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This Week in Yankees History March 3rd-9th
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This Week in Yankees History March 3rd- March 9th Part One

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March 3rd

1872- Future Yankees HOF INF/OF William “Wee Willie” Keeler (1903-1909) was born. (1872-1923)
Willie “Wee Willie” Keeler had a .295 lifetime BA as a Yankees player, he played in 873 games, while hitting 10 HRs with 206 RBIs. From 1903-1906, he hit over .300 each MLB season: .318 (1903), .343 (1904), .302 (1905), .304 (1906), before fading to a .234 BA in 1907. A remarkable hitter, Willie Keeler will hit over .300 16 times in 19 MLB seasons, he hit over .400 once. Willie hit .432 in 1897 with the Baltimore Orioles (NL). Keeler will finish with a .341 BA over his MLB playing career, currently 14th in all-time list. Overall, as an MLB player for 19 seasons, Willie hit .341 with 33 HRs with 810 RBIs in 2,133 games. Willie played in the MLB from 1892-1910, starting out and finishing with the Giants. He played for the Giants, Brooklyn, Baltimore in the NL and the Yankees in the AL. Keeler umpired 1 National League game in 1910. He coached for the NL Brooklyn Tip-Tops in 1914. Willie scouted for the Boston Braves in 1915. Willie Keeler will be selected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1939 with 75.55% of the vote. He was the ballplayer, who coin the phrase “Hit’em, where they ain’t.”

1886- Former Yankees OF Les Channell (1910,1914) was born. (1886-1954)
On September 1,1909, Les Channell was drafted by the Yankees from Fort Wayne (Central League) in the 1909 MLB Rule 5 player draft. Les appeared in 7 games for the Yankees. His lifetime MLB batting average was .350 (7-for-20). Les played left field. His suffering a broken leg, when he slid into 3B unfortunately shortened his 1910 MLB player debut. Also, he played for the Denver team (Western League) during the 1912-1913 seasons, then he was with the Buffalo Bisons (IL) in 1914-1917. While playing with Denver, Les led the Western League in HRs in 1913.

1895- Former Yankees Long-time MLB Scout Joe Devine (1932-1951) was born. (1895-1951)
Joe Devine was MLB scout for the Pirates and the Yankees organizations. Also, he was a Minor League Manager. As a Pirates MLB Scout, Joe signed future HOF OF Paul Waner. Later he joined the Yankees organization as an MLB Scout in November of 1932, working with the team until his death from auto injuries in September of 1951. Joe was involved with the signing of Joe DiMaggio in 1935. He misjudged a young OF named Ted Williams, who was signed by the Red Sox. Devine is credited with signing the following MLB players: Ed Bahr, C Lou Berberet, P Milo Candini, Bernie DeViveiros, Bud Hafey, Tom Hafey, Bob Joyce, Frank Lucchesi (MLB Manager), Woody Main, INF Gil McDougald, INF Fenton Mole, OF Bill Renna, Hal Rhyne, Pitchers: Art Schallock, Bill Wight, Rugger Ardizoia, Tiny Bonham, OF Wally Judnich, OF Frankie Kelleher, C Gus Triandos, OF Jackie Jensen and INF/OF Woodie Held.

1904- The Yankees traded veteran MLB Starter Harry Howell and $8,000 cash payment to the St. Louis Browns for veteran starter Jack Powell. Howell had pitched for the 1901-1902 Baltimore Orioles (NL), while going 23-36. In 1903, he went 9-6 with a 3.53 ERA in 25 games with 13 complete games for the Yankees. In 1904, Jack Powell will post a 23-19 record with a 2.44 ERA in 47 games with 38 complete games for the Yankees. Overall with the 1904-1905 Yankees, he will go 31-32 with 2.81 ERA in 84 games. On September 11, 1905, he will be re-purchased by the Browns from the Yankees.

1918- The Yankees purchased 1B George “Tigoa” Burns from the Tigers for cash, then traded him to the Philadelphia A’s for veteran MLB OF Ping Bodie. Burns had hit .226 for the 1917 Tigers. Yankees Manager Miller Huggins had been trying to acquire A’s OF Tilly Walker, but Connie Mack wanted Burns to replace recently traded away 1B Stuffy McInnis. The Yankees had to acquire 1B Burns from the Tigers to get an outfielder from the A’s. Veteran OF Ping Bodie had hit .291 for the 1917 A’s. The Yankees already had Wally Pipp as their regular 1st baseman, who was acquired by the Yankees from the Tigers in 1915, as rookie with the Tigers started using George Burns as their 1915 starting 1st baseman. Bodie will hit .256 with 3 HRs and 46 RBIs in 91 games for the 1919 Yankees, finishing out his MLB playing career with the team in 1921. Overall, Bodie will appear in 385 games for the team, while hitting .272 with 16 HRs and 194 RBIs.

1919- Former Yankees 1B/OF and Minor League Manager Steve “Bud” Souchock (1946,1948) was born. (1919-2002)
Steve Souchock played semi-pro ball before being signed by the Yankees in 1939. He played for Greenburg, Easton, Akron, Norfolk Tars and the Binghamton Triplets, where he was Eastern League Most Valuable Player in 1942. Souchock played a bit of service ball before becoming an Army tank commander. He was awarded the Bronze Star for his combat efforts during the Battle of the Bulge. He missed 3 seasons of pro baseball due to the war, but within 6 months of his discharge, he made his MLB player debut with the 1946 Yankees at age 27, hitting .302 as a rookie. In 1947, he returned to the AA Kansas City Blues (American Association) hitting .294 with 17 HRs. He appeared in 71 games for the 1948 Yankees, hitting .203 with 3 HRs in 44 games. On December 14,1948, Steve was traded by the Yankees to the White Sox for OF Jim Delsing. Most of his MLB playing career was spent with the Tigers, where he slugged .492 from 1951 to 1953. In each of those seasons, he had the 2nd-highest slugging percentage on the team. After his finishing his MLB playing career, Steve started managing in the minor leagues for the Tigers organization from 1955-1956. Then he managed in the minor leagues for the Yankees organization starting in 1957 until 1963, and then he scouted for the team from 1964-1974.

1956- Former Yankees INF Dennis Sherrill (1978,1980) was born.
INF Dennis Sherrill was selected by the Yankees in the 1st round (12th Pick) of the 1974 MLB amateur player draft. Dennis only appeared in 5 games with the Yankees, while hitting just .200. He was blocked at the Yankees starting shortstop position by the presence of All-Star shortstop Bucky Dent.

1960- Former Yankees Pitcher Chuck Cary (1989-1991) was born.
On January 26,1989, hurler Chuck Cary was signed as an MLB free agent by the Yankees. Cary pitched for the Yankees from 1989 through 1991, but he was released by the team on October 28,1991, following elbow surgery in September. His Yankees pitching career record was 11-22 with a 4.19 ERA in 60 games.

1960- Former Yankees Pitcher Neal Heaton (1993) was born.
On February 2,1993, veteran MLB hurler Neal Heaton was signed as an MLB free agent by the Yankees. He posted a 1-0 record in 18 games, before being released by the team on July 27, 1993.

1966- Former Yankees Minor League P Francisco de la Rosa was born. (1966-2011)
Originally signed by the Orioles, he was traded to the Yankees for hurler Alan Mills on February 29, 1992. He spent the 1992 season with the AAA Columbus Clippers (IL), while posting a 6-1 record with a 3.72 ERA in 48 games, but he did not make it back to the MLB. The Yankees released him, after the 1993 baseball season when his ERA ballooned to 6.45.

1968- Former Yankees Pitcher Bobby Munoz (1993) was born.
The Yankees in the 15th round of the 1988 MLB amateur player draft selected hurler Bobby Munoz. He went 3-3 with a 3.52 ERA in 38 games for the 1993 Yankees. On February 9,1994, Bobby was traded by the Yankees along with Minor League players INF Kevin Jordan and P Ryan Karp to the Phillies for a Player to be Named Later and veteran MLB starter Terry Mulholland. The Phillies would send Minor League P Jeff Patterson on November 8,1994 to the Yankees to complete the trade.

