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Posted by: am523 on Oct 28, 2010 at 01:55:48 PM

Much blame was heaped on Joe Girardi for some of the decisions he made before and during the ALCS: Pitching Phil Hughes in Games 2 and 6; constantly walking Josh Hamilton and rolling the dice versus Vladimir Guerrero; not moving Cano into the 3-hole sooner; etc. Media and fans were right to do so, especially when you consider the final disappointing outcome.

But there through every ALCS game, sitting in the stands safely away from any criticism and blame was Brian Cashman.

Whatever little value Brian Cashman's presence at ballparks brought to the Yankees in triumph over the Twins and elimination versus the Rangers, it was a whole lot more than what Javier Vasquez, his prized pitching acquisition of 2010, brought...which was zero.

In Javy's defense, what more can you bring when you're

Posted by: am523 on Aug 21, 2010 at 02:01:15 AM

Already aware of last night's result between the Yanks and M's, I go to to get further insight on the loss. I click on the Wrap link next to the SEA 6 NYY 0 score and get taken to that game's page. The headline reads, "Felix gets royal treatment, shuts down Yanks" That pretty much covers it for me. No need to click the Yankee recap or Seattle recap links.

My eyes dart around the web page. Box Score...don't really want to see the Yankee offensive futility or AJ Burnett's poor pitching performance translated into numbers. I can't help but notice the big photo in the middle of the web page of King Felix on the mound. It's a video link. Click it and I get to watch all 11 of his strikeouts tonight. thanks.

I spot the Yankees Beat section. There are four little headlines. The

Posted by: am523 on Aug 11, 2010 at 07:33:22 PM

These 69-43 Yankees, the squad with the best record in the Majors, on the surface still look like the team to beat with only Andy Pettitte sidlined (Nick Johnson doesn't even count as a member of this team). But there's an underlying feeling like they're a modern-day version of the SS Titanic with its GPS system malfunctioning.

Since the day after the trade deadline, when newly acquired players Lance Berkman, Austin Kearns, and Kerry Wood donned the Pinstripes, the Yankees are a hideous 3-6. During that span, they had actually lost sole possession of first place to the Rays, gained it back despite losing 4 of 7 games to the Blue Jays and Red Sox, lost last night's road opener to the AL West leading Rangers, and today see their division lead at an uncomfortable 1 game over the Rays.