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Posted by: Mrs. Singy on Aug 3, 2011 at 10:10:28 AM

It's always distressing to hear about a human being making the choice to end his life, and sadder still when it was someone with whom you had once enjoyed an interaction.

Hideki Irabu committed suicide July 28 in his Los Angeles home.

When Hideki was a Yankee, Ken and I once ate lunch with him and his translator, George Rose, at our favorite sushi restaurant here in Baltimore. Hideki’s translator travelled everywhere with him, since the player spoke few words in English.

The use of a translator is quite an interesting conversation method – a matter of trust in all three parties. As sushi lovers, Ken and I trusted Hideki as well as we gingerly tasted the pieces of eel which he had recommended.

Sushi aside, I do not know what dreadful demons Hideki faced that were consuming