1977- Former Yankees Pitcher Frank “Stubby” Overmire (1951) passed away. (1919-1977)
After being obtained by the Yankees from the St. Louis Browns for Starter Tommy Byrne and $25,000. Stubby went 1-1 with a 4.63 ERA in 15 games for the 1951 Yankees. At the time of the trade, he was 1-6 with the 1951 Browns. He did not appear in the 1951 World Series with the team against the Giants. In May of 1952, the Yankees traded him back to the Browns, where he finished out his 10-season MLB pitching career (1943-1942). He had an MLB career pitching record of 58-67 with a 3.96 ERA in 266 games with 10 saves. The Tigers originally signed him as an MLB amateur free agent, he reached the MLB with them in 1943. He appeared in the 1945 World Series with them, while posting a 0-1 record in 1 game against the Cubs. After retiring as an active player, Stubby became a long-time Minor League Manager in the Tigers organization.

1980- Former Yankees INF Jerry Priddy (1941-1942) passed away. (1919-1980)
In 1937, the Yankees signed INF Jerry Priddy as an MLB amateur free agent. Jerry appeared in 115 games for the Yankees, while hitting just .246. Manager Joe McCarthy was disappointed with Priddy’s weak bat. He was moved from 2B to reserve INF for the 1941 Yankees. Veteran Joe Gordon was moved back to 2B from 1B. Johnny Strum played 1B for the team. On January 29,1943, Jerry was traded by the Yankees along with P Milo Candini to the Senators for P Bill Zuber and cash. Priddy entered the Army in December 1943; he was discharged in January 1946. Jerry would later play for the Browns and the Tigers before retiring from MLB. Jerry Priddy's MLB playing career is discussed at length in the Bill James book “What never happen to the Hall of Fame,” originally published as” The Politics of Glory. “James' angle is that Jerry Priddy and Phil Rizzuto were both highly-touted Yankee minor leaguer infielders in the late 1930s, playing on the same teams in the Yankees farm system, but that their MLB playing careers went in completely separate directions. It was Priddy, who was the more naturally talented of the 2 players, but it was Phil Rizzuto who ended up in the Hall of Fame. Long after his MLB baseball career had ended, Jerry Priddy was convicted of extortion and spent several months in prison.

1997- The Yankees offer the Padres a choice of 1 from a list of players for the negotiating rights to Japanese Pitcher Hideki Irabu. The list includes Pitchers Brian Boehringer, David Weathers, Chris Cumberland, Reserve INF Andy Fox and OF Matt Luke. The Yankees also offer 1 player from a list of 5 Minor Leaguers, plus $3 million. The Padres are talking to several other MLB teams beside the Yankees.

1997- Former Yankees Minor League 1B Harry Davis passed away. (1908-1997)
On December 4,1937, 1B Harry Davis was traded by the St. Louis Browns to the Yankees for hurler Vito Tamulis. Harry never appeared with the Yankees at the MLB level. He had played in the MLB for the Tigers and the Browns before joining the Yankees organization. In 1938, the Yankees sent him to their AA team, the Kansas City Blues (American Association), where he hit .299. For the 1939 baseball season, Harry joined the Cardinals organization. After retiring as an active player, Harry became a Minor League Manager (1940-1945) for several MLB teams before retiring.

2013- Former Yankees Minor League OF Ray Mantle passed away. (1936-2013)
The brother of Yankees Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle, outfielder Ray Mantle played 2 seasons of minor league ball in the Yankees organization. In addition to Mickey, Ray had a twin brother Roy Mantle, who was his teammate during his playing career. Roy ‘s baseball career ended when he was drafted into the Army.

March 4th

1891- Former Yankees and HOF Pitcher Arthur “Dazzy” Vance (1915,1918) was born. (1891-1961)
During the 1915 MLB season, hurler Arthur “Dazzy” Vance was acquired by the Yankees from the Pirates. He didn’t pitch for the Yankees during the 1916 or the 1917 seasons due to pitching arm injuries. He went 0-3 in 10 games with the Yankees. He would recover, after being picked up by the Dodgers in 1922. He was named the NL MVP in 1924. He pitched a No-Hitter in 1925. Vance led the NL in wins twice, in NL Pitcher’s ERA 3 times. He is the only pitcher to top the NL in strikeouts 7 consecutive MLB seasons. Dazzy Vance will be elected to the Hall of Fame by the BWAA in 1955 with 205 votes on 251 ballots. He posted a 197-140 record with a 3.24 ERA in 442 games during his 16-season MLB pitching career. Dazzy had pitched for the Pirates, Yankees, Dodgers (twice), Cardinals and the Reds before retiring, after the 1935 NL season. He appeared in 1 game of the 1934 World Series with the Cardinals with no record.

1897- Former Yankees P/OF Lefty O’Doul (1919-1920,1922) was born. (1897-1969)
On September 21, 1918, Lefty O’Doul was drafted by the Yankees from Salt Lake City (PCL) in the 1918 MLB Rule 5 player draft. He started his MLB playing career as a Pitcher, playing 4 years in the American League with the Yankees and the Red Sox in his early 20's before hurting his arm. Lefty O’Doul went 0-0 a 3.65 ERA in 11 games as a Pitcher for the Yankees before being sent the Red Sox in a trade. As a Yankees hitter, he appeared in 40 games, hitting .243 with No HRs and 6 RBIs. On September 29,1922, the Yankees sent P Lefty O'Doul to the Red Sox to complete an earlier deal made on July 23, 1922. On July 23,1922, The Yankees sent a player to be named later, INF Chick Fewster, OF Elmer Miller, INF Johnny Mitchell and $50,000 to the Red Sox for 3B Joe Dugan and OF Elmer Smith. Lefty O'Doul was a .349 career hitter in the MLB, who won 2 MLB batting titles in the NL. His MLB career batting average puts him at # 4 on the all-time list, although his big-league career was short with only a bit more than 3,000 at-bats. For many years after he retired, he had stout proponents who said he belonged in the Hall of Fame. In 2007 voting by the Veterans Committee, he received 18% of the vote. He became an outfielder and returned to the MLB after some outstanding seasons in the PCL with Salt Lake City and San Francisco. He was selected by the Giants in the 1927 MLB Rule 5 player draft. He would appear in a total of 970 MLB games, while hitting .341 with 113 HRs and 542 RBIs. Lefty appeared in 1 World Series with the 1933 Giants against the Senators, hitting 1.000 (1 for 1). He was a longtime Manager in the Pacific Coast League, starting with the 1935-1951 San Francisco Seals, 1952-1954 San Diego Padres, 1955 Oakland Oaks, 1956 Vancouver Mounties and the 1957 Seattle Rainiers. He compiled a record of 2,094-1,970 over 23 seasons in the Minor Leagues. He is a member of the Pacific Coast League Hall of Fame. He also helped bring baseball to Japan, travelling there with MLB player teams often before and after World War II.

1897- Former Yankees Pitcher Neal Brady (1915,1918) was born. (1897-1947)
Neal Brady went 1-0 with a 2.55 ERA in 4 games for the Yankees. He would play in the Minor Leagues for several seasons, before reappearing in the MLB with the 1925 Reds for 20 games, while posting a 1-3 record.

1913-The Yankees become the 1st MLB team to conduct spring training outside of the United States, when they begin the spring training in Bermuda, where is projected a series of exhibition games.

1918- Former Yankees Pitcher Mel Queen Sr. (1942,1944,1946-1947) was born. (1918-1982)
In 1938, the Yankees signed hurler Mel Queen, as an MLB amateur free agent. Mel went 8-4 with a 4.27 ERA in 33 games for the Yankees before being sold to the Pirates in 1947. His son, Mel Queen Jr. played for the Reds during the 1960’s.

