the Yankees during the 1960 AL season. He would later become a Latin American MLB scout for the Yankees.

February 6th

1880- Former Yankees INF/OF Frank LaPorte (1905-1907,1908-1910) was born. (1880-1939)
On August 25,1905, INF Frank LaPorte was purchased by the Yankees from Buffalo (Eastern League). Frank became a regular in 1906-1907 for the Yankees. While he had made his MLB player debut in 1905 as a 2B, he mostly played 3B in 1906 and split his time in 1907 between 3B and the outfield. Thereafter, though, he would be primarily a 2B for the rest of his MLB playing career except for the 1913 season, when he went back to 3B. On October 13,1907, he was traded as part of a 3-team trade by the Yankees to the Boston Americans (aka Red Sox). The White Sox sent OF Jake Stahl to the Yankees. The Americans sent INF Freddy Parent to the White Sox. On August 17,1908, Frank was traded by the Red Sox back to the Yankees for 2B Harry Niles. LaPorte did well with the bat in with the 1909 Yankees, hitting .298. Serving again as a Yankee regular in 1910, hitting .264 in 124 games. Overall Frank appeared in 516 games for the Yankees, while hitting .274 with 6 HRs and 227 RBIs. On February 11,1911, he was traded by the Yankees along with 3B Jimmy Austin to the St. Louis Browns for INF/OF Roy Hartzell and cash.

1896- Yankees and Red Sox Hall of Fame OF/Pitcher Babe Ruth was born in Baltimore, Maryland. (1896-1948)
Babe Ruth will amass 714 MLB HRs with 2,217 RBIs with a lifetime MLB batting average of .342 on his way to Hall of Fame election in 1936. Babe originally acquired by the Red Sox from the minor league team the Baltimore Orioles, as a pitcher. Then his Red Sox Manager Edward Barrow converted him to an outfielder to take advantage of his hitting ability. As a MLB pitcher, Babe Ruth went 94-46 with 2.24 ERA. He was 3-0 in World Series play with the Red Sox, including a World Series 29 2/3 scoreless innings record that stood until 1962, when Yankees starter Whitey Ford broke it. His trade by the Red Sox to the Yankees in January of 1920 will start the rise of the Yankees as one of the most dominant teams in MLB history. He will play for the Yankees from 1920 to 1934. Babe Ruth will be released by the Yankees in 1935, he will finish out his long MLB career with the Boston Braves before retiring from the game. Babe Ruth will be elected to Baseball's Hall of Fame in 1936.

1926- The St. Louis Browns acquired veteran Catcher Wally Schang from the Yankees for P George Mogridge and cash. Although Wally Schang is 36 years old, he will hold the job as starting catcher for the Browns for the next 4 seasons. In 1926, he will hit .330 for the Browns. His trade was considered to be a rare Yankees General Manager Ed Barrow mistake. George Mogridge didn't pitch with the 1926 Yankees.

1926- Former Yankees 1B and MLB Coach Dale Long (1960,1962-1963) was born. (1926-1991)
On December 5,1949, Dale Long was drafted by the Yankees from the Tigers organization in the 1949 MLB minor league player draft. Dale will not appear with the Yankees at the MLB level. On November 16,1950, Dale was drafted by the Pirates from the Yankees organization in the 1950 MLB Rule 5 player draft. In 1956, Dale was a NL All Star 1B with the Cubs, during that season, Dale set a MLB record of hitting 7 HRs in 7 straight games. During the 1958 NL season with the Pirates, he caught 2 games as a left-handed catcher. The Yankees obtained Dale Long from the Giants for cash in August of 1960. Dale hit .366 in 26 games for the 1960 Yankees. In December of 1960, Dale was lost in the 1960 AL Expansion player draft to the "new" Washington Senators. On July 11,1962, he was re-obtained from the Senators by the Yankees for minor league OF Don Lock, who was with the Richmond Virginians (AAA). He hit .298 in 41 games for the 1962 Yankees. The team released Dale during the 1963 season. He was only hitting .200, while appearing in only 14 games. He became a Yankees MLB Coach. He appeared in 2 World Series with the Yankees in 1960 and 1962, hitting .250.

1950- Former long-time Yankees MLB Coach (1929-1945), MLB Manager and Player Art Fletcher (1909-1922) passed away. (1885-1950)
Art Fletcher was an MLB infielder for the Giants and the Phillies. He finished his MLB playing career in 1922 with a .277 BA, 32 HRs and 675 RBIs. He was the Manager of the Phillies from 1923 to 1926. Art briefly managed the Yankees for 11 games, posting a 6-5 record after Yankees Manager Miller Higgins had died in September of 1929 during the 1929 AL season. Yankees MLB Pitching coach Bob Shawkey would take over the team from him. Art would be a Yankees MLB Coach from 1929 to 1945. He suffered a heart attack during 1945 Yankees spring training camp and retired from the Yankees. "Fletcher could have been the manager of the Yankees after the death of Huggins. Managerial posts with other clubs were offered him from time to time, but he preferred to remain a coach. Apparently, his experience with the Phillies had cured him. He never again wanted the responsibility and headaches that accompany a manager's job." - Fletcher's New York Times obituary

1955- Former Yankees Pitcher Hank "Lefty" Thormahlen passed away. (1896-1955)
Hank Thormahlen pitched 6 seasons in the MLB, winning 29 games, also he pitched 14 years in the minor leagues, winning over 170 games. On August 14,1917, Hank Thormahlen was purchased along with INF Chick Fewster and OF Bill Lamar by the Yankees from the Baltimore Orioles (International League) for $20,000. On December 15,1920, Hank was traded by the Yankees along with INF Del Pratt, C Muddy Ruel and OF Sammy Vick to the Red Sox for Pitchers Harry Harper, Waite Hoyt, INF Mike McNally and C Wally Schang. His best year in the MLB was with the 1919 Yankees, for whom he went 12-10 with an ERA that was in the top 10 in the 1919 American League. Overall with the Yankees, Hank appeared in 76 games posting a 28-18 record with a 3.06 ERA.

1960- Former Yankees Pitcher Frank "Noodles" Hahn (1906) passed away. (1879-1960)
In November of 1905, the Yankees signed veteran starter Frank "Noodles" Hahn as a MLB free agent. The Reds had released Hahn during the 1904 NL season. He would appear in 6 games for the team, while posting a 3-2 record with 3.86 ERA.

1969- Former Yankees Pitcher Bob Wickman (1992-1996) was born.
Bob Wickman was obtained from the White Sox along with Pitchers Domingo Jean and Meldo Perez in the Steve Sax trade. He went 31-14 with a 4.21 ERA in 223 games with 11 saves for the Yankees. On August 23,1996, Bob traded by the Yankees along with OF Gerald Williams to the Brewers for a player to be named later, INF Pat Listach and P Graeme Lloyd. The Brewers would send P Ricky Bones on August 29,1996 to the Yankees to complete the trade. On October 2,1996, INF Pat Listach was returned to Brewers because of injury issues.

