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Tension at Bush funeral
1 year ago  ::  Dec 06, 2018 - 1:02PM #41
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Yea Yank the greatest generation is rapidly leaving us. Our loss. A good friend of mine passed on few yrs ago who was in the D Day invasion. It was thrill talking to him about it but he wouldn't go into detail. Quickly changed the subject to baseball he called me " Yankee " he was huge St Louis Cardinals fan ...wonderful man.
1 year ago  ::  Dec 06, 2018 - 2:50PM #42
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Dec 5, 2018 -- 2:04PM, SSBob wrote:

Dec 5, 2018 -- 1:49PM, louisiana_lightning wrote:

I don’t like the man or respect him but to me he was better than Hillary...


Ah...the "lesser of evils" argument.

So, I'll ask you...do you agree with John Kasich's statement?

"Look, we need different leadership, there isn't any question about it."

There were no two evils to begin with. Hillary getting elected would have been for the greater good as in a Medicare for all public option and a real middle class tax cut. 

1 year ago  ::  Dec 06, 2018 - 3:04PM #43
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Dec 6, 2018 -- 11:42AM, louisiana_lightning wrote:

Dec 6, 2018 -- 11:15AM, laurenf2 wrote:

Dec 6, 2018 -- 7:13AM, louisiana_lightning wrote:

Dec 6, 2018 -- 1:31AM, laurenf2 wrote:

Dec 5, 2018 -- 8:24PM, louisiana_lightning wrote:

Dec 5, 2018 -- 6:44PM, SSBob wrote:

Dec 5, 2018 -- 6:39PM, louisiana_lightning wrote:

I would prefer a fiscally conservative, socially liberal, constitutional Republican... 


Sounds like you've described a moderate.

BTW...why is party affiliation important?

We have chatted a bit.  Name me a Democrat that shares any of my core beliefs on economics and federalism

If you believe in all that, then how are you supporting Trump as he blows up the deficit leaving a financial quagmire to future administrations to untangle?

Name a non-Keynesian, budget slashing, deficit hawk potential Democratic presidential candidate.

From your perspective, how is Trump any different from DEMs for you to eagerly support...


Do I seem particularly eager.  I spend most of my time bashing what I don’t agree with.  He’s a buffoon but not dumb enough to veto good legislation if it ever reaches his desk.  I would also prefer a weak president to a strong one on domestic affairs.

You got to be kidding. What good legislation? You mean the legislation that tried to take healthcare away from the working poor. Or the 1% tax cut that isn't paying for itself, isn't causing companies to hire more people than they already were, and isn't trickling down to the middle class and the poor. 

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