1925- Former Yankees Minor League INF Leo Righetti was born. (1925-1998)
Leo Righetti was a minor league infielder for 12 seasons, 8 of them in either the AAA or Open classification. His son Dave Righetti became a MLB pitcher for the Yankees and Giants, while his other son Steven Righetti played in the minors. Leo debuted in 1944 with the Yankees farm club, the Binghamton Triplets (Eastern League) hitting .232 in 67 games and fielding .887 at shortstop. He also was briefly with the Newark Bears, (International League) hitting .143 in 4 contests. He did not play in 1945. In 1946, Leo only managed a .166 batting line in 57 games for Binghamton Triplets, the lowest average that year by any Eastern League player with 100 at-bats, let alone 200 plate appearances. He fielded only .855 in 30 games at 3B and .915 in 10 at 2B. Righetti made strides in 1947, hitting .251 with a career-high 10 HRs and 81 RBIs for the Victoria A’s. In 1948, he batted .162 for Binghamton Triplets and .237 for the Augusta Tigers. Back with Augusta in 1949, the infielder hit .225 with 4 HRs and 46 RBIs. He did not play in 1950. He would leave the Yankees organization and play baseball out in the Pacific Coast League before retiring from pro baseball.

1962- Former Yankees Pitcher George Mogridge (1915-1920) passed away. (1889-1962)
In 1911-1912, George Mogridge pitched for the White Sox, posting a 3-6 record in 21 games. The White Sox sent him to Minneapolis (American Association) in February of 1915. During the month of August 1915, hurler Mogridge was acquired by the Yankees from Minneapolis. On April 24,1917, he pitched a no-hitter against the Red Sox at Fenway Park He had his Yankees career season in 1918, when he went 16-13 with a 2.18 ERA and 7 saves in 45 games. His final Yankees pitching record was 48-57 in 171 games, with 8 saves. George’s 2.73 ERA in his 6 seasons with the Yankees is one of the 5 best pitching ERA's for a Yankees pitcher in the 20th century. On December 31,1920, he was traded by the Yankees along with OF Duffy Lewis to the Senators for OF Braggo Roth. On February 6,1926, George was traded by the Browns along with cash to the Yankees for Catcher Wally Schang. On February 15,1926, George was selected off waivers by the Braves from the Yankees. He finished his MLB Pitching career with a record of 132-133 with a 3.23 ERA and 21 saves in 398 games.

1974- Former Yankees Minor League P and Coach Tommy Phelps was born.
Tommy Phelps pitched in the MLB from 2003-2005 with the Marlins and the Brewers; posting a 4-5 record in 75 games. On April 20, 2006, Tommy was signed as an MLB free agent with the Yankees. He did not appear with the 2006 Yankees at the MLB level, pitching instead with the AAA Columbus Clippers (IL), where he posted a 7-4 record with a 4.45 ERA in 17 games. On October 15, 2006, the Yankees granted Tommy MLB free agency. He was the Pitching Coach for the 2010-2014 Yankees AA Trenton Thunder team (Eastern League). In 2015, he coached for the Class A Tampa Yankees (FSL). In 2016-2018, he was the Pitching coach for AAA Scranton. He will start his 4th season as the 2019 Pitching Coach for Scranton.

1983- Former Yankees Reserve OF George “Kiddo” Davis (1926) passed away. (1902-1983)
George "Kiddo" Davis made 8 stops during his 8-year MLB playing career as an outfielder. He hit .381 in the 2 World Series that he appeared in. Notably, in the 1933 World Series with the Giants, he batted 5th in the lineup behind Bill Terry and Mel Ott. George got his 1st taste of the MLB in 1926 appearing in 1 game with the Yankees at age 24. The Yankees won the 1926 AL pennant, but Davis did not appear in the 1926 World Series. After his 1 game with the Yankees in 1926, he disappeared from the MLB for 6 seasons until 1932, when he emerged as a regular outfielder for the Phillies hitting .309 at the age of 30. He was in the top 10 in the NL in runs scored, in doubles, and in stolen bases. The .309 wasn't as impressive as it sounded, though, as the team hit .292 with 6 of the 8 regulars over .300. Fellow Phillies OF Chuck Klein hit .348. After 1 season with the Phillies, he was on to the Giants for 1 season, where he played in the outfield with Mel Ott. Davis hit only .258 on a team that hit .263, and he was on the move again. He started 1934 NL season with the Cardinals, but the Phillies decided they wanted him back; he played the bulk of 1934 NL season for them, he hit .293. In 1935, he was back with the Giants. Although he didn't play much, apparently being used often as a pinch hitter, he was with the Giants for 1935, 1936 and part of 1937 NL seasons. Managed by his former teammate, player/manager Bill Terry, the Giants were very competitive in 1935, won the NL pennant in 1936. In the 1936 World Series, Davis appeared in 4 games against the Yankees, getting only 2 at-bats. His 1 hit was a pinch-hit single off of Yankees starter Lefty Gomez in the 4th inning of the 2nd game of the World Series against his old team. In 1937, the Reds bought Davis in August from the Giants, who went on to win the NL pennant again. He finished out the 1937 NL season with Reds. Then he appeared in just 5 games with the 1938 Reds before being released by the team on August 1, 1938.

1988- Former Yankees Pitcher Jose De Paula (2015) was born.
In 2015, the Yankees signed hurler Jose De Paula as an MLB free agent. He appeared in 6 games with AAA Scranton (IL), while posting a 2-3 record with 5.20 ERA in 6 games. With the Yankees, he appeared in 1 game with no record with a 2.70 ERA. In the fall of 2015, Jose was granted MLB free agency by the team.

1992- Former Yankees Reserve OF Larry Rosenthal (1944) passed away. (1912-1992)
On April 3,1942, OF Larry Rosenthal was traded by the Indians to the Yankees for OF Buster Mills. Larry appeared in 36 games for the 1944 Yankees as a reserve outfielder, while hitting just .198. On July 6,1944, Larry was purchased by the Philadelphia A’s from the Yankees. He had been playing for the Yankees AA team, the Newark Bears (IL).

2004- The Yankees signed 2 free agents: Hansel Izuierdo and OF John Rodriguez. Neither player appeared with the Yankees at the MLB level in 2004.

2004- Veteran MLB INF Mike Lamb is traded by the Yankees to the Astros for Minor League player Juan De Leon. With A-Rod joining the Yankees in a trade with the Rangers as their new 3B, Mike became expendable.

2013- With the Yankees struck by a number of key players either injured, or trying to return from serious injuries, GM Brian Cashman joins the fray. He breaks his fibula and dislocates his right ankle while making a charity parachute jump with the U.S. Army's skydiving team, the Golden Knights, at Homestead Air Force Base.

March 5th

1891-Former Yankees Catcher Walter “Walt” Alexander (1915-1917) was born. (1891-1978)
On July 30,1915, Catcher Walt Alexander was purchased by the Yankees from the St. Louis Browns. Alexander hit .221 with 1 HR and 12 RBIs in 81 games for the Yankees. He was a Manager in the Texas Minor League teams from 1922 to 1929.

1903- Former Yankees Reserve Catcher and Minor League Manager (1948-1949) Martin “Chick” Autry (1924) was born. (1903-1951)
Reserve Catcher Martin Autry appeared in only 2 games for the 1924 Yankees with no hits. He spent 1925 season in the minor leagues. He later played with the 1926-1928 Indians and the 1929-1930 White Sox. He was a Minor League Manager for the Pirates organization. He was a Yankees Minor League Manager with the 1948-1949 Class AA Beaumont Exporters (Texas League.)

1912- Former Yankees MLB Coach and Minor League Manager Jimmy “Gee Gee” Gleeson (1964) was born. (1912-1996)
Former MLB player with the Indians, Cubs and Reds, Jimmy Gleeson was a Manager in the Yankee Minor League system in the 1950-1960’s. He managed the 1951 Muskegon Reds (Central League),1952,1961-1962 Binghamton Triplets (Eastern League), 1959 Kearney Yankees (Nebraska State League) and the 1960 Amarillo Gold Sox (Texas League). He was a member of the 1938 Newark Bears (International League) the Yankees top AA team. In 1957, he was an MLB Coach for the Kansas City A’s. In 1964, he an MLB Coach with the Yankees for Yankees Manager Yogi Berra.

