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Posted by: am523 on Sep 23, 2010 at 08:04:51 PM

Watching the New York Yankees' tribute to George Steinbrenner on YES Monday night, among the small group that marched along the first base line towards Monument Park led by the Steinbrenner family then followed by Yankee executives, current Yankee players and managerial staff, as well as former Yankee players, I was able to see up close one very notable former Yankee manager: Joe Torre.

As he followed the procession, neither at the front of the line sharing prominence with the Steinbrenner family nor at the back of the line like some featured attraction at a parade - Torre was simply in the middle. But him being in the middle was fitting actually as, once word had gotten out that he and Don Mattingly were going to show up at this ceremony, he was no doubt going to be center of attention.