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Posted by: BigYankeesFan on May 2, 2014 at 08:49:18 AM

It’s the final season for the Yankees Captain Derek Jeter!  If you don’t owe a Derek Jeter jersey I’d totally say this is the year to buy some!  Last season when Mariano Rivera retired I’ve made sure that I was able to pick up a home, road and All-star batting practice Jersey.  I’ve noticed there are currently four authentic Derek Jeter Jerseys for sale!  All four of these I’d say would be great for anyone’s personal collection.  Which Jersey should I buy and which ones do I think the Yankees would wear for a game?

The #2 with gold around it and the gold #2 Derek Jeter Jersey I’d consider more of a commemorative Jersey; however the road Jersey and the traditional pinstripe Jersey with Final season logo

Posted by: BigYankeesFan on Mar 23, 2012 at 10:18:45 AM

1)      Will the Yankees win their 28th World Series this upcoming season?

2)      With the new wild card rules in place will the Yankees win the division?

3)      The Yankees currently have 7 Staring pitchers (Sabathia, Nova, Kuroda, Pettitte, Pineda, Hughes & Garcia).  However there needs to be a 5 man rotation.  Besides C.C who will be the other 4 starting pitchers that will lead the Yankees into the playoffs?

4)      How does the lack of pitching at a professional level affect Andy Pettitte during a year of retirement?

5)      Will Raul Ibanez and Andrew Jones be an effective DH?

6)      Will Mariano Rivera retire after

Posted by: BigYankeesFan on Aug 18, 2011 at 09:38:42 AM

When Mariano Rivera is not happy you know something has gone wrong.  It certinaly did last night as Billy Butler's double was ruled a homerun.  Mariano Rivera had to be held back.  You can clearly see the Anger in his eyes.