1970- Former Yankees Pitcher Mark Hutton (1993-1994,1996) was born in Australia.
In 1988, the Yankees signed hurler Mark Hutton, as an MLB amateur free agent. He went 1-3 with a 5.30 ERA in 21 games with the team, before being traded on July 31,1996 to the Marlins for P Dave Weathers. Mark had played for the Australia baseball team at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

1986- Former Yankees Minor League P Kanekoa Texeira was born.
The Brewers in the 31st round of the 2004 MLB amateur player draft selected Kanekoa Texeira, but he went unsigned. After 2 years of junior college, he went to the White Sox in the 22nd round of the 2006 amateur draft. In November of 2008, the White Sox dealt him along with OF Nick Swisher to the Yankees for INF/OF Wilson Betemit, minor league pitchers Jeff Marquez and Jhonny Nunez. He was 9-6 with 2 saves and a 2.84 ERA as a swingman for the Trenton Thunder in 2009. That winter, the Mariners took him in the MLB Rule 5 player draft. After spending a couple of months in the majors, the Mariners tried to send him down to the minor leagues, but he was claimed on waivers by the Royals. He went 1-0 with a 4.64 ERA in 27 games in relief for the Royals over the rest of the season; combined with his 0-1, 5.30 record in 16 games for the M's, he finished the year with a 1-1 record with a 4.84 ERA in 43 games, all in relief, having given up 73 hits and 25 walks in 61 1/3 innings while striking out 33. Kanekoa was back with the Royals in early 2011, after starting the season with the AAA Omaha Storm Chasers, while his 2.84 ERA over 6 games looked superficially good, the 13 hits and 3 walks he gave up while striking out none in 6 1/3 innings showed he actually struggled on the mound. The Royals tried to send him down, but this time his old team the Yankees put in a waiver claim. They kept him around for a little over a week before releasing him on July 6th; they resigned him again on July 19th. He was injured during his stint in the Yankees' organization, putting in a few rehab appearances with the GCL Yankees. He was not particularly sharp either with the AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees (0-1, 22.85 ERA) or the AA Trenton Thunder (0-1, 10.64 ERA). He was granted MLB free agency after the 2011 season.

1986-The Yankees signed veteran MLB free agent reliever Al Holland (1986-1987). Al went 1-0 with 6.32 ERA in 28 games before being released by the team.

1996- Former Yankees Pitcher Bob Muncrief (1951) passed away. (1916-1996)
On November 16,1950, veteran hurler Bob Muncrief was drafted by the Yankees from the Cubs organization in the 1950 Rule 5 MLB player draft. Bob had spent the 1950 season with the Cubs AAA club, the LA Angels (PCL), posting a 15-17 record with a 3.84 ERA in 43 games. He spent part of the 1951 season with the Yankees AAA Kansas City Blues (American Association) team posting a 5-6 record with a 3.04 ERA in 41 games. He went 0-0 with a 9.00 ERA in 2 games with the 1951 Yankees. Bob pitched in MLB for 12 seasons, while posting an 80-82 record with a 3.80 ERA in 288 games with the Browns, Indians, Pirates and Cubs before finishing out with the 1951 Yankees. The Cardinals originally signed Bob in 1934, but he was traded to the Browns in 1935. He was a member of the 1944 St. Louis Browns and the 1948 Cleveland Indians, appearing in 2 World Series as batter, but not as pitcher. He was a member of the 1944 AL All Star team as a member of the Browns. Bob pitched for the 1952-1954 San Francisco Seals (PCL). He appeared in 1 game with 1955 Giants AA team Dallas Eagles farm team before retiring from the game,

1998-The Yankees acquired AL All-Star 2B Chuck Knoblauch from the Twins for P Eric Milton, INF Cristian Guzman and minor leaguers OF/1B Brian Buchanan and Danny Mota, plus $3 million in cash. Chuck Knoblauch will bat .265 with 17 HRs in 1998, helping the Yankees win the 1998 World Championship.

2007- Former Yankees and MLB Pitcher Lew Burdette (1950) passed away. (1926-2007)
In 1947, the Yankees signed hurler Lew Burdette, as an MLB amateur free agent. During the 1950 AL season, he appeared in 2 games with the Yankees with no record, he had spent most of 1950 baseball season with the San Francisco Seals (Pacific Coast League). On August 29,1951, he was traded by the Yankees along with $50,000 to the Boston Braves for veteran hurler Johnny Sain. Lew would come back to haunt the Yankees in 1957 World Series, winning 3 games for the Braves against his old team. Clippers Note: If Lew had stayed with the Yankees, he could have had a good chance of wining 300 games. He finished his MLB pitching career in 1967 with a 203-144 mark. He had pitched in the MLB for the Yankees, Boston and Milwaukee Braves, Cardinals, Cubs, Phillies before finishing up with the Angels.

February 7th

1936- Former Yankees Reserve 1B Frank Leja (1954-1955) was born. (1936-1991)
Frank Leja was the Yankee's 1st bonus player in 1953, when he was signed for a reported $100,000. He was required to be on the Yankees MLB roster for 2 years, because of his bonus status. Leja was projected as another Lou Gehrig by legendary Yankees MLB scout Paul Krichell. He worked out at Yankee Stadium, hitting the 1st 9 of 10 pitches into the stands in HR territory. He appeared in only 19 games for the Yankees, getting 1 hit in 7 at bats. Yankees Manager Casey Stengel didn't want to play Leja, preferring to play the veteran players instead. He spent several seasons in the Yankees minor league system. Frank had possibly his best season in 1957, when he led the Eastern League with 117 RBIs, while hitting 22 HRs to help the Binghamton Triplets to the pennant. Also 1958 was another good season for him, when he hit for a .263 BA with 29 HRs for the AA New Orleans Pelicans (Southern Association). In 1961, Frank had a very good season, when he led the International League with 98 RBIs and hitting 30 HRs that was 2nd only to Rochester's Boog Powell, who had 32 HRs. Frank hung in there sticking out 8 seasons in the minor leagues. He would wind up with a minor league career batting average of .248 with 164 HRs. On October 4,1961, Frank was traded by the Yankees to the Cardinals organization for minor league player Ben Mateosky. Leja did make it back to the MLB for a 7-game trial with the 1962 Angels, going hitless in 16 at-bats. He was 1-23 in the MLB, giving him a lifetime MLB .043 batting average. Frank would finish up his pro baseball career in 1963 at age 27 with the AAA Toronto Maple Leafs (International League).

1949- Yankees All Star CF Joe DiMaggio signs a 1-year MLB player contract worth $100,000, becoming the 1st player to earn a 6-figure deal in MLB history. In 1948, Joe DiMaggio batted .320, while leading the AL with 39 HRs and 155 RBIs.

1955- Former Yankees Reserve INF Damaso Garcia (1978-1979) was born.
The Yankees signed INF Damaso Garcia as an MLB amateur free agent in 1975. He appeared in 29 games during the 1978 season, hitting .229 before being traded to the Blue Jays on November 1,1979. He was traded by the Yankees along with 1B Chris Chambliss and P Paul Mirabella for P Tom Underwood, C Rick Cerone and OF Ted Wilborn. In 1990, after failing to make it as a reserve infielder with the Yankees in spring training camp, Damaso retired from baseball.