1919- Former Yankees 3B/OF Don Savage (1944-1945) was born. (1919-1961)
Don Savage came out of Rutgers University and the minor leagues to play 3B for the 1944-1945 Yankees. Although he is listed as being at Rutgers in 1938-1943, he was also in the Yankees Minor League system during those years (except for 1942). In 1943, Don was with the AA Newark Bears (International League), before he came to the Yankees and went back to in 1946. In 1944, he appeared in 60 games at 3B for the Yankees, while Oscar Grimes was in 97 games at 3rd. The following season, Grimes appeared much more often at 3B and Savage less often at the position. In 1945, Don Savage was in 14 games at 3B with 2 games in the outfield, but he had 34 total appearances, so he presumably did a lot of pinch-hitting for the team. Overall Don hit .256 in 105 games for the 1944-1945 Yankees. He was out organized baseball for 2 years. In 1949, he played for St. Jean Braves, an independent minor league team in Canada. Don Savage was the head baseball coach at LeMoyne College in Syracuse, NY in 1956-1957.

1921- Former Yankees Reserve OF Elmer Valo (1960) was born. (1921-1998)
Veteran MLB OF Elmer Valo was signed as MLB free agent in December of 1959. Elmer only appeared in 8 games with the team before being released in May of 1960. Elmer was at the end of a very fine MLB playing career. The return of veteran OF Bob Cerv from the A’s made him expendable. He retired as an active player in 1961 after finishing the season with the Phillies. He spent 2 seasons with the Indians as an MLB coach. Elmer became a long-time MLB scout for the Phillies (1969-1982).

1922- Yankees slugger Babe Ruth becomes the highest paid player in MLB history, when he signs a 3-year contract that will pay him over $50,000 per season. In 1921, Babe Ruth led the AL with 59 HRs and 171 RBIs. The next-highest-paid Yankees player is 3B Frank “Home Run” Baker, at $16,000.

1950- Former Yankees Pitcher Doug Bird (1980-1981) was born.
On April 29,1980, hurler Doug Bird was signed as an MLB free agent by the Yankees. He went 8-1 with a 2.68 ERA in 39 games with 1 save. On June 12,1981, Doug was traded by the Yankees along with a Player to be Named Later and $400,000 to the Cubs for veteran starter Rick Reuschel. The Yankees would send Pitcher Mike Griffin on August 5,1981 to the Cubs to complete the trade.

1973- Yankees Pitchers Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson make a stunning public declaration. The left-handers announce that they have traded wives, children and the family dogs. The announcement sends shock waves through the MLB world. Both players will be traded away by the team by the next season. Both Peterson (1974) and Kekich (1973) will go the Indians.

1975- The Yankees released reserve INF Fernando Gonzalez to the Poza Rica Petroleros team in the Mexican League. He had appeared in 51 games for the 1974 Yankees hitting just .215. He will return to the MLB in 1975 with the Pirates. Leaving the MLB again, he will play in the Mexican League from 1981-1984. He returned to the Yankees organization in 1984, playing for the AA Nashville Sounds (southern League). He appeared in 29 games for the team, while hitting .257 with 3 HRs and 30 RBIs.

1995- Former Yankees Reserve INF Roy Hughes (1939) passed away. (1911-1995)
On June 13,1939, MLB veteran INF Roy Hughes was traded by the Browns along with cash to the Yankees for OF Joe Gallagher. Roy never appears with the Yankees in an MLB game. He was sent to AA Newark Bears (IL), appearing in 28 games, while hitting .374. On July 13,1939, Roy Hughes was traded by the Yankees to the Phillies for Minor League Pitcher Al Hollingsworth.

2001- Former Yankees Minor INF Leo Thomas passed away. (1923-2001).
On June 15,1950, INF Leo Thomas was traded by the St. Louis Browns along with Pitchers Tom Ferrick and Joe Ostrowski to the Yankees for OF Jim Delsing, Pitchers Don Johnson and Duane Pillette, INF George “Snuffy” Stirnweiss and $50,000. Leo doesn’t appear with the Yankees at the MLB level. He was sent to the Yankees AAA club, the Kansas City Blues (American Association), where he hit .250 with No HRs and 19 RBIs in 36 games. On July 22,1950, he was purchased by AAA Portland Beavers (PCL) from the Yankees.

2003- The Yankees signed Pitcher Ramon Ramirez as an MLB free agent. Ramon never pitched for the Yankees at the MLB level. On July 28, 2005, he was traded by the Yankees along with Minor League player Eduardo Sierra to the Rockies for Pitcher Shawn Chacon.

March 6th

1919- The Yankees sell veteran hurler Ray Keating (1912-1916,1918) to the Boston Braves for cash. Ray Keating had a pitching career record of 23-40 with a 3.36 ERA in 108 games with the Yankees.

1965- Former Yankees Catcher Wally Schang (1921-1925) passed away. (1889-1965)
After being obtained from the Red Sox in the 1920 Waite Hoyt trade, Wally Schang hit .316 and .319 for the Yankees, before being traded to the St. Louis Browns for P George Mogridge in 1926. He would hit .330 for the 1926 Browns. Wally would be the starting catcher for the Browns for the next 4 seasons. His trade was considered to be a rare mistake by Yankees GM Edward Barrow. The Yankees would not have a regular starting catcher until the arrival of rookie Bill Dickey in 1928. Following his playing career, Schang was a Indians MLB coach from 1936 to 1938. He also continued to play in the minors as a Player-Manager for many years after his MLB career ended. He managed in the Minor leagues during the 1930’s-1940’s with the Red Sox, Cardinals, Phillies Yankees organizations. In 1942, he managed the Yankees farm club, the Augusta Tigers in the South Atlantic League.

1965- Former Yankees INF and MLB Manager Jimmy Austin (1909-1910) passed away. (1879-1965)
On September 1,1908, INF Jimmy Austin was selected by the Yankees from Omaha (Western League) in the 1908 MLB Rule 5 player draft. He appeared in 269 games for the 1909-1911 Yankees, while hitting .224 with 3 HRs and 75 RBIs. On February 11,1911, Jimmy was traded by the Yankees along with INF/OF Frank LaPorte to the Browns for INF Roy Hartzell and cash. Austin would play for the Browns until 1929, retiring as an active player at the age of 45. Also, he managed the team in 1913,1918 and 1923 AL seasons. Later, he also was a MLB Coach for the White Sox from 1933 to 1935, 1937, 1939 and 1940 AL seasons.

1977- Former Yankees Reserve OF (2000, 2010) and Current MLB Hitting Coach Marcus Thames (2018-2019) was born.
In the 30th round of the 1996 MLB amateur player draft the Yankees selected OF Marcus Thames. He appeared in 13 games with the 2000 Yankees, while hitting .231. Marcus broke into the MLB by hitting a HR for the Yankees off of Diamondbacks starter Randy Johnson. On June 6, 2003, he was traded to the Rangers for veteran OF/DH Ruben Rivera. In June of 2008, while Marcus Thames was playing for the Tigers, he had 8 HRs in a span of 8 hits. From 2006-2009, he had played for the Tigers. In 2010, Marcus hit .288 with 12 HRs and 33 RBIs for the Yankees as a DH/reserve outfielder. In the winter of 2010, Marcus became an MLB free agent. In January of 2011, he signed a 1-year deal with the Dodgers for the 2011 season. During the 2011 MLB season, the Dodgers released Marcus. He rejoined the Yankees organization, finishing the season with AAA Scranton (IL). He was a coach for the Class A Tampa Yankees (FSL) in 2013, In 2014, he moved up to the Cass AA Trenton Thunder (Eastern League) and then he continued to move up to the AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders (IL) in 2015,before re-joining the team as a MLB Co-Hitting Coach for the 2016 AL season. In 2018, he was named the team’s MLB Hitting Coach.

