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ESPN: Brian Cashman signals interest in Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg
8 months ago  ::  Nov 16, 2019 - 9:02PM #41
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Nov 16, 2019 -- 7:25PM, GottaGoToMo wrote:

Cashman on Didi

“I can’t tell you ‘less likely, more likely,’ he said. “I can just tell you Didi was a great player for us. He’s a free agent now, so there’s gonna be competition for his services. We will continue to engage and see if it leads to continuing a relationship or not. But up to this point we’ve been very fortunate and happy to have him as a member of our franchise. Maybe we’ll be able to say that for a couple of years as well — or not — but that remains to be seen. I can’t predict.”

Cashman is very shrewd as we all know when it comes to the media. He won't say anything to make like the Yankees want a player for sure, and says just as he did in the quote there. He usually Gives the maybe yes, maybe no, answers so that everything is in play. Did any of us see DJ, Urschela, Tauchman or Luke on the Horizon before they just showed up? I didn't at all..

Did anyone else figure he would get Torres for Chapman, and then wind up with both of them in the end? Pretty slick deal. I see Gardner and Didi really being a difficult decision for him. If it wasn't I think Gardner would have already been signed and something is telling me the signing of either has to do with the other, due to our first base, and left field log jam, and both Didi and Gardner being left handed.

Along with that, signing them really affects our infield and outfield alignment and our offense's L & R lineup. I wouldn't want to make that decision would any of you? Making it on a message board is one thing, fun to talk about, but in the real world, that's why Cash makes the big bucks and puts his balls on the line, and we get to watch and talk about it all.Wink

you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
8 months ago  ::  Nov 16, 2019 - 10:24PM #42
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Nov 12, 2019 -- 11:45AM, newinn wrote:

Nov 12, 2019 -- 11:13AM, TonyG4 wrote:

I will believe it when I see it. I heard this at the end of the season the past few years, and as far as spending the money needed to get these top free agent Ace Pitchers, it never happens.I said it before, and I will say it again, if George was here, it was done, he would sign both Cole and Strasburg. I have no faith in Hal spending the $$$ needed. All talk no action, same old talking points by Cash and Hal. Talk is cheap.

not so sure about that anymore my friend. When George was spending money back in the day there was no or a minimul luxary tax. George wasn't a fan of revenue sharing my bet is he would have screamed bloody murder paying 40% more on every dollar he spent over the threshold. It's a different game in so many ways

exactly new. until 2018, we had paid $341 mil over the previous 15 yrs - the majority post george. people are naive to think george would have been happy about spending 20-50% more for a given player than another team. 

8 months ago  ::  Nov 17, 2019 - 6:59AM #43
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The saying, if George was alive today, boy that would be some kind of miracle ??? Wink

8 months ago  ::  Nov 17, 2019 - 9:00AM #44
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"If George was here"

Where was George in the off season of 1986 when Jack Morris told him he and Parrish wanted to be Yankees.  Andre Dawson took a pay cut at the last minute to go to the Cubs because he wanted to save his knees from the Montreal concrete.  George was busy colluding which resulted in Guidry holding out and missing the start of the season.

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