1967- The Yankees obtained hurler Joe Verbanic from the Phillies for veteran MLB closer Pedro Ramos. Joe would go 11-10 in 3 seasons with the Yankees. Pedro Ramos went 9-14 as a Closer for the 1964-1966 Yankees, while appearing in 130 games with 3.05 ERA with 39 saves. This trade was another CBS, Inc. controlled Yankees front office salary dump.

1993- Current Yankees Minor League Pitcher J. P. Feyereisen was born.
Pitcher J.P. Feyereisen was a 16th round selection by the Indians in the 2014 amateur draft out of the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point, not necessarily known as a baseball hotbed. Baseball America named him the best prospect in NCAA Division III. He began his pro career that year with the Mahoning Valley Scrappers of the New York-Penn League, where he went 3-0 with an unblemished ERA in 15 games. He saved 4 games and struck out 24 batters while walking only 1 in 17 innings. Having opened some eyes, J.P. went to the Lake County Captains (Midwest League) to open 2015 season and continued to dominate, with an ERA of 1.08 in 16 games. On May 28th, he was promoted to the Lynchburg Hillcats ( Carolina League). Between the 2 stops, he was 1-1, 2.08 in 46 games, recorded 12 saves and struck out 56 batters in 47 2/3 innings. In 2016, he was assigned to the AA Akron RubberDucks ( Eastern League). In 33 games, he was 4-3, with a 2.23 ERA when on July 31st, he was 1 of 4 Tribe prospects traded to the Yankees in return for MLB closer Andrew Miller. Accompanying him in the trade were OF Clint Frazier, Pitchers Ben Heller and Justus Sheffield. He finished the 2016 season with the Yankees AA team, Trenton Thunder (Eastern League), posting a 3-0 record with a 0.50 ERA in 9 games. In the 2016 AZFL, he pitched for the Scottsdale team, posting a 2-1 record with a 2.57 ERA in 10 games. He started the 2017 season with AA Trenton Thunder appearing in 13 games with a 0-0 record with a 2.70 ERA. He moved up to AAA Scranton (International League) posting 2-3 record with a 3.53 ERA in 24 games.

1995- Former MLB and Yankees Reliever Cecil Upshaw (1974) died from a heart attack at the age of 52. (1942-1994).
The side-arming reliever Cecil Upshaw saved 27 games in 1969, helping the Braves win the NL West Division. In 9 MLB seasons, Upshaw made 348 MLB appearances, all in relief. On April 26,1974, he was traded by the Indians to the Yankees in the Chris Chambliss trade. Cecil went 1-5 in 36 games with 6 saves for the 1974 Yankees. On December 5,1974, Cecil Upshaw was traded to the White Sox by the Yankees for veteran reserve INF Eddie Leon.

1996- Former Yankees OF Dave Winfield (1980-1990) announces his MLB player retirement at the age of 44. Winfield had compiled 3,110 hits, 465 HRs and 1,833 RBIs during a 22-year MLB playing career with the Padres, Yankees, Angels, Blue Jays, Twins and the Indians. A 12-time All-Star player, he joins Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Stan Musial as the only MLB players with 3,000 MLB career hits and 400 HRs. Dave Winfield will be elected to the Hall of Fame in 2001, being the 1st player from the San Diego Padres franchise entering Baseball's Hall of Fame.

2009- Former Yankees Pitcher John Gabler (1959-1960) passed away. (1930-2007)
In 1949, the Yankees signed John Gabler to a MLB free agent contract. He was sent to the Belleville Stags (Class D). The 18-year-old rookie spent his 1st season with a last-place team under 4 different managers. John ended up with a 5-7 record with a 4.75 ERA. He appeared in 18 games pitching 91 innings. It would be the 1959 season before Gabler got his 1st chance with the Yankees. He had spent most of the season with the Denver Bears (AAA). John had a 14-8 record with a 3.39 ERA. In late 1959 season, he got into 3 games with the Yankees posting a 1-1 record, while pitching 19 innings with a 2.79 ERA. John was rewarded for his good effort in 1959, when he started the 1960 AL season with the Yankees. He got into 21 games, going 3-3, pitching in 52 innings, but he went to a 4.15 ERA. He was then sent down to the AAA Richmond Virginians (IL), where he finished out the 1960 baseball season with a 4-4 record and a 2.71 ERA, thus missing the 1960 World Series against the Pirates. Gabler was to get one more shot at the MLB, when the expansion Washington Senators drafted him from the Yankees organization on November 28,1960 under the 1960 MLB Rule 5 player draft. He was with the Senators for the entire 1961 season, posting a 3-8 record, while appearing in 29 games. He pitched 93 innings, giving up 104 base hits, 37 walks and 61 runs. His ERA was at 4.86. In 1962, John found himself back in the minor leagues, where he began the season with the Syracuse Chiefs (IL); he finished the 1962 season with the Jacksonville Suns. He had a combined record of 8-13 in 34 games, pitching 145 innings, giving up 169 base hits and 43 walks for a 4.72 ERA. This was to be John Gabler's last season in pro baseball. He pitched in the minor leagues a total of 13 seasons. He did not play in 1952-1953 baseball seasons due to military service in the Korean War. His trip through the minors had him in 8 different leagues with 10 different teams. Over these seasons in the minors, he came up with 112-93 career record in 322 games, where he pitched 1,737 innings allowing 1,771 hits, 754 walks and giving up 861 earned runs for a 4.19 ERA.

2014- In a major reversal, Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez decides to drop his lawsuit against Major League Baseball and the Players Association. He will serve his 1-year suspension for his role in the Biogenesis scandal and will attempt to come back in 2015. He will also not attend the Yankees spring training opening shortly, where his presence would have been a major distraction.

February 8th

1911- Former Yankees Reserve INF and MLB Manager Don "Jeep" Heffner (1934-1937) was born. (1911-1989)
Don Heffner was a reserve INF for the 1934-1937 Yankees before being traded to the St. Louis Browns for reserve INF Billy Knickerbocker in 1938. With the Browns, he would be a regular infielder for 4 seasons. After his MLB playing career ended in 1944, Don Heffner was a minor league manager, a longtime MLB coach and briefly managed in the MLB. In 1949, Heffner left the Elmira club to return home to be with his daughter. Virginia Heffner was diagnosed with leukemia and passed away on September 11th. He was a Kansas City A's MLB coach from 1958-1960. He was a member of the 1961 Tigers MLB Coaching staff. In 1964-1965, he was a Mets MLB coach. He managed the Reds for the 1st half of the 1966 NL season. Don was a member of the 1967-1968 Angels MLB Coaching staff.

1927- Yankees veteran starter Sad Sam Jones is traded to the Browns in exchange for P Joe Giard and OF Cedric Durst. Jones will be 8-14 in his only season in St. Louis. He will continue to pitch in the MLB for 7 more seasons. Sam Jones went 67-56 with a 4.06 ERA in 202 games with the Yankees (1922-1926). His best season for the Yankees was in 1923, when Sam posted a 21-8 record. He appeared in 3 World Series with the Yankees, while pitching in 5 games with a 0-1 record. He will pitch in the MLB until 1935, before retiring at the age of 42. Sam will finish his MLB pitching career with a 229-217 record with a 3.84 ERA and 31 saves in 647 games.