1985- Former Yankees and Cardinals OF Enos “Country” Slaughter (1954-1955,1956-1959) and John “Arky” Vaughan are elected to the Baseball Hall Of Fame. Enos Slaughter, known for his hustling style of play with the Cardinals and later with the Yankees, gained fame for his celebrated "Mad Dash" home during the 1946 World Series against the Red Sox. With Yankees, Enos Slaughter appeared in 350 games with the Yankees, while hitting .285, 6 HRs with 198 RBIs. He appeared in 5 World Series, with the Cardinals (2) and Yankees (3). As a Yankee, Slaughter hit .285 in 3 World Series, overall .291 in 5 World Series. Arky Vaughan batted .318 over a 14-year MLB playing career in the NL with the Pirates and the Dodgers.

1986- Former Yankees Reserve Catcher Francisco Cervelli (2008-2014) was born.
Catcher Francisco Cervelli was seriously injured in a collision at home plate during a 2008 spring training game against the Rays. He was a top Yankees prospect at that point after hitting .279 with an OBP 100 points higher for the Tampa Yankees (FSL) in 2007. However, the injury shortened his 2008 season to 27 games for 3 different Minor League teams. Still, he showed that he remained on track for the MLB during his time with the AA Trenton Thunder, where he put up a line of .315 in 21 games. That earned him a late-season call-up to the Bronx in September. He went 0 for 5 in 3 games in his cup of coffee in Yankee pinstripes. The team called him up early in the 2009 season, when regular MLB catchers Jorge Posada and Jose Molina were sidelined in turn by injuries. He appeared in 42 games for the Yankees, while hitting .298 with 1 HR with 11 RBI’s. He appeared in the 2009 AL playoffs in 1 game, but he did not play in the 2009 World Series against the Phillies. In 2010, Cervelli took over from Molina as Posada's main back up. With Posada catching fewer games because of his age, he got a chance to play often. He batted very well albeit with little power - in the early going, although his average fell back to his career norms as the season advanced. However, he showed good defense and an excellent ability to handle pitchers, giving Manager Joe Girardi the chance to rest Posada more often and play him as the DH after veteran DH/1B Nick Johnson was lost for the season because of a wrist injury. In 2011, with Posada moving to become the full-time DH, he was in competition for the starting catching job with Russell Martin in spring training camp, but Martin won out and Cervelli played the season as a back up. In 2012, he fell down one more step, losing the back-up job to veteran Catcher Chris Stewart and playing most of the year with AAA Scranton, getting into only 3 contests in the MLB. In 2013, however, Martin left the Yankees, as a MLB free agent and the team did not attempt to sign a veteran starter to take his place, relying on Cervelli and Stewart instead. In the early going, Cervelli got most of the playing time, but it came crashing down on April 26th, when Blue Jays batter Rajai Davis hit a foul tip that went straight on his right hand, breaking a bone and putting him on the DL for an extended period. He was hitting .269 with 3 HRs at the time. While on the DL, Cervelli accepted a 50-game suspension resulting from MLB's investigation of the Biogenesis Laboratories on August 5th. As a result of his earlier injury, Cervelli wears an oversized batting helmet designed to afford him more protection and reduce the risk of a future head concussions. During the winter of 2014, the Yankees traded him to the Pirates for reliever Justin Wilson. Cervelli final Yankees career totals were a .278 BA in 250 games with 10 HRs and 92 RBIs. He currently the starting catcher for the 2019 Pirates, a job he has held since the 2015 NL season.

1990- Former Yankees and Indians Hall Of Fame INF Joe Sewell (1931-1933) passed away. (1898-1990)
Joe Sewell spent most of his 14-season MLB playing career with the Indians. He finished out with the Yankees in 1931-1933. In September of 1920, the Indians bought his minor league contract form New Orleans (Southern Association). In 1921, he became the Tribe’s regular 2B, the Indians had lost regular 2B Roy Chapman from a beaning death in 1920 by Yankees P Carl Mays. In 1931, he hit .302 playing 3B and played on the 1932 Yankees. His lifetime MLB BA mark was .312. He was the toughest player to fan in MLB history, only 114 times in his 14-year MLB playing career. Joe Sewell was elected to the Baseball’s Hall of Fame in 1977.

1994- Current Yankees Minor League P Domingo Acevedo was born.
Domingo Acevedo was signed by the Yankees in 2013. In 2018, he pitched for the Staten Island Yankees and the AA Trenton Yankees (Eastern League). He went 3-3 with a 2.92 ERA in 14 games for the AA Trenton Thunder. On July 21st, he was called up to the big leagues for the 1st time. It was only for a day and he was there strictly as insurance if the Yankees had needed a long reliever, but it was a first taste of the MLB atmosphere for him. It turned out that his services weren't required in the game and he was sent back down at the end of the day.

2005- Suzyn Waldman becomes the 1st woman to be a full-time color commentator in MLB history, making her debut with John Sterling on WCBS-AM 880, the radio flagship of the New York Yankees. The former radio-talk host on WFAN, the 1st all-sports radio station in US, was also the 1st female to broadcast on a nationally baseball telecast as well as the 1st to provide local TV (Yankees) MLB play-by-play.

2010- Former Yankees Pitcher Jim Roland (1972) passed away. (1942-2010)
On April 28,1972, hurler Jim Roland was purchased by the Yankees from the Oakland A’s. He appeared in 16 games for the 1972 Yankees, while posting a 0-1 record with a 5.04 ERA. On August 30,1972, Jim was traded by the Yankees to the Rangers for veteran reliever Casey Cox. Jim pitched in the MLB for 12 seasons, including 6 seasons with the Twins, the team he originally signed with. He finished with a 19-17 record with a 3.22 ERA with 9 saves in 216 games.

2013- The seemingly cursed Yankees get more bad news when they learn that All Star 1B Mark Teixeira 's wrist injury is more serious than thought and that he will be out until mid-May, with no obvious back-up plan in place. At least, Shortstop Derek Jeter and Closer Mariano Rivera seem to be doing well in their bid to come back from season-ending injuries, but the Yankees spring training complex is starting to look like a field hospital, with GM Brian Cashman addressing reporters on crutches resulting from a sky-diving accident.

March 7th

1908- Former Yankees Minor League 1B Harry Davis was born. (1908-1997)
On December 4,1937, 1B Harry Davis was traded by the St. Louis Browns to the Yankees for hurler Vito Tamulis. Harry never appeared with the Yankees at the MLB level. He had played in the MLB for the Tigers and the Browns before joining the Yankees organization. In 1938, the Yankees sent him to their AA team, the Kansas City Blues (American Association), where he hit .299. For the 1939 baseball season, Harry joined the Cardinals organization. After retiring as an active player, Harry became a minor league manager (1940-1945) for several MLB teams before retiring.

1914- Former Yankees Reserve OF Joseph “Muscles” Gallagher (1939) was born. (1914-1998)
Joe Gallagher appeared in 14 games for the 1939 Yankees, while hitting .244, before being traded on June 13,1939 by the team to the St. Louis Browns for INF Roy Hughes and cash.

1930- Former Yankees Minor League P Tom Acker was born.
In 1948, Tom Acker had been signed by the Giants organization. He eventually came to the MLB, hurling with the 1956-1959 Reds. During the winter of 1959, Tom was traded by the Reds to the Kansas City A’s. Tom Acker spent his last season in pro baseball with the 1960 Richmond Virginians (International League), who were the Yankees AAA team. He appeared in 15 games for Richmond, closing out his pitching career with a 0-2 won-loss record with a 5.06 ERA.

