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30 free agents and possible signings
9 months ago  ::  Nov 08, 2019 - 11:08AM #21
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With Sanchez's injury record, and mostly with the same issues, letting Romine leave may be a big mistake. Right now Cashman is most likely working on pitching but hopefully he doesn't nonchalant trying to keep Romine. He has been a key piece.  If they address the pitching, we have the players to go with in some form or another, and really only need a lead off hitting left handed outfielder making Frazier expendable IMO.

you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
9 months ago  ::  Nov 11, 2019 - 11:12PM #22
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Nov 8, 2019 -- 9:13AM, luvdayanks wrote:

Nov 8, 2019 -- 8:52AM, bomberhojoe wrote:

Nov 7, 2019 -- 6:04PM, GottaGoToMo wrote:

Nov 7, 2019 -- 5:40PM, Rob wrote:

Anybody think another team will give Romine a legitimate shot at starting?

I do.

Me too!

I do too, probably  a small  market  team and I wouldn't  expect it  be a very big contract. He's 30 so maybe 3/25 at best, something  the Yankees  could or should match . 

It would be nice to keep Romine, but I've read that the Yankees like Kyle H's skillset as well. They believe he will hit better with more regular AB's.

As far as $25m for 3 years, I don't see any way the Yanks drop anywhere near $8.33m per on a BUC. Frankly, if they did pay that much, I'd feel it was a poor business/financial move, especially given the much more pressing needs of the team.

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