1942- Former Yankees All Star Pitcher Fritz Peterson (1966-1974) was born.
The Yankees signed hurler Fritz Peterson as an MLB amateur free agent in 1963. Fritz went 109-106 with 3.10 ERA in 288 games during his pitching career with the 1966-1974 Yankees. His best Yankees season was in 1970, when he posted a 20-11 mark with a 2.90 ERA in 39 games and making the AL All Star team. After the disclosure during the Yankees 1973 spring training camp, that Fritz and his Yankees teammate Pitcher Mike Kelich had traded their wives and families, Fritz's days as a Yankees player were numbered. On April 26,1974, he was traded by the Yankees along with pitchers Fred Beene, Tom Buskey and Steve Kline to the Indians for 1B Chris Chambliss, pitchers Richard "Dirt" Tidrow and Cecil Upshaw. Fritz Peterson ended up with the best career ERA of any pitcher that ever pitched in historic Yankee Stadium (1923-2008), with a 2.52 ERA. Whitey Ford came in 2nd with a 2.58 ERA. Peterson also had the lowest WHIP of any Yankee starting pitcher in the post-WWII era, 1.14. Overall Fritz went 133-131 with a 3.30 ERA in 355 games as a MLB pitcher from 1966 to 1976 with the Yankees, Indians and finishing with the Rangers in 1976. In July of 2009, Fritz published a book called Mickey Mantle is "Going to Heaven." He runs an excellent baseball web site.

1943- Former Yankees Reserve INF Bob Oliver (1975) was born.
On December 2, 1974, the Yankees purchased INF Bob Oliver from the Orioles for cash. He hit .118 in 18 games for the 1975 Yankees, before being released by the team.

1956- The Senators send veteran hurler Mickey McDermott and INF Bob Kline to the Yankees in exchange for C Lou Berberet, OF Richard Tettelbach, P Bob Wiesler and INF Herb Plews. INF Bob Kline never appears with the Yankees at the MLB level, while Mickey McDermott would go 2-6 in 23 games for the 1956 Yankees. In February of 1957, he would be traded to the A's in the Bobby Shantz-Irv Noren trade. In spring of 1957, the Yankees would send minor league OF Whitey Herzog to the Senators to complete the trade.

1956- Former Yankees Pitcher "Long Tom" Hughes (1904) passed away. (1878-1956)
On December 20,1903, starter Tom "Long Tom" Hughes was traded by the Boston Americans to the Yankees for hurler Jesse Tannehill. He had won 20 games for Boston in 1903, while Tannehill won 15 games for the Yankees. Tom went 7-11 with 3.70 ERA in 19 games for the 1904 Yankees. On July 20,1904, Tom was traded by the Yankees along with P Barney Wolfe to the Senators for veteran starter Al Orth. Meanwhile in Boston, Tannehill was on his way to a 21- win season for the 1904 Red Sox.

1977- Former Yankees Pitcher Carroll "Boardwalk" Brown (1914-1915) passed away. (1887-1977)
On July 6,1914, Boardwalk Brown was purchased by the Yankees from the Philadelphia A's. He went 9-11 with 3.62 ERA in 39 games for the 1914-1915 Yankees.

1983- Former Yankees Pitcher Chase Wright (2007-2008) was born.
The Yankees in the 3rd round of the 2001 MLB amateur player draft selected hurler Chase Wright. Wright debuted professionally with the 2001 GCL Yankees, going 2-3 with a 7.92 ERA. Opponents hit .317 and he walked 21 in 25 innings, though he did strike out 33. Returning to the team in 2002, Wright improved to 2-3, 3.43 ERA. His opponent batting average fell 100 points but control remained an issue as he walked 39 in 42 innings pitched, leading the Gulf Coast League in bases on balls allowed. In 2003, Wright split time between the Staten Island Yankees (3-5, 3.56 ERA) and Battle Creek Yankees (1-1, 6.43 ERA). He was with the same 2 clubs in 2004, going 5-8 with a 5.44 ERA and a WHIP of 1.83 for Battle Creek and 0-1, 9.00 ERA for Staten Island. Wright began to develop in 2005, posting a 10-4 record with a 3.75 ERA for the Charleston RiverDogs. In 2006, he was named the Florida State League's Most Valuable Pitcher, thanks to 12-3, 1.88 ERA season with the Tampa Yankees. Wright started 2007 in dominating form. In his AA debut, he shut out the Bowie Baysox for 7 innings, striking out 9 and allowing 3 hits and no walks on April 5. Six days later, he allowed 1 hit and 1 walk in 7 scoreless innings, whiffing 10 batters against the Harrisburg Senators. With Mike Mussina, Chien-Ming Wang and Carl Pavano injured, the Yankees called up the southpaw. He won his MLB pitching debut on April 17, 2007 against Cleveland, allowing three runs in 5 innings of work. It was part of a record-setting string as Kei Igawa and Sean Henn won the next 2 games. Never before in MLB history had a team swept a 3-game series with a pitcher winning his 1st career MLB game in each contest. Wright's 2nd game also was record setting, but in a way, Chase would probably like to forget. He gave up consecutive 4 HRs to Manny Ramirez, J.D. Drew, Mike Lowell and Jason Varitek, tying the record for HRs allowed in an inning. In MLB history, the only prior pitcher to allow 4 consecutive HRs in an inning was veteran starter Paul Foytack of the 1963 Angels. When Hideki Matsui came off the DL, Wright was sent back to Trenton. Philip Hughes took his spot in the rotation, making the 2007 Yankees the 1st team in 52 years to give 3 starting pitchers their MLB debut in the season's 1st 20 games (Igawa was the 3rd of the batch). In 2007, Wright went 2-0 in 3 games for the Yankees. On February 4, 2009, Chase was traded to the Brewers for outfielder-catcher Eric Fryer.

1983- One day after taking a job as Director of Sports Promotions for the Claridge Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Mickey Mantle is ordered to sever his ties with MLB by Commissioner Bowie Kuhn. Mickey Mantle joins fellow Hall of Famer Willie Mays as former players banned from baseball by Commissioner Kuhn for involvement with legalized gambling.

1984- After losing Type A free agent Pitcher Tommy Underwood to the Orioles, Oakland grabs Pitcher Tim Belcher from the Yankees organization as compensation. The #1 selection in the June 1983 draft, Belcher did not sign with the Twins, he was available in the January draft. The Yankees signed him on February 2nd, only to lose him because they had already submitted their list of 26 protected players, a blunder which will cost Yankees General Manager Murray Cook his job.

2002- Former Yankees Pitcher Steve Roser (1944-1946) passed away. (1918-2002)
Before the start of 1940 MLB season, the Yankees signed Steve Roser, as an MLB amateur free agent. He spent the 1940-1943 seasons in the minors, plugging along with a good season coming in 1941 with the Binghamton Triplets (Eastern League), when the 2nd-year pitcher went 13-12 with a 2.51 ERA, while pitching 197 innings. He also fared well in 1943 with the Newark Bears (International League), when he went 12-10 with a 3.61 ERA, while pitching 162 innings. Steve's good work paid off, he made his MLB pitching debut with the Yankees on May 5, 1944, pitched well and he played with the team for the entire 1944 season. He built a 4-3 record with a 3.86 ERA, while appearing in 16 games, while pitching 84 innings. Roser was back with the Yankees in 1945, he appeared in 11 games, pitched 27 innings, but he had no decisions. After a bad start with the 1946 Yankees (1-1 in 4 appearances with a 16.20 ERA), he was sold to the Boston Braves on May 3, 1946. Steve appeared in 14 games for the Braves with a 1-1 record with a 3.60 ERA. This effort finished off Roser's MLB pitching career with a 6-5 record with a 4.04 ERA in 45 appearances. His Yankees pitching career totals were a 5-4 record with 4.17 ERA and 1 save in 31 games.

2011- The Yankees lose reliever Alfredo Aceves to the rival Red Sox, who sign him to a 1-year MLB contract. The Yankees had offered him a split contract, but he wanted a MLB deal instead. Aceves, who has spent his entire MLB playing career with the Yankees, is coming off a back injury that cut short his 2010 season and suffered a broken collarbone in an off-season bicycle accident.

February 9th

1902- Former Yankees Reserve INF Julie Wera (1927,1929) was born. (1902-1975)
Julie Wera batted .278 in 43 games as a reserve INF with the Yankees, before being sent to San Francisco Seals (PCL) in 1931 in the Frank Crosetti trade.

1908- Former Yankees Minor League player and Manager Buzz Boyle was born. (1908-1978)
Buzz Boyle was an outfielder, who was a regular for the Dodgers for a couple seasons in the 1930s. In 1934, when he hit .305 with 10 triples, he was 16th in the MVP voting. He also had a 25-game hitting streak that season and led the NL in assists as a right fielder. He came up in 1929 and 1930 for cups of coffee with the Braves before joining the Dodgers in 1933. His last year in the MLB was in 1934 with the Dodgers at age 27, when he hit .272 as an outfielder. Boyle hit .316 on the great 1939 Kansas City Blues AA Yankees minor league team which won 107 games, which featured future MLB stars Jerry Priddy, Vince DiMaggio, Phil Rizzuto, Sandy Vance, Tommy Holmes and others. He managed 2 Yankees farm teams: the 1941 Akron Yankees and the 1942 Norfolk Tars. In 1946, he managed the Muskegon Lassies in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. In 1947, Boyle managed the Reds' Providence Chiefs farm team. After his minor league managing career ended, he was a Reds MLB scout for 21 seasons (1948-1968). He later worked for the Expos (1969-1972) and the Royals (1973-1974) organizations.

1937- Former Yankees 3B and MLB Coach Clete Boyer (1959-1966) was born. (1937-2007)
Clete Boyer was originally signed by the Kansas City A's a MLB bonus player in 1955. It was later revealed that the A's had signed him a favor for the Yankees with a promise to trade him after his 2-season bonus signing status had expired in June of 1957. He was traded to the Yankees in February of 1957 in the Bobby Shantz-Irv Noren trade. He joined the Yankees in June of 1957, when his bonus status with the A's had expired. Clete Boyer took over the regular Yankees 3B job from veteran Hector Lopez during the 1960 season. Clete would be one of finest 3B to play for the Yankees, handling the hot corner for the team from 1960-1966. He was over shadowed in the AL by the Orioles 3B Brooks Robinson. Clete appeared in 5 World Series with the Yankees (1960-1964). In the winter of 1966, Clete Boyer was traded by the Yankees to the Braves for rookie OF Bill Robinson and a minor league pitcher. He would play for the Braves for 5 seasons. Then he finished up his pro baseball-playing career in Japan. The Yankees 3B position would not be solid again until the arrival of Graig Nettles from the Indians in the winter of 1972. He was a MLB coach for the Oakland A's and the Yankees under Manager Billy Martin. Clete Boyer passed away in 2007. He was one of 3 Boyer brothers who played in the MLB, along with his older brothers, Ken with the Cardinals, also his oldest brother Cloyd, who pitched for the Cardinals and the A's. Cloyd would later become a Yankees MLB pitching coach. Clete's younger brother Ron Boyer played in the Yankees minor league organization during the 1960's.

1968- Former Yankees Reserve INF Robert Eenhoorn (1994-1996) was born.
Robert Eenhoorn had a brief MLB playing career spread out over 4 seasons, but he was a productive player in the minors. He has been a big factor in Dutch baseball for many years. Eenhoorn's father played baseball during World War II as an act of Dutch rebellion against the German occupation. Robert played soccer and baseball growing up and credited his soccer play with helping his footwork on the diamond. A 2nd-round draft pick by the Yankees in 1990, Robert began his pro career hitting .268 with the pennant-winning Oneonta Yankees. He was voted to the New York-Penn League All-Star team as a utility infielder and was labeled a "defensive genius" by Baseball America. He led the league's shortstops in fielding percentage (.960). According to BA, he was the top prospect in a league that produced Carlos Delgado, Jeremy Burnitz and Brian Giles. In 1991, he hit .350 for the GCL Yankees and .241 for the Prince William Cannons. The next season, he batted .305 with the Fort Lauderdale Yankees and .235 for the Albany Yankees after entering the season as the #6 prospect in the Yankees system according to Baseball America. He was downgraded to #7 after the year, behind Derek Jeter and ahead of Dave Silvestri among pinstriped shortstops. In 1993, he was the All-Star shortstop in the Eastern League. He batted .280 that season, doing a good job at AA at age 25. He was removed from the top Yankee prospect list after that season. In 1994, Robert batted .239 for the Columbus Clippers (AAA). He went 2 for 4 in his 1st cup of coffee with the 1994 Yankees. With Derek Jeter moving up to Columbus in 1995, the Yankees moved Robert to 2B. He batted .252 for the Clippers. He was 2 for 14 in the MLB. In 1996, he hit .337 for a title-winning Columbus (AAA) but was only 1 for 14 in the MLB. The Yankees placed Robert on waivers; he was picked-up in September of 1996 by the Angels. In 1997, he hit .308 for the AAA Vancouver Canadians (PCL) and tied for the league lead with 12 sacrifice hits. He was 7 for 20 with the Angels, playing his last MLB contest that season. He closed out his pro baseball career in 1998 with the Mets AAA Norfolk Tides (International League), hitting just .233.
Altogether, his MLB playing career comprised appearances in 4 seasons, of which 20 games were with the Yankees and 17 games with the Angels. He played at 2B, shortstop and 3B during his brief MLB playing career.

