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Posted by: nwyankees on Feb 18, 2011 at 04:17:43 PM

The weight of a player when they report to Spring Training, after an off-season away from the team, should not really be significantly dissected until the player starts to play games against other teams.  However, a sure sign that would prove that a player did not commit himself properly in the off-season would be if they showed up to Spring Training looking like Bartolo Colon.  On the other hand Colon has always pitched on the plus side and had a stellar campaign in 2005, when he won the CY Young.

One player that has always played with a heavy figure is none other than CC Sebathia. He has proved to be able to excel while having extra weight throughout his career but has wisely cut off some pounds this off-season.  Sebathia trimmed off 25 pounds largely by cutting Cap’n