1954- Former Yankees Reliever Mike Armstrong (1983-1986) was born.
After the 1983 season ended, the Royals traded Mike Armstrong and Duane Dewey to the Yankees for 1B Steve Balboni and P Roger Erickson. The Yankees, who were anticipating losing Rich Gossage to MLB free agency, were desperate to shore up their bullpen when they made the trade. However, the deal soon turned into a PR nightmare for the team. Balboni, a heavily-hyped prospect who had been unable to succeed in limited trials in the Bronx, settled in as Kansas City's starting 1B and clubbed 117 HRs over the next 4 seasons. Armstrong, on the other hand, showed up at spring training in 1984 with a sore arm. It turned out Armstrong's bum elbow was one of the worst-kept secrets in baseball, but the Yankees hadn't gotten the memo. Yankees Team Owner George Steinbrenner, convinced that he had been peddled "damaged goods," asked Commissioner Bowie Kuhn to intervene and amend the deal with the Royals, but no resolution was ever reached. Armstrong did not make his 1984 MLB pitching debut with the Yankees until June 16th. Prior to 1985 MLB season, the Tigers reportedly offered aging slugger Darrell Evans to the Yankees for Armstrong. The Yankees declined the trade, Evans went on to lead the AL with 40 HRs. Meanwhile, things didn't get any better for Armstrong, as he had a poor spring training camp. He was sent down to Triple A at the beginning of the season. He was recalled on June 4th, but Yankees Manager Billy Martin had no use for the finesse-tossing Armstrong and buried him in the back of the Bronx bullpen. On June 20th, Yankees Closer Dave Righetti blew a 3-run lead in the bottom of the 9th inning against the Tigers, then put runners on the corners with 2 outs in the 10th. Armstrong was summoned from the bullpen, even though he hadn't pitched since June 9th. On his 2nd pitch, Mike threw a walk-off wild pitch. That effectively ended any possibility of Armstrong having a meaningful pitching career with the Yankees, and he was soon sent back down to Triple A. However, the Yankees recalled him immediately before the brief players' strike later that season so they could avoid having to pay his salary during the work stoppage. The Yankees kept shuttling Armstrong between New York and AAA Columbus and late in the season, the Players' Association filed a grievance on his behalf, claiming the Yankees had sent Armstrong down improperly. Armstrong apparently ended up dropping the grievance to avoid having his guaranteed contract terminated. Armstrong spent most of 1986 season at Columbus, with a handful of appearances with the Yankees. He signed a Minor League contract with the Yankees in 1987, but he was released in April after refusing to accept a demotion to Double A. He then signed with the Indians making 14 appearances for them during that season. Mike went 3-3 with 1 save in 42 games with the Yankees before finishing up his MLB pitching career with the 1987 Indians.

1962- Former Yankees Minor Leaguer P Jose Cano was born.
Jose Cano is the father of former Yankees 2B Robinson Cano. Jose appeared in the MLB with 1989 Astros going 1-1 in 6 games. He originally signed as an MLB amateur free agent by the Yankees in 1980. The Yankees released Jose. In 1981, the Braves signed Jose as a free agent. Twice the Braves released him. Then Jose Cano was signed by the Astros organization. Also, he pitched for years in Mexico as well as in Taiwan.

1981- Former Yankees Shortstop Paul “Pee Wee” Wanninger (1925) passed away. (1902-1981)
“Pee-Wee” Wanninger was the regular shortstop for the 1925 Yankees. Paul hit .236 in 117 games for the Yankees. He had replaced Everett “Deacon” Scott at shortstop in May, 1925 to end his then-record MLB consecutive games streak at 1,307. Less than a month later, on June 1st, he would make way for another record-long consecutive streak to start, when a Yankee rookie named Lou Gehrig pinch-hit for him. After the 1925 AL season, the Yankees traded Wanninger to AA St. Paul Saints (American Association) to complete the earlier trade made for Catcher Pat Collins. He went on to play many years for the St. Paul Saints (1926-1932) and other teams, through 1940. Also, he was a Manager for 4 seasons in the Minor Leagues.

1998- The Yankees signed former Cuban baseball star hurler Orlando Hernandez, brother of the 1997 World Series hero Livan Hernandez, to a 4-year, $6.6 million contract. “El Duque” would go on to post a 61-40 record for the 1998-2004 Yankees. He was 2-0 in World Series play and 7-2 in AL post-season games for the Yankees.

2006- World Baseball Classic: Pool C Game: Yankees All Star CF Bernie Williams drove in a 6th-inning run to hand Puerto Rico, a 2-1 victory over Panama.

2006- Former Yankees backup catcher, now with the Red Sox, John “Flash” Flaherty announces his MLB player retirement, ending his 14-year MLB playing career with the team that he started out with. He signed in December of 2005 as a MLB free agent after playing 3 seasons with the Yankees, as a reserve catcher to Jorge Posada. Also, John had played for the Tigers, Padres and the Devil Rays. John posted a lifetime .252 BA with 80 HRs and 395 RBIs in 1,047 MLB games played. John will go to work as a sports announcer for the Yes Network.

2016- Former Yankees Pitcher Steve Kraly passed away. (1929-2016)
In 1949, the Yankees signed Pitcher Steve Kraly, as an MLB amateur free agent. In 1953, Steve went 0-2 in 5 games with a 3.24 ERA the Yankees. He also pitched in the minors from 1949-1960, going 18-6 for Joplin in 1950. He was Mickey Mantle’s roommate while at Joplin. Steve pitched in the Yankees organization until 1958, then in the Tigers, Reds and the Phillies organizations before retiring with an 89-65 record in 324 games. He said that Former Yankee Manager Casey Stengel had picked up his players contract for the original 1962 Mets in the fall of 1961, but that Kraly's wife prevailed on him to retire from pro baseball. Steve worked for IBM Corporation for 30 years. For many seasons, Steve was the official scorer for the Birmingham Minor League baseball team.


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This Week in Yankees History March 3rd-March 9th Part Two

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March 8th

1893- Former Yankees Pitcher Ray Francis (1925) was born. (1893-1934)
On August 24, 1924, hurler Ray Francis was purchased by the Yankees along with OF Ben Paschal from the Atlanta Crackers (Southern Association) while Paschal joined the Yankees, Francis was sent to Minor Leagues. He had previously pitched in the MLB with the 1922 Senators and the 1923 Tigers. In 1924, he was with the Atlanta Crackers. On May 5, 1925, Ray was traded by the Yankees along with $9,000 to the Red Sox for OF Bobby Veach and P Alex Ferguson.

1930 – Veteran slugger Babe Ruth signs a 2-year contract for $160,000 with the Yankees. At $80,000 per year, he is the highest paid MLB player of all time as of 1930.

1930- Former Yankees Pitcher Bob Grim (1954-1958) was born. (1930-1996).
After spending 2-years in the Army for Korean War service, Bob made the Yankees MLB pitching staff in the 1954 spring training camp. In 1954, Bob Grim went 20-6 with a 3.26 ERA in 37 games for the Yankees. He was named the 1954 American League Rookie of Year. He lost 1 game in the 1955 World Series against the Dodgers. After injuring his pitching arm working in an off-season job, Bob became a reliever for the Yankees in 1956, posting 12 saves. He didn’t pitch in the 1956 World Series against the Dodgers. In 1957, he led the AL relievers with 18 saves. Bob was named to 1957 AL All Star team. He appeared in the 1957 World Series against the Braves, in relief and taking the loss in Game #4. On June 15, 1958, Bob was traded by the Yankees to Kansas City along with veteran OF/1B Harry” Suitcase” Simpson for 2 Pitchers: Duke Maas and Virgil Trucks. His Yankees pitching record was a 45-21 record with a 3.35 ERA in 46 games with 28 saves. Bob finished his MLB pitching career in 1962 with an overall 61-41 record with a 3.61 ERA in 268 games. He had pitched in the MLB for the Yankees, A’s (twice), Indians, Reds and the Cardinals.

1938- The Yankees All Star 1B Lou Gehrig rejects the latest player contract offer from the Yankees front office to a 1-year deal worth $39,000. Yankees Management was ready to use 1B Babe Dahlgren, who they had obtained from the Red Sox in February of 1937 as his replacement. Four days later, veteran 1B Lou Gehrig will agree to the same Yankees offer and end his 1938 spring training camp contract holdout. Even with Babe Ruth gone, the Yankees continue to low-ball Gehrig on his MLB player salary, despite his excellent production on the playing field.

