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Altuve apologizes
8 months ago  ::  Feb 16, 2020 - 7:39PM #61
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Feb 16, 2020 -- 1:14PM, laurenfrances wrote:

Feb 16, 2020 -- 7:50AM, louisiana_lightning wrote:

Feb 16, 2020 -- 5:49AM, Bill wrote:

Someone compiled some data from the videos with all the bangs from 2017 and Altuve (and a few others) recieved  very few bangs. Correa also came out in his defense to say that Altuve was one of the few who would be livid if someone were to bang when he was at the plate. Also, Altuve's away numbers that season were INCREDIBLE. The facts don't fit the narrative here.

I love the Yankees, and loathe the Astros for sure, but holy cow are some fans biased.

Here are some unpopular opinions:

-Judge didn't win the MVP in 2017 because he slumped to oblivion. What were his 2nd half numbers again? Couldn't have batted more than .260 for an entire 2.5 month stretch.

-Chapman choked in the 6th game of the ALCS. Looked completely lost out there. Had no fastball command and hung a slider to one of the best hitters in the game.

-If you're gonna hate each and every Astro player as if they were one congealed mass of cheating scoundrels, then Gerrit Cole is a cheating scoundrel as well. A cheating scoundrel whose salary the Yankees front office will be encumbered by for the next decade.

I for one found something fishy about Cole and all other veteran pitchers discovering their best self in Houston.  Honestly aren't you a bit concerned?

I sincerely hope that Beltran didn't introduce the sign stealing to the Yankees.  That would explain a lot with so many marginal prospects, veterans, and journeymen exceeding all possible expectations offensively.

As with journeymen, I hope you are not referring to Urshela.  I don't recall any teams complaining about metal can drumming or buzzers employed in Yankees stadium.  The coming season will be telling as it relates to Urshela with Andujar is breathing down his neck.

Actually, Yanks were caught cheating using the replay in 2015.

Multiple sources told The Athletic that the Yankees used the video replay room as far back as 2015 to learn other teams’ sign sequences. An unnamed ex-Yankee is quoted: “I’m just telling you from a broad perspective, living it, it didn’t feel that wrong. … It was there for everyone, that’s all.”

Using the technology to review footage was illegal in 2015 when this source claims the Yankees were doing it. After the 2017 incident, MLB sent around a memo reinforcing the rule. They did so again before the 2019 season with another memo and the in-stadium monitors.

8 months ago  ::  Feb 16, 2020 - 8:45PM #62
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Feb 15, 2020 -- 10:01AM, chl45 wrote:

What gets me is I never liked Altuve from the first time I heard him talk on camera. I also always suspected him of using PED's. Now for sure I personally think he did. If he di what he did, cheat and possibly wear a buzzer that tells me that he would do anything to try and win and be a star player.  Wouldn't surprise me at all if he goes on the IL this season being hit by a pitch or slid into at 2nd base and taken out. Back in the day if he cheated a pitcher he would have been totaled immediately, one way or another. Deservedly so IMO.

He always seemed too good to be true.  Now we know why.

8 months ago  ::  Feb 17, 2020 - 5:32AM #63
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btw heard altuve was seen last night in a tattoo parlor getting a "terrible" tattoo ...  Laughing

8 months ago  ::  Feb 17, 2020 - 7:50AM #64
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Feb 17, 2020 -- 5:32AM, bumper wrote:

btw heard altuve was seen last night in a tattoo parlor getting a "terrible" tattoo ... 

Sounds like a "cover up" story. Wink

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