Lifetime Points: 6
    Location: Ewing, NJ
    Favorite Sports: MLB
    Favorite Teams: NY Yankees OF COURSE!
    Favorite Players: 1. Will always be Jeter
    2. Donnie Baseball
    3. Robinson Cano
    4. Mariano Rivera
    5. Jorge
    6. Andy
    7. Mo
    8. Paul O'Neil
    9. Tino
    10. CC Sabathia
    Favorite Sports Memory: 1996 World Series win, 1998 Season (greatest team of all time), Beating in the Mets in 2000, Jeter homerun that that kid reached out and grabbed hahaha
    Least Favorite Teams: Teams that are just terrible and have whiny players. Beating Boston is always amazing but I respect their club. God I love to watch us beat the Angels, ditto on the Phillies since I live so close to Philly. Nothing better than seeing the crushed emotions on their faces as we mud stomp their club at home.
    Favorite TV Shows: I know I'm a dork, but I try to watch every Yankee game all year. Anytime Kim Jones is on tv because shes amazing hahaha huge crush. I love House MD, Lost, Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, Planet Earth, Mythbusters, Daily Show, Colbert Report, Ricky Gervais Show
    Favorite Movies: Casablanca, Fight Club, Gladiator, Snatch, Untouchables, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Patriot, Sleepy Hollow, Se7en, Monty Python Search For The Holy Grail, Red Dragon, too many more to list
    Hobbies: Music, spending time with family and friends, random road trips, photography, baseball, dirt bike riding, finishing my masters haha
    Relationship Status: Single
    AIM Name: The Madd Jester
    Facebook Page: