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Posted by: nwyankees on Jan 24, 2011 at 04:59:31 PM

Even though the Yankees will probably not be able to acquire a marquee name before the start of the regular season, they should strongly consider signing a pitcher who can be relied upon to post a solid ERA and pick up about 10 wins. As of now, CC Sebathia and Phil Hughes are the only ones that can truly be relied upon, since nobody really knows if AJ Burnett will be dominant or completely wild from start-to-start.

Those are the top three in the rotation right now, which is basically set in stone and then Ivan Nova and Sergio Mitre will come next. One of those two should not be in the rotation come opening day. Mitre should be moved to the long relief role because that is a role where he can truly benefit the team. Since the Yankees have signed Rafeal Soriano as their bridge to Rivera,