• My YES
    My YES

      Location: Fredericksburg Virginia
      Who is your cable or satellite provider? DirecTV
      Favorite Sports: MLB, NBA, NFL
      Favorite Teams: New York Yankees

      New York Giants

      New York Knicks

      Brooklyn Nets
      Favorite Players: Derek Jeter

      Bernie Williams

      Mickey Rivers

      Whitey Ford

      Reggie Jackson

      Walt Frazier

      Earl Monroe

      Willis Reed

      Andy Petite

      Arron Judge

      Geritt Cole

      Willie Randolph

      Mickey Mantle
      Favorite Sports Memory: Derek Jeter's Flip' play from 2001 ALDS against Athletics
      Least Favorite Teams: Boston Redsox

      Tampa Bay
      Favorite TV Shows: Mission Impossible (old one)


      The Honeymooners
      Favorite Movies: The Best Years of our Lives

      Oceans 11


      Jungle Fever

      Training Day
      Hobbies: Running

      walking my Poodle

      Relationship Status: Married

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