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Very interesting correlation
8 months ago  ::  Jul 16, 2018 - 4:59PM #51
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Jul 16, 2018 -- 3:53PM, meacham wrote:

Jul 16, 2018 -- 1:05PM, Max wrote:

Jul 15, 2018 -- 6:11PM, meacham wrote:

Jul 15, 2018 -- 6:03PM, Max wrote:

Jul 15, 2018 -- 5:58PM, meacham wrote:

Jul 15, 2018 -- 5:41PM, Max wrote:

Jul 15, 2018 -- 5:24PM, meacham wrote:

Jul 15, 2018 -- 3:59PM, Max wrote:

Jul 15, 2018 -- 3:24PM, yankoldfan wrote:

Jul 15, 2018 -- 11:04AM, Max wrote:

Jul 14, 2018 -- 7:15PM, meacham wrote:

Jul 14, 2018 -- 5:32PM, Max wrote:

Jul 14, 2018 -- 3:43PM, meacham wrote:

Jul 14, 2018 -- 2:30PM, dixieyank wrote:

Wow. You all devolve into name calling already??

*looks around the room*


It's sad, he's not able to argue beyond the level of a grade schooler.


Funny that you didn't include yourself. I believe Dixie said "you all." Look back at who started the insults. You get spoken to by the level of your posts. That's what makes you a MeaChump. 

You're getting your due for trying to force Jewish blood to denounce ****s, you worthless little punk.   Deal with it.

Wrong again dip$hit. Your amateur feeble attempts to insult started before I "asked" any Con to make the "screw Antifa screw the Alt-Right" proclamation. Only one stand up Con and only one stand up poster that leans right did so. You also insulted MYF who didn't ask for any Anti Alt-Right proclamation, so that shows just how full of $hit you are. 

"Your due"?  "Deal with it"? LOL! Don't make me laugh. Get over yourself, your amateurish feeble attempts to insult don't amount to anything close to giving someone their due nor anything to deal with. 

You admit that the Alt-Right are n@zis. So if you are part Jewish you're a disgrace to the Jewish people. You were quick to rightfully denounce the actions by Antifa, but when it came to saying screw the Alt-right, you were silent and made excuses. Which is something one would expect from an Alt-Right member or an Alt-Right sympathizer which you might or might not be.

But one thing is crystal clear, your silence shows that you're nothing but an imbecilic subhuman scumbag.

Damn Max, I like it when you get your dandruff up... 

Nah, just telling like it is. No dandruff up, because I grew up with friends and have family who like to tease/bust chops in a good natured funny way. As did I.

So I learned at a very young age to laugh off certain comments and give it right back even when those comments aren't meant in a good natured funny way. So when imbeciles like Paddedroom Jimmy and Meachump think they bother me, they don't realize that I'm in my element.  

Telling anyone to renounce ****s when they're part Jewish isn't "busting chops", you little worthless punk.   You're so brainwashed and off-kilter (plus generally ignorant) with your arguments that you take it too far.   You come off as some little officious @ss trying to force confessions out of people - screw right the hell off.   Try asking a black person sometime to renounce slavery, you'd get KO'ed in 1/2 a second.   But here on a message board you triggly-puff out your weakling's chest.

LOL! Another Meachump meltdown! And STILL NO anti ALT-RIGHT PROCLAMATION! I didn't say that was busting chops when addressing you, learn how to comprehend you lowlife despicable subhuman scumbag. You're the ignorant one as proof when you parrot and believe any conspiracy theory thrown your way. Oooh "screw off" "your weakling chest" Wow you really told me. LOL! GFY. 

I wouldn't be KO'ed by you or anyone else. I can take a punch, unlike you Lady Meachump who would faint just as soon as someone picked up their hands. But it's not surprising that you would think an African American would resort to violence. You're the keyboard wanna be tough guy that makes threats from 3000 miles away like the fly-weight coward that you are.   

Ms Waters, I think you've missed your meds.

Yeah that's it, go with that. But I see that you ate all your stupid pills, Lady Meachump. Not that you needed any to begin with. Now how about that anti Alt-Right proclamation? I mean what's the hold up? Since you did rightfully criticizes Antifa. 

I will never be forced to say anything by the likes of you Ms Waters, so the answer for you is NEVER.   Come ask me in person sometime and I will give you an answer of sorts though.

Now go take your meds Maxine.

Max isn't my name so have fun with it. No one is forcing you to say anything so stop being such a drama queen.

The fact that you were quick to denounce Antifa but won't denounce the Alt-Right speaks for itself.

Lady Meachump. the only thing people like you would to in person is cower. I know this because tough guys don't make threats while sitting behind a keyboard 3000 miles away. Now go smoke your crack, because only a crackhead would post like you do. 

Gee I wonder if my real name is Meacham?   God you're so stupid sometimes it's getting just painful.   

I doubt that anyone here would agree with you. But anyone being stupid sometimes is one up on you. Thinking is painful for you. I never claimed Meachump is your name. You also used God in vein and in a sentence that was another feeble attempt to insult me, that's not nice.

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