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Posted by: am523 on Oct 28, 2010 at 01:55:48 PM

Much blame was heaped on Joe Girardi for some of the decisions he made before and during the ALCS: Pitching Phil Hughes in Games 2 and 6; constantly walking Josh Hamilton and rolling the dice versus Vladimir Guerrero; not moving Cano into the 3-hole sooner; etc. Media and fans were right to do so, especially when you consider the final disappointing outcome.

But there through every ALCS game, sitting in the stands safely away from any criticism and blame was Brian Cashman.

Whatever little value Brian Cashman's presence at ballparks brought to the Yankees in triumph over the Twins and elimination versus the Rangers, it was a whole lot more than what Javier Vasquez, his prized pitching acquisition of 2010, brought...which was zero.

In Javy's defense, what more can you bring when you're

Posted by: am523 on Aug 25, 2010 at 02:46:58 PM

Well Mr. Bautista, you got your piece of Yankee flesh on Monday night, hitting the decisive homer in the 8th inning versus Dave Robertson to down the Yankees 3-2.

You got your payback moment, albeit against a different pitcher, not the one who you felt threw at you on purpose a few innings earlier. You blasted Robertson's pitch into left field. You flipped your bat. You stared. You spat. You rounded the bases slowly. For almost 30 seconds. Upon touching home plate you pumped your fist in a rapid repeated fashion the same way Francisco Cervelli does when he's pumped. Oh yeah, Francisco Cervelli, the catcher that night, was standing at the plate when you did it.

In your own words, you enjoyed it: "Given what transpired earlier, I enjoyed it pretty good"

I'm no professional baseball player

Posted by: am523 on Aug 19, 2010 at 03:28:55 PM

This afternoon's game with the Tigers may turn out to be more of a bout than a game after a night of accusations, beanings, message-sending "missed inside" pitches, yelling at umpires, and tossing of angry managers by yelled-at umpires.

Whether last night's antics boil over into today's matchup remains to be seen. As I type this, the game is already into the fifth inning, with Phil Hughes and Rick Porcello pitching well, surrendering just two runs apiece. More importantly, they've thrown no beanballs and sent no messages to the opposing team. It may well remain a baseball game and not a boxing match.

Those hoping for the latter may not get what they want today but will have to settle for the undercard, one that's been going on since this series began: current Yankee centerfielder and