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Posted by: Mrs. Singy on Jan 20, 2013 at 10:31:37 PM

Unpacking my suitcase Sunday morning after Ken and I returned from a cruise the night before, I imagined how Marianna Weaver must have felt aboard the cruise ship on which her husband Earl Weaver had expired early Saturday morning. I imagined her packing up his clothes and belongings, enduring one more day at sea before their ship docked again in the U.S., knowing her husband was not in their stateroom but in the ship's morgue, then disembarking the cruise liner, this time not on his arm, but perhaps walking slowly next to his body bag. 


How a ruined vacation – and his death – was not in the plan.


A person in our group on our separate baseball-related cruise had approached our breakfast table to discreetly whisper in Ken’s ear, “Earl Weaver

Posted by: Mrs. Singy on Jun 30, 2011 at 11:13:15 AM

It’s always amusing when it’s a little old lady who’s a baseball fan -- Ken gets a real kick out of that. His grandmother, Quinella, was a Chicago Cubs fan until she died of old age at 101.

Rosie Apicella, 82, met Ken at the bocce courts in Little Italy, Baltimore, during my Tuesday night bocce league. Ken had tagged along to watch our team of Molino cousins -- team “CUGINI” (translates to cousins in Italian) -- but he never had the chance to watch because Rosie found him.

And when Rosie found him, she talked baseball. A lot of baseball. Mostly Yankees – Rosie is a colossal Yankees fan. And in a town that has its own baseball team, especially Baltimore fans true to their O’s, that’s sometimes surprising. 

She knew it was Derek Jeter’s