Media Finds **** in Racial Sensitivity

    Sunday, February 19, 2012, 9:50 AM [General]

    Members of the sports media, after years of having your racist tendencies suppressed by groups such as the NAACP, you have now found your loophole...Freedom of (Figure of) Speech.

    Why should I give you the benefit of anything when, given the opportunity, you will reveal your ignorance and hatred towards people who are not like you?

    Late Friday night into early Saturday morning, after the Knicks lost to the lowly Hornets due in large part to Jeremy Lin's nine turnovers, ESPN Mobile posted an in-game photo of Lin with the headline, "**** in the Armor". ESPN pulled the headline a half hour later. But that wasn't even the sports media giant's first careless and callous mistake. Earlier in the week, an ESPN reporter used the same phrase while asking Walt Frazier a question about Lin.

    Straight-faced, the reporter asks Frazier, "...if there is a **** in the armor, where can Lin improve his game?" Really? Instead of "...if there is a weakness, where can Lin improve his game?" Hmmm. I've heard the latter phrase used pretty much ALL THE TIME in interviews regarding athletes. Now when it is posed about an Asian American athlete, this sudden re-phrasing happens?

    It's no accident.

    The reporter got his racial slur in and he did so knowing full well he could simply argue that it is a figure of speech. Reasonable doubt, although not reasonable enough to leave as a headline on ESPN's mobile site.

    I've been on the receiving end of racial bombs...both subtle and blatant...and there is always a sense of accomplishment by the racist when he's going to get away with insulting someone's race. I'm sure the camera crew snickered knowingly. Please don't tell me not one person in that studio knew what other meaning the word "****" has in American lingo. And please don't tell me that the writer for ESPN Mobile was innocent either.

    Am I being too sensitive about this whole matter? Maybe. I guess that can be considered a weakness on my part, or as you racist media members might put's a **** in my armor.

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    2011 MLB Predictions

    Thursday, March 31, 2011, 12:30 AM [General]

    Yes I am a Yankee fan. I just wanted to let that out there before people read my following predictions for this upcoming season, one in which the Yankees ultimately find themselves on the outside looking in at the Playoffs...

    AL East - Red Sux

    AL Central - Twins

    AL West - A's

    AL Wild Card - White Sox

    NL East - Phillies

    NL Central - Reds

    NL West - Giants

    NL Wild Card - Rockies

    ALCS - A's defeat Red Sox in 7 games

    NLCS - Phillies defeat Giants in 6 games

    World Series - Phillies defeat A's in 5 games


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    Yankees Plan B: Make Pen Mightier

    Tuesday, December 14, 2010, 7:57 PM [General]

    So Cliff Lee spurns Yankees money for the City of Brotherly Love and the Yankees' 2011 season goes from destiny to destitute? The first pitch hasn't been thrown yet. And although pitches thrown by Cliff Lee this coming season will be in a Philadelphia Phillies uniform, we have to look on the bright side, he'll be making life harder for teams in the National League...not for us.

    The prevailing (but not overwhelming popular) thought now is that the Yankees will trade highly regarded prospects and major league-ready players to the Royals for Zack Greinke, anxiety disorder and all, and see if he can bounce back from a disappointing 2010 season where he compiled a 10-14 record with a 4.17 ERA.

    Less popular a thought is bringing old pal Carl Pavano back to the Bronx.

    But why is the prevailing thought that the Yanks should go out and get another starting pitcher? In this year's market? Granted, Cliff Lee was the big fish, one that would feed the village for a few years but now that he's gone and we're left with injury plagued (at least while in Pinstripes) Carl Pavano as the next best free agent starting pitcher available and a guy suffering from social anxiety disorder the best starting pitcher available through trade then maybe the Yanks shouldn't be looking for a starting pitcher.

    Why not then grab the talent still out there in the relief pitching pool? Why not use the money earmarked for Cliff Lee to lure outstanding arms like Rafael Soriano and Bobby Jenks to the Bronx? How about bringing Kerry Wood back? Pay them better-than-closer money (just not more than Mariano Rivera) for being Mo's setup guys six through eight? Wood's done it, and excelled at doing it. You want a lefty specialist? How about Randy Choate or Pedro Feliciano? Both men have pitched well in New York and would be an arguable upgrade over Boone Logan.

    With the surplus of relief pitchers, maybe Cashman can package one or two with lesser prospects to get a good starting pitcher. I think Joba's value is still high enough to fetch something worthwhile.


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    Would You Do This Trade?

    Wednesday, November 17, 2010, 7:33 PM [General]

    New York Yankees send A.J. Burnett, Eduardo Nunez, and $8 million to the Atlanta Braves for Derek Lowe.

    Braves get: A younger pitcher (by three and half years) with better stuff. They also get a promising utility player to replace the recently traded Omar Infante. With the $8 million added, the Braves are compensated for the extra $3 million Burnett will make more than Lowe for 2011 through 2012 and then have $5 million to offset the $16.5 million in Burnett's final year.