1977- Former Yankees Minor League P Geraldo Padua was born.
Padua debuted in 1995 with the DSL Yankees, going 1-1 with a 3.79 ERA. The next year, he was 7-5 with a 3.55 ERA. He came stateside with the 1997 GCL Yankees and was unbeatable at 8-0, 2.92 with only 8 walks and 46 hits in 61 2/3 innings, tying Francisco Vanderhorst and Wilfredo Rodriguez for the Gulf Coast League lead in wins. He also gave up 5 HRs, tying Chris Stowe for the league lead. Geraldo remained unbeaten in the USA in '98 with another 8-0 year, this time for the Oneonta Yankees. He had a 3.14 ERA. He started 1999 well with the Greensboro Bats (9-4, 2.84, 155 K in 139 2/3 IP) before the Yankees dealt him to the Padres for catcher/DH Jim Leyritz. Padua fell to 3-3 with a 4.65 ERA for the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes following the deal. The right-hander did not remain in the Padres system for long. They shipped him with John Vander Wal and Jim Sak to the Pirates for Al Martin for February 2000. Padua was unimpressive that summer with the Lynchburg Hillcats (4-9, 4.21 ERA) and Altoona Curve (1-6, 6.97 ERA, .337 opponent average). He led Pirates farmhands in losses. At one point that year, he dropped 14 in a row after having won 20 straight from 1997-1999. Padua struggled some more for the 2001 Curve (14 runs in 13 innings, 0-1). The Pirates released him. The Yankees picked him back up. He bounced between the Greensboro Bats (1-1, 3.86 ERA in 3 Games), Tampa Yankees (1 shutout inning) and AA Norwich Navigators (1-0, 2.89 ERA in 5 Games). Geraldo was out of Organized Baseball by 2002, still only 25 years old. He was 12-3 with a 3.06 ERA for the 2002 Winnipeg Goldeyes (Northern League). He was 7th in the Northern League's Central Division in ERA and 2nd in wins in the league. Padua's next signing wasn't until 2005, when he signed with Taiwan's Sinon Bulls. He was atrocious with an 8.76 ERA in 5 games, though he managed both a win and a save without taking a loss.

1980-The late All Star New York Yankees catcher Thurman Munson is inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame of Kent State University.

1984- Former Yankees Reserve Catcher Dioner Navarro (2004) was born.
In 2000, the Yankees signed catcher Dioner Navarro as an MLB amateur free agent. He hit .429 in 5 games for the 2004 Yankees, before being traded to the Diamondbacks in the Randy Johnson trade. He was traded to the Dodgers by the D-Backs. Later he played for the Devil Rays. In 2008, Dioner was a member of the 2008 AL All Star team.

1994- The Phillies traded veteran MLB starter Terry Mulholland and a player to be named later (Jeff Patterson) to the Yankees in exchange for MLB P Bobby Munoz, minor league players INF Kevin Jordan and P Ryan Karp. Mulholland will go 6-7 with a 6.49 ERA in 24 games for the 1994 Yankees, before the MLB player's strike ended the 1994 MLB season. He will leave the team for MLB free agency, signing with the Giants for the 1995 MLB season.

2001- After 13 months of negotiations, All Star shortstop Derek Jeter and the Yankees finalize a $189 million, 10-year contract. The deal makes the All-Star shortstop 2nd only to Alex Rodriguez ($252 million/10 years) as highest paid player in the history of the sport.

2007- Former Yankees OF (1948-1959) and MLB Manager Hank Bauer passed away from cancer. (1922-2007)
Before the start of the 1946 MLB season, the Yankees signed Hank Bauer as an MLB amateur free agent. He was an AL All Star RF in 1952-1954. Hank appeared in 9 World Series with the Yankees, hitting .245 with 7 HRs and 24 RBIs in 53 games. With the 1958 World Series against the Milwaukee Braves as being his best, Hank hit .323 with 4 HRs and 8 RBI's. In1959, Hank's plate production slipped to .238 BA with 9 HRs and 39 RBIs in 114 games. Hank finished his 1948-1959 Yankees playing career with a .277 BA, 158 HRs and 654 RBIs in 1,406 games. On December 11,1959, He was traded by the Yankees along with P Don Larsen, OF/1B Norm Siebern and reserve OF/1B Marv Throneberry to the Kansas City A's for OF Roger Maris, INF Joe DeMaestri and 1B Kent Hadley. In 1960, Hank played in 93 games, while hitting .275 with 3 HRs and 31 RBIs. He would finish his MLB playing career with the 1961 A's, appearing in only 43 games, while hitting .264 with 3 HRS and 11 RBIs. During the 1961 AL season, Hank replaced Joe Gordon as Team Manager, posting a 38-57 record. In 1962 with a full season with the team, he improved the team's record to a 72-90 mark, but he was replaced by former Yankees teammate Eddie Lopat for the 1963 AL season. He would be the only A's manager to handle the team in Kansas City and Oakland. Hank left the A's, joining the Orioles 1963 MLB Coaching staff, he became the team's manager in 1964, replacing Billy Hitchcock. Hank would win the 1966 World Series with his Orioles team sweeping the Dodgers in 4 games. During the 1968 AL season, Bauer was replaced by the Orioles front office with minor league manager Earl Weaver. In 1969, Hank returned to the A's, who were now in Oakland, bringing the team to an 80-69 record, before being replaced by John McNamara. Overall as a MLB Manager for 8 seasons, Hank posted a 1,129-594 record. Later he would manage in the Mets farm system with the AAA Tidewater Tides (International League) in the early 1970's. Then he became a MLB scout for the Yankees before retiring from the game. He was a Yankees fan favorite at the Old Timer's Day's at Yankee Stadium.

2009- 12-time AL All-Star and 3-time MVP Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez publicly admits to using steroids from 2001-2003. Rodriguez apologizes for his past errors; he had not commented on steroids since Sports Illustrated had broken a story about a positive 2003 test 2 days prior.

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This Week in Yankees History February 4th-10th Part Two

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February 10th

1894- Former Yankees Pitcher and MLB General Manager Herb Pennock (1923-1933) was born in Kennett Square, Pa. (1894-1948)
Herb Pennock extended his MLB pitching career over 22 seasons, during which he won 241 games with the A's, Red Sox and the Yankees. He signed by the A's in 1912, who later traded him to Boston. On January 30,1923, the Yankees obtained P Herb Pennock from the Red Sox for P George Murray, OFer's Norm McMillian and Camp Skinner. As a Yankees starter from 1923-1933, Herb posted a 162-90 record with a .643 WP and a 3.54 ERA in 346 games. He had 165 complete games with 19 shutouts and 23 saves as a Yankees hurler. He posted a 5-0 record with a 1.95 ERA in 9 games in 5 World Series for the Yankees. In 1934, he would finish his MLB pitching career with the Red Sox. At the time of his death from a fatal heart attack in 1948, Herb was the General Manager of the Phillies (1944-1948), helping the new team owner of the Phillies rebuild the team's minor league organization. He brought over many former Yankees players to help rebuilt the team's farm system to be coaches and Managers for the team, including future MLB Manager Eddie Sawyer, Cy Perkins, Earl Combs and others. He will be elected to the Hall of Fame by the BWAA in 1948, receiving 94 votes on 121 ballots.

