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This is the Greg Bird Yankees have been waiting for
9 months ago  ::  Aug 16, 2018 - 9:53PM #31
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Aug 16, 2018 -- 5:30PM, Cocopugg wrote:

Aug 16, 2018 -- 5:21PM, Paterson wrote:

   Maybe this is who Greg Bird is. We don't have too many options right now.

He never healed properly. Even Bird may not realize it. Baseball is a sport where all the gears have to be working just right in order to succeed. After an operation, parts may not react as they did before, so the whole experience of playing the game will be altered, and at that point, a player may adapt and find his success, or he may never get the same type of success he had before the surgery. It's still too early to tell in Bird's case...the only thing we CAN tell is that this is NOT the same Bird we saw in pinstripes a couple of years ago when he was tearing up the ball in Spring Training.

I agree with that except the part about that it is still to early to tell in Birds case.. I think you are on the right track Pugg. I don't think he realizes something is different and isn't able to adjust to whatever it is that is hindering his swing. He is driving the ball, like today, but he keeps getting more lift, thus the warning track power, and the pop ups. If his lower half is not in his swing as much as it was due to his surgery's on his foot that could cause it.  Still he needs to figure it out, because if not, he will not be the first baseman next season. He has got to realize he is not the same hitter and do what he needs to do to fix it, because it is obvious the hitting instructors are not helping him. Way to long in the skids to think this is just temporary. If it is not due to his surgery's, which is an excellent theory, then it could just be as I thought it has been all along.  He is just not who the Yankees think he is. I do not see anything remotely like the Dude who crushed the ball that Spring Training back when. Remember Kevin Maas looked like the next Yankee Hall of favor for sure until he saw a curve ball diet almost exclusively. Somehow Bird may have his white whale as well. I sure can't see it though but whatever the pitchers are doing he is getting overmatched, a lot!

9 months ago  ::  Aug 16, 2018 - 10:03PM #32
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He's not going to get 5, 6, 7 thousand more chances if he keeps hitting like a dog.

Can't hit and he's as brittle as glass, and he's happy to just be here.   I guess you can't win with every prospect.

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