    Yankees get: A more consistent pitcher who can give them 14 to 16 wins a year and has a history of pitching well in big spots. They will also be relieved of Burnett's salary one year sooner.

    If the Yankees do not sign Andy Pettitte but do sign Cliff Lee, the starting staff would look like so (if this deal were to be made): CC Sabathia, Cliff Lee, Derek Lowe, Phil Hughes, and (insert 5th starter here).

    That's the same Opening Day starter, a much better number 2, minimal dropoff from Andy Pettitte at number 3, Phil Hughes over Javy Vasquez at number 4, and no Javy Vasquez at number 5.

    Let me know what you think. Too much? Too little? Better? Worse? Would the Braves even consider this trade?

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    Is D.C. the New Sports Hot Spot?

    Thursday, November 11, 2010, 7:32 PM [General]

    New York and Boston beware! There's a new hotbed of sports in this country and it's D.C.

    That's right, Washington D.C., home of the lowly Nationals and the nearby Baltimore Orioles, the irrelevant Redskins, the troubled Wizards, and the disappointing Capitals.

    But perceptions may change...even as soon as 2011.

    Starting with the here and now, at 2-4, the Washington Wizards have not started the 2010-2011 NBA season well. Upon further inspection however, we see that 3 out of their 4 losses have come on the road and they've won two out of three at home. They say winning begins at home. That's looking at the bright side. Get out your sunglasses because things are going to get brighter. Twenty-year old rookie and the number one overall pick of this last draft, John Wall, is already playing like a man, averaging 19.3 points (which leads all rookies) and 10.2 assists per game. His average assists rank fourth behind Rajon Rondo, Jason Kidd, and Deron Williams. He's ahead of Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, and Steve Nash. Not too bad. Wall will be distributing the rock to a relatively young but talented squad (Al Thornton, Nick Young, and Yi Jianlian - three first rounders from the 2007 draft) once seasoned vets like Gilbert Arenas, Josh Howard, and Kirk Hinrich move on. More big scores in the next two drafts and we may be looking at an NBA Finalist very, very soon.

    The Washington Redskins, to be truthful, don't really have a good outlook for the near future. They're 4-4. They're old. They average 19.3 points per game (ranked 23rd in the league). They play in the same division as the Giants and Eagles. They have drama. The only thing they have that's positive is head coach Mike Shanahan. Like the Wizards, a few good drafts (along with some smart free agent signings) and this organization could quickly right its ship.

    I don't know much about hockey. But I do know that the Washington Capitals are an NHL best 11-4. They lead the league in goals scored with 52 while no other NHL team has yet to reach 50. They come at you offensively with no better a trio than Alex Ovechkin (3rd in NHL with 20 points), Alexander Semin (9 goals - 4 behind league leader), and Nicklas Backstrom (14 points). This was a team of destiny last year until destiny fell in the laps of two surprise teams, the Flyers and Blackhawks, who wound up in the NHL Finals. As long as this unit stays together, destiny should not miss them.

    We finally get to baseball and to two teams that in three years, maybe two, could be giving fits to our two baseball locals: The Orioles and the Nationals. Let's start with the Washington Nationals, who may have the most exciting player right now in Stephen Strasburg. If they can keep him healthy, the Nats have an incomparable ace for years to come. Couple him with the promise of catcher Bryce Harper and they will have an electric battery. Ryan Zimmerman is a star lost in the obscurity of a losing team. Equally obscure but no less effective with their pitching than Zimmerman is with his hitting is the Nats relief corps. Guys like Drew Storen, Sean Burnett, and Tyler Clippard will probably never be heard of outside of D.C. but they are the team's strength. The starting staff is not too shabby either. Add John Lannan, Jordan Zimmerman, and a healthy Chien Ming Wang after Strasburg and that's a starting staff to reckon with. Overall the team is young. If they're hungry enough, the Phillies, Braves, and mets have something to worry about.

    Buck Showalter, Orioles Manager. Period. The name itself marks the Baltimore Orioles as a team on the rise. He has a history of building losing teams into championship contenders. He's just never around long enough to see them get there. Look no further than this year's Texas Rangers, who he managed from 2002-2006. They made it to the World Series four years after he left. Whether or not he left his mark on the Rangers, or on the 2000 World Series champion Diamondbacks, or on the current dynastic Yankees is debatable. He could just be a lucky charm whose charm doesn't work until after he's gone. Whatever it is, these young O's could find themselves playoff contenders within the next few years.

    Everyone's a winner in Washington, or so people say, but that's referring to politicians who won their seat in office. The same can't be said about the area's pro teams. Give it a year or two. D.C. teams will be making lots of noise. In four years, without a shadow of a doubt, the nation's capital will be the "it" city for sports. Whether Buck Showalter, or even our current first-term president, is still in the nation's capital to see it happen might be the only thing in question.

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