1903- Former Yankees Minor League OF George Quellich was born. (1903-1958)
On August 22,1931 George Quellich was purchased by the Newark Bears (International League) from the Tigers. George had played 13 games with the 1931 Tigers as a reserve outfielder. He never played for the Yankees at the MLB level. On January 19,1932, George was traded by the Yankees along with P Myles Thomas and cash to the Hollywood Stars (PCL) for OF Jesse Hill.

1917- Former Yankees Pitcher Allie "Super Chief" Reynolds (1947-1954) was born. (1917-1994))
Allie Reynolds was obtained from the Indians for Yankees 2B Joe "Flash" Gordon in 1947. He had signed with the Indians in 1938. He came up to the Tribe in 1942. In 1943, during the war, he became a regular starter for the Indians. He was 11-12 in 1943 and 11-8 in 1944, leading the AL in strikeouts in 1943. In 1945, he had a breakthrough MLB season, winning 18 games for the Tribe. Allie was named to the AL All-Star team for the 1st time in his MLB pitching career. In 1946, he had an off-season, going 11-15 with a 3.88 ERA in 31 games with only 9 complete games for the Tribe, which led to his trade to the Bronx. In 1947, he went 19-8 with a 3.20 ERA in 34 games with a WP.704 for the Yankees. He became of the mainstays of the Yankees starting rotation that won 5 straight World Championships (1949-1953) along with Eddie Lopat, Vic Raschi, later Whitey Ford. His World Series Yankees pitching record was 7-2 with a 2.79 ERA in 15 games. Allie had 5 complete game and 2 shutouts as a Yankees World Series starter. As a relief pitcher for the team in the World Series, he had a 2-0 record with 4 saves. He also hit .308 in 26 at-bats in 6 World Series. During the 1951 AL season, he pitched 2-no-hitters, including one against the Red Sox. His former team, the Indians was his other no-hit victim in 1951. Reynolds led the AL in both ERA (2.06) and strikeouts (160) in 1952. A back injury during a Yankees team bus accident in Baltimore during the 1954 MLB season, forced Allie to retire from the game. He finished the 1954 AL season with a 13-4 record with 3.32 ERA in 36 games. Allie went 131-60 with a 3.30 ERA, 96 complete games and 27 shutouts in 295 games with the 1947-1954 Yankees. He retired with an overall MLB career pitching record of 182-107 with a .630 winning percentage and a 3.30 ERA. In retirement, Allie was a successful oil business executive in Oklahoma. In 1969, he became the Baseball Commissioner of the American Association (AAA), the league named its Allie Reynolds Award for the top pitcher in his honor. Oklahoma State University baseball has called Allie P. Reynolds Stadium home since 1981.

1926- Former Yankees Co-Team Owner Frank J. Farrell (1903-1913) passed away. (1866-1926)
Frank Farrell and Bill Devery were the 1st owners of the New York Highlanders, later to become the Yankees. They had purchased the AL Baltimore Orioles franchise on January 3,1903 for $18,000. They were allowed by AL to purchase the team and move it to New York City because of their ties with the local politics. All previous attempts to move an AL team to Manhattan were blocked by the NL's Giants Owner and their Manager John McGraw's NYC political connections. Frank Farrell was heavily involved in the NYC gambling market. He was known to own a number of pool halls and a casino. After the 1913 MLB season, the duo sold the team to new team co-owners Colonel Jacob Ruppert and Captain Tillinghast L'Hommedieu Huston. AL President Ban Johnson was worried about gambling problems stemming from Farrell and Devery team ownership; he brought Ruppert and Huston in to buy the Yankees. The team had traded away 1B Hal Chase during the 1913 MLB season to White Sox because of his suspicious playing behavior and rumors of gambling on games.

1937- Former Yankees Minor League INF and MLB Scout Richard Bogard was born. (1937-2003)
Richard Bogard played minor league baseball for 6 seasons, managed in the minor leagues for 3 years and scouted for almost 3 decades. Bogard broke in professionally in the Yankees chain as the starting 3B for the 1957 Modesto Reds. He hit .303, drawing 94 walks, scored 88 runs while hitting 39 doubles and 10 triples. In 1958, Richard hit .295 with 7 HRs and 87 RBI for Modesto. He split the 1959 season between the Birmingham Barons (.224, 1 HR, 7 RBIs) and Greensboro Yankees (.264, 9 HRs, 52 RBIs). In 1960, Dick moved to the Dodgers system, playing for the Green Bay Dodgers (.264, 3 HRs, 28 RBIs) and the Macon Dodgers (.208, 2 HRs, 16 RBIs). In his 5th season, Bogard joined the Salem Dodgers, where he batted .355 with 9 HRs and 60 RBIs. In 1962, Bogard finished his pro playing career by hitting .260 with 5 HRs and 38 RBIs for Salem. Then he took a job as a MLB scout for the Astros organization from 1963-1972. He also managed the 1968 Williamsport Astros, the 1969 Covington Astros and Williamsport again in 1970. He then scouted for the Brewers until 1977. Richard was a national cross-checker for the MLB Scouting Bureau. Next, he took a job as the Scouting Director for Oakland A's from 1984-1994. In 1995-1996, Bogard was a Special Assistant to the GM for the A's. In January of 2003, he was named Special Assistant for Scouting Operations.

1970- Former Yankees Reserve Catcher Alberto Castillo (2002) was born.
Alberto Castillo hit .135 in 15 games with the 2002 Yankees, before being released by the team. After leaving the Yankees, he would play for the Giants, Royals, A's and the Orioles. He is currently a minor league manager in the Mets organization.

1971- Former MLB All Star player Bill White becomes the 1st black play-by-play broadcaster in MLB history. WPIX-TV hires Bill White to team with Phil Rizzuto and Frank Messer on Yankees broadcasts.

1975- The Yankees signed free agent minor league INF Damaso Garcia. He played 2B during the 1978 season for the injured 2B Willie Randolph. He appeared in 29 games for the team hitting .229 before being traded to the Blue Jays on November 1,1979. He was traded by the Yankees along with 1B Chris Chambliss and P Paul Mirabella for P Tom Underwood, C Rick Cerone and OF Ted Wilborn.