1939- Former Yankees Pitcher and Author Jim “Bull Dog” Bouton (1962-1968) was born.
Jim Bouton was the winning pitcher of the 22-inning game against the Tigers in 1962. In 1963, Jim went 21–7 with a 2.53 ERA in 40 games for the Yankees. In 1964, he posted an 18-13 record with a 3.02 ERA in 38 games for the Yankees. He appeared in 2 World Series, (1963 and 1964), going 2-1, winning 2 games against the St. Louis Cardinals (1964); losing a 1-0, 4-hitter to the Dodgers Don Drysdale in 1963. He injured his pitching arm in 1965, he was never being effective again for the Yankees. His Yankees pitching career record was 55-51 with a 3.36 ERA with 4 saves in 197 games. In October of 1968, he was sold by the Yankees to the Seattle Angels (PCL), who would become the new AL expansion team, the Seattle Pilots. Also, Jim pitched for the Astros and Braves in the NL. Bouton finished MLB pitching career posting a 62-63 record with a 3.57 ERA with 6 saves in 304 games. After his MLB playing career was over, he wrote the best seller “Ball Four.” Also, he worked as a sportscaster for WABC-TV in New York City.

1947- At the new Stadium del Cerro in Havana, Cuba, the Dodgers beat the Yankees by a score of 1-0.

1961- Former Yankees C/DH/OF Mark Salas (1987) was born.
On June 7,1987, Catcher/DH Mark Salas was traded by the Twins to the Yankees for veteran starter Joe Niekro. Mark appeared in 50 games for the 1987 Yankees, hitting only .200 with 3 HRs and 12 RBIs. On November 12,1987, Mark was traded by the Yankees along with OF/1B Dan Pasqua and P Steve Rosenberg to the White Sox for 2 pitchers: Richard Dotson and Scott Nielsen.

1963- Former Yankees Pitcher Terry Mulholland (1994) was born.
On February 9,1994, starter Terry Mulholland was traded by the Phillies along with a player to be named later to the Yankees for P Bobby Munoz, Minor League players: P Ryan Karp and INF Kevin Jordan. The Phillies would send P Jeff Patterson on November 8,1994 to the Yankees to complete the trade. Terry posted a 6-7 record in 24 games with the Yankees before the 1994 MLB player strike took place. In the fall of 1994, he left the Yankees for MLB free agency, signing with the Giants.

1964- Former Yankees Pitcher Lance McCullers (1989-1990) was born.
On October 24,1988, Lance McCullers was traded by the Padres along with OF Stan Jefferson and P Jimmy Jones to the Yankees for OF/1B Jack Clark and P Pat Clements. Lance posted a 5-3 record with a 4.42 ERA in 63 games with 3 saves for the Yankees. On June 4,1990, Lance was traded by the Yankees along with P Clay Parker to the Tigers for C/DH/1B Matt Nokes. He is the father of MLB player Lance McCullers Jr, who pitches for the Astros.

1966- The Hall of Fame Special Veterans Committee waives one of its election rules and selects former Yankees and Mets Manager Casey Stengel as the newest member of the HOF. Stengel had managed the Mets for much of the 1965 NL season before falling and breaking his hip. The injury ended the elderly Stengel's long MLB managing career. Given his age, the Veterans Committee decides to make him immediately eligible for the Hall of Fame. Casey Stengel had managed the Yankees from 1949-1960, winning 5 straight World Championships from (1949-1953.) He also won World Championships with the Yankees in 1956 and 1958. Also, he managed the Boston Braves (1938-1943) and the Brooklyn Dodgers (1934-1936) without much success. He had been a long-time Minor League Manager with AA teams like the Toledo Mud Hens (1926-1931), Milwaukee Brewers (1944), Kansas City Blues (1945) and the Oakland Oaks (1946-1948) before joining the Yankees in 1949, as their new MLB Manager replacing 1948 Manager Bucky Harris.

1999- Former Hall Of Fame Yankees CF Joe DiMaggio (1936-1941,1945-1951) dies of a lung cancer at age 84. (1914-1999)
Joe DiMaggio arrived in the MLB at the age of 21 in 1936. The Yankees had purchased him from the San Francisco Seals (Pacific Coast League). He batted .323 in his 1st MLB season and helped the Yankees win the 1936 World Championship. He was the 1st rookie selected for an MLB All Star game. His rookie performance served as an indicator of future MLB success, both for him and the Yankees. During his 13-year MLB playing career, Joe DiMaggio participated in 10 World Series with his team winning the World Championship 9 times. In 1941, DiMaggio achieved his most famous MLB milestone, when he compiled a record 56-game hitting streak. His lifetime Yankees BA was .326 with 361 HRs and 1,537 RBIs. He missed the 1943-1945 MLB seasons, while serving in the Army. His older brother Vince played in the National League with the Reds, Braves and the Pirates, while his younger brother Dom played for the rival Red Sox in the AL.
2012- The Yankees get an injury scare when reliever David Robertson, sprained his foot falling down some stairs while moving boxes at home.

March 9th

1875- Former Yankees Pitcher/OF Elmer Bliss (1903-1904) was born. (1875-1962)
Pitcher Elmer Bliss went 1-0 with a 0.00 ERA in 1 game for the 1903 Yankees, when you get a chance to pitch in the big leagues and go 7 innings without giving up an earned run. That, however, was Elmer's total MLB pitching career, 1 game, for which he earned the victory. Oddly enough, while that performance did not earn him another chance to pitch, he did come back the next year with the 1904 Yankees for 1 game as an outfielder. He would play for 11 seasons in the minor leagues. He also managed a couple times in the minors, once for the Grand Rapids Wolverines and once for Wellsville Rainmakers.

1890- Former Yankees Pitcher George “Iron” Davis (1912) was born. (1890-1961)
George Davis appeared in 10 games for the 1912 Yankees, while posting a 1-4 record with a 6.50 ERA. In April of 1913, Pitcher George Davis was purchased by Jersey City Skeeters (International League) from the Yankees. The Boston Braves would acquire Davis from Jersey City in September of 1913. He would pitch for the 1914-1915 Braves posting a 6-6 record with a 3.68 ERA in 26 games. During the 1914 NL season, he pitched a no-hitter for the Braves. He did not appear in the 1914 World Series for the team.

1908- Former Yankees OF Myril Hoag (1931-1938) was born. (1908-1971)
OF Myril Hoag played in 471 games for the Yankees, while hitting .284 with 11 HRs and 185 RBIs. He appeared in 3 World Series with the team (1932,1937-1938) appearing in 8 games, while hitting .320. On October 26,1938, Myril was traded by the Yankees along with Catcher Joe Glenn to the St. Louis Browns for P Oral Hildebrand and OF Buster Mills. In 1939, he was named to the AL All Star team as a member of the Browns. From 1946-1951, Myril was a Minor League Player-Manager.

1927- Former Yankees OF Jackie Jensen (1950-1952) was born. (1927-1982)
Jackie Jensen was a former All-American College football player. In the fall of 1949, the Yankees purchased him from Oakland Oaks (Pacific Coast League). Jackie appeared in 108 games with the 1950-1952 Yankees, while hitting .265 with 9 HRs and 32 RBIs. He was traded by the Yankees on May 3, 1952 to the Senators along with OF Archie Wilson, Pitcher Frank "Spec" Shea and 2B Jerry Snyder for OF Irv Noren and Shortstop Tom Upton. Yankees Manager Casey Stengel felt that Jensen wasn't a hitting well enough with power, after his trade, he moved RF Mickey Mantle to CF position. Later, Jackie was traded by the Senators to the Red Sox, being named the 1958 AL Most Valuable Player, after hitting .286 with 35 HRs and 122 RBIs in 154 games. Jackie played in 1,438 MLB game. He finished his MLB playing career with a lifetime BA of .279 with 199 HRs and 929 RBIs. He stopped playing in the MLB because of his fear of flying. In 1982, Jackie died from a heart attack at the age of 55. He remains the only man to play in the Rose Bowl, East-West Shrine Game, the World Series (1950), and the MLB All-Star game.

1942- Former Yankees Reserve INF Bert Campaneris (1983) was born.
On February 24,1983, former MLB All Star INF Burt Campaneris was signed as an MLB free agent with the Yankees. Bert had previously played for the Kansas City and Oakland A’s, then as a MLB free agent with the Rangers and the Angels (1964-1981). Then he sat out the 1982 MLB season. Bert had appeared in 60 games with the 1983 Yankees as a reserve INF, while hitting .322. On November 7,1983, Bert was granted MLB free agency by the Yankees. He retired from MLB.

1958- Former Yankees Minor League Player, Coach and Manager Brian Butterfield was born.
The son of late New York Yankees executive Jack Butterfield, Brian Butterfield played at 3 schools during his college career. A second baseman, he signed with the Yankees organization in 1979. Originally a right-handed hitter only, he made himself into a switch-hitter. He hit .218 for the Oneonta Yankees in his 1st year. In 1980, Brian went 2 for 16 with 4 walks for the Fort Lauderdale Yankees and .227 with the Greensboro Hornets. He returned to Fort Lauderdale in 1981 for a .286 season, then hit .259 for them in 1982 and .133 in a brief appearance with the AA Nashville Sounds. He also briefly reached the AAA level in 1982, hitting .417 in 13 games with the Columbus Clippers. The following year, his final season as a player, he played in the San Diego Padres farm system. He was used by the 1983 Miami Marlins as a utility infielder, hitting .238. Butterfield began his coaching career in 1984 as a roving infield instructor for the Yankees and then coached various clubs in the organization over the next 3 seasons. He managed in the Yankees chain from 1988 to 1990 and in 1992, winning a Gulf Coast League championship in 1988, and was infield instructor again in 1991. After a stint as a coach with the Albany-Colonie Yankees in 1993. In 1994-1995, Butterfield was a member of the Yankees MLB coaching staff. In 1996, Butterfield moved to the Diamondbacks organization. He was their minor league infield instructor for 2 years before serving as the 3rd base coach for the big league team when it began to play, from 1998 to 2000. He rejoined the Yankees as a Minor League Manager in 2001, leading the Tampa Yankees to a league co-championship. He began 2002 as skipper of the AAA Columbus Clippers (IL) before being dismissed in May. Less than a month later, he joined the Blue Jays as 3rd base coach, replacing Carlos Tosca who was named team manager. Tosca and Butterfield had previously worked together with the Diamondbacks. Butterfield would continue on as the Blue Jays 3rd base coach through Tosca's and John Gibbons' coaching staffs through the 2007 season. In 2008, he was promoted to bench coach and served there under both Gibbons and Cito Gaston though the 2010 season. When John Farrell was named manager in 2011, Butterfield returned to his previous post of 3rd base coach. In 2013, he followed Farrell to the Red Sox. He stayed as long as Farrell was the manager, until the end of the 2017 season, then he moved to the Cubs in 2018, also as their 3rd base coach under Manager Joe Maddon.

1966- Former Yankees 3B (2003) and Current Yankees Manager Aaron “Home Run” Boone (2018-2019) was born.
Aaron Boone was the grandson of former MLB player Ray Boone and son of former MLB Catcher/Manager Bob Boone. His brother was All Star 2B Bret Boone. Aaron hit one of the most famous Yankee playoff-HR’s in MLB history to beat the Red Sox in 2003. He later injured his leg playing basketball during the off-season. The Yankees would release him from his contract. His leg injury led to the A-Rod trade with the Rangers by the Yankees. He had spent the 2009 MLB season on the DL dealing with heart problems, while as a member of the Astros. In February of 2010, Aaron Boone announced his retirement from MLB. He was working for ESPN covering the MLB before he was named to replace Joe Girardi as the Yankees 2018 Manager on December 1, 2017.

1966- Former Yankees All Star Catcher Aaron Robinson (1946-1947) passed away. (1915-1966).
Called up from the AA Newark Bears (International League), Aaron Robinson appeared in 1 game for the 1943 Yankees. He was 28 years old. He would join the Coast Guard in June of 1943, serving until July of 1945. Aaron appeared in 50 games for the 1945 Yankees, while hitting .281. In 1946, he appeared in 100 games for the Yankees hitting .297 with 19 HRs and 64 RBIs. He made the 1947 All Star team, while hitting .270 for the Yankees. He appeared in 3 games of the 1947 World Series against the Dodgers. With the arrival of a 22-year old Yogi Berra as a catcher in 1947, Aaron became expendable. On February 24,1948, Aaron was traded by the Yankees to the White Sox for MLB Starter Eddie Lopat. He would spend only 1 season with the White Sox, before being traded to the Tigers for Pitcher Billy Pierce. He would finish out his MLB playing career in 1951, playing for the Red Sox.

1973- Former Yankees Pitcher C. J. Nitkowski (2004) was born.
C.J. Nitkowski was a graduate of St. Johns University, who was drafted in 1994 by the Reds. On July 19, 2004, he was signed as an MLB free agent by the Yankees. He appeared in 19 games for the 2004 Yankees, while posting a 1-1 record. On October 29, 2004, the Yankees granted him MLB free agency. After leaving the MLB in 2005, he pitched in Japan and Korea pro baseball leagues, before retiring from the game. He is now baseball announcer, who works with the Yankees.

1974- Former Yankees Reliever Wayne Franklin (2005) was born.
After appearing in 8 games with the Giants in spring training camp in 2005, Franklin signed a minor league contract with the Yankees on April 4th. Franklin went 2-3 with 1 save in 46 games with a 3.61 ERA with the AAA Columbus Clippers (International League). He appeared in 13 games with the 2005 Yankees going 0-1 with a 6.39 ERA. At the end of 2005 MLB season, Wayne was granted MLB free agency by the Yankees.

1981- Former Yankees Reliever Clay Rapada (2012) was born.
On February 18, 2012, reliever Clay Rapada was signed as an MLB free agent by the Yankees.
He appeared in 70 games for the 2012 Yankees, while posting a 3-0 record with a 2.82 ERA. On April 5, 2013, Clay was released by the team. On April 9, 2013, Clay was resigned as an MLB free agent with the Yankees. On June 4, 2013, he was released by the team. He would be picked up by the Indians for the rest of 2013 MLB season.

1996- Former Yankees Pitcher Jim Hardin (1971) passed away in an aircraft crash. (1943-1996)
Starter Jim Hardin was recovering from pitching arm injuries, when he joined the Yankees on May 28, 1971. The Yankees had sent former #1 draft pick Pitcher Bill Burbach to the Orioles in the trade. He never was an effective pitcher for the Yankees, like he was with the Orioles during the late-1960’s. Jim would finish his MLB pitching career with the 1972 Braves. He ended his pitching career with a record of 43–32 and a 3.19 ERA in 168 games. Hardin, a pilot, died on March 9, 1991, when his Beech 35-C33A crashed in Key West, Florida. Shortly after taking off from Key West International Airport the propeller of his aircraft failed from fatigue. The aircraft stalled and crashed, while Hardin attempted to return to the airport to make an emergency landing. It was widely reported that, during the plane's descent, Hardin steered the plane away from a baseball field filled with young children. The plane came to rest in a parking lot of the TGI Fridays restaurant, which was under construction at the time. Jim Hardin is 1 of 3 Yankees players to lose their lives in aviation accidents; the other 2 Yankee players are catcher Thurman Munson (1979) and Pitcher Cory Lidle (2006). His wife and 3 children survived him.

1998- The Yankees traded Reserve INF Andy Fox to the Diamondbacks for 2 Pitchers: Marty Jansen and Todd Erdos. INF Andy Fox was blocked at 2B by the presence of new recently acquired 2B Chuck Knoblauch. He was out of minor league options, so the Yankees had to trade him or released him. The Yankees found takers in the Diamondbacks, who give him a chance for more playing time. Overall as a Yankees player, Andy Fox had appeared in 135 games, while hitting .200 with 3 HRs and 14 RBIs. He appeared in 4 games of the 1996 World Series against the Braves with no hits. Marty Janzen was originally signed by the Yankees, but he traded as one of the 3 Yankee AAA Minor League Pitchers to the Blue Jays in the July of 1995 for veteran MLB Starter David Cone. Erdos had been signed by the Padres, appeared with them at the MLB level in 1997, while posting 2-0 record in 11 games. Both Pitchers had been selected by the Diamondbacks in the 1997 MLB Expansion Teams player draft. Both pitchers were assigned by the Yankees to AAA Columbus Clippers (IL) for the 1998 season.


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