1975- Former Yankees Pitcher Hiroki Kuroda (2012-2014) was born.
On January 13, 2012, the Yankees signed MLB free agent starter Hiroki Kuroda. The former Dodgers starter had a MLB career record of 41-46 in 114 games. In 2011, he went 13-16 in 32 games with a 3.07 ERA for the Dodgers. Kuroda signed a big MLB free agent contract with the Yankees before the 2012 season; he has his best MLB season wearing Yankee pinstripes that year. Hiroki made 33 starts, while pitching 219 2/3 innings, struck out 167 batters - all of these were personal bests - while putting up a record of 16-11 with a 3.32 ERA. He was the 2nd pillar of the Yankees' starting rotation behind ace CC Sabathia, leading the team to a division title. In the 2012 postseason, he gave up 2 runs in 8 1/3 innings in Game 3 of the ALDS against the Orioles on October 10th, but he was not involved in the decision as the Yankees won, by the score of 3-2 in 12 innings. In the 2012 ALCS, he started Game 2 against the Tigers and again pitched well, but the 3 runs he gave up in 7 2/3 innings were enough to saddle him with a loss as the Yankees line-up bats went cold in a 3-0-shutout loss. Kuroda was one of the few healthy stars in the 2013 Yankees camp, as the team was devastated by injuries, but in his 1st start of the year against the Red Sox on April 3rd, he was hit on a finger of his pitching hand by a line drive off the bat of Shane Victorino and had to leave the game in the 2nd inning with the Yankees already trailing, 2-0. He was charged with the 7-4 loss. Still, there were no after effects, as over his 1st 9 starts, he managed to keep his ERA under 2.00, while putting up a record of 6-2. He had only given up 42 hits and 14 walks in 58 2/3 innings, while striking out 39 batters. In his next start against the Orioles on May 22nd, he gave the Yankees another scare when he took a batted ball off his right calf in the 2nd inning. He had to leave the game in the 3rd inning with a bad bruise, which developed as a result. However, once again, the injury was not expected to have any longer-term effect. He finished the 2013 season with an 11-13 record with a 3.31 ERA in 32 starts, while pitching 201 1/3 innings. He followed that with another solid season in 2014, when he made another 32 starts, with a record of 11-9, 3.71 ERA, pitching another 199 innings. Once again, he was the most reliable starter on a staff devastated by injuries. After the 2014 MLB season, however, he decided to return to Japan, signing a 1-year contract with his original team, the Hiroshima Carp on December 27th. The deal was worth $3.3 million. The decision to finish his pro baseball pitching career back in Japan, that ended his MLB pitching career with a record of 79-79, with a 3.45 ERA in 7 seasons. Extremely durable, he pitched at least 180 innings in 6 of the 7 MLB seasons. Overall as a Yankees starter, Kuroda went 38-33 with a 3.44 ERA. 463 strikeouts in 97 games with 4 complete games and 4 shutouts.

1976- Former Yankees DH/1B Lance Berkman (2010) was born.
On July 31,2010, veteran 1B Lance Berkman was traded by the Astros to the Yankees for minor league players Mark Melancon and Jimmy Paredes. He appeared in 37 games for the Yankees, hitting .255 with 1 HR with 9 RBI's. On November 1, 2010, the Yankees granted Lance Berkman his MLB free agency. In December of 2010, he signed with the Cardinals for 2011 MLB season.

1990- Former Yankees 1B Tony Solaita (1968) passed away (1947-1990).
The Yankees signed 1B Tony Solaita, as an MLB amateur free agent in 1965. In 1968, he appeared in 1 game for the Yankees, going 0 for 1. In 1968, Tony had led the Carolina League with 49 HRs and 122 RBIs, while playing for the Yankees High Point-Thomasville team. On February 28,1973, he was traded by the Yankees to the Pirates for 1B George Kopacz. The Royals would draft Tony from the Pirates organization in the 1973 MLB winter minor league player draft. He would play in the MLB with the Royals, Angels, Expos and the Blue Jays from 1974-1979. After playing in the MLB, Tony played pro baseball in Japan for several seasons. Tony was killed during a business dispute in his homeland of American Samoa. He had been active in youth baseball activities in American Samoa.

1992- Former Yankees and MLB Public Relations Director Arthur "Red" Patterson (1946-1954) passed away. (1909-1992)
A longtime baseball public relations official with the Yankees, Dodgers (both Brooklyn and Los Angeles) and the Angels, Red Patterson is best known for having introducing the term 'tape measure home run' into the baseball lexicon, when he paced off Mickey Mantle's legendary April 17,1953, Griffith Stadium 562 FT HR shot off of Senators hurler Chuck Stobbs. Prior to starting his PR career, Patterson spent 17 years writing for the New York Herald Tribune, initially while attending night school at NYU. Other innovations credited to Patterson - whose very hiring as Publicity Director by the 1946 Yankees was a major league 1st in and of itself - included old-timers games, cap day and team yearbooks. Patterson also hired the late, lamented longtime Yankees Public Address Announcer, Bob Sheppard. In 1954, Red Patterson left the Yankees organization due personality clashes with Yankees GM George Weiss. He had joined the Yankees in 1946 originally as a Traveling Secretary. After his temporary retirement from the Angels in 1985 (stepping down as President but being promptly re-engaged as Publicity Consultant), Patterson made a partial return to his earliest profession, penning the occasional column for the Anaheim Bulletin.

2002- Former Yankees 1B/DH Jim Spencer (1978-1981) passed away from cancer. (1947-2002)
On December 12,1977, 1B Jim Spencer was traded by the White Sox along with P Bob Polinsky and OF Tommy Cruz to the Yankees for Pitchers Stan Thomas, Ed Ricks and cash. While backing up Chris Chambliss at 1B, Spencer saw most of his playing time at DH in the Bronx. He reached the post-season for the 1st time in his MLB playing career in 1978. He did not appear in the 1978 ALCS against the Royals, however, he appeared in 4 of the 6 games of the 1978 World Series against the Dodgers. He had 2 hits in 12 at-bats. His best Yankees season was in 1979, when he hit .288 with 23 HRs and 53 RBIs, as the team's DH and reserve 1B. When the Yankees traded 1B Chris Chambliss in the winter of 1979 for Blue Jays Catcher Rick Cerrone, they in turn signed MLB free agent Bob Watson to play 1B, forcing Jim to stay at reserve status. During 1981 Yankees spring training camp, Spencer was dealt by the team to the Pirates for 1B Jason Thompson, however the trade was nixed by MLB Commissioner Bowie Kuhn. On May 20,1981, Jim was traded by the Yankees along with P Tom Underwood to the Oakland A's for 1B Dave Revering, Pitchers Mike Patterson and Chuck Dougherty. As a Yankees player, he appeared in 299 games, while hitting .246 with 45 HRs and 123 RBIs. After retiring from MLB as an active player, Jim Spencer coached the U.S. Naval Academy baseball team for several years. He passed away in 2002 from cancer.

2005- in his 1st public appearance, Yankees AL All Star 1B Jason Giambi apologizes to his teammates, Yankees fans and to baseball fans everywhere for letting them down in 2004 AL season. The All-Star 1B, however, never uses the word steroids as he accepted full responsibility for the controversy.

2015- Former Yankees Pitcher Don Johnson (1947,1950) passed away. (1926-2015)
Before the start of 1944 AL Season, the Yankees signed hurler Don Johnson as an MLB amateur free agent. Don posted a 5-3 record with a 5.23 ERA in 23 games for the Yankees. On June 15,1950, Don was traded by the Yankees along with OF Jim Delsing, P Duane Pillette, INF George "Snuffy" Stirnweiss and $50,000 to the St. Louis Browns for Pitchers Tom Ferrick and Joe Ostrowski and 3B Leo Thomas.

2015- Disgraced superstar Alex Rodriguez meets with team owner Hank Steinbrenner, GM Brian Cashman and other members of the Yankees top brass to apologize for his past actions. Before his 1-year suspension, which is now over, A-Rod was barely on speaking terms with his employer, and his representatives were routinely threatening to sue. But the meeting seems to have cleared the air: "There was an honest and frank discussion on all of the issues. As far as the Yankees are concerned, the next step is to play baseball in spring training."

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