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FREE KICK: So what's been going on since we last got together? Whether it's the masterpiece theatre presented by the Barclays Premier League or the grand stage of the international game, soccer has produced plenty of drama. Let's find out who deserves to take a bow, and who needs to make way for an understudy. It's time to kick start this thing. 

BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE: The first act involves Gareth Bale. As early as December of 2012, I declared my allegiance to the Welshman as the Premier League’s 2012-13 MVP, and arguably the third best player in Europe (behind Messi and Ronaldo). While it was my hope that Bale and Tottenham Hotspur would have a lengthy marriage, money will always be an attractive and irresistible mistress. Real Madrid shed nearly 100 million Euros to import

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FREE KICK: I liken this blog to a car, and a shiny, new 2013-’14 model is just about ready to roll out of the showroom floor and hit the road. But first, let’s take a test drive and kick the tires concerning some of the issues that caught my attention the past two-and-a-half months of the BPL offseason.

MANAGERIAL MERRY-GO-ROUND: The typical summer breeze was more like a windstorm these past three months within the Barclay’s Premier League, and as usual, the bulk of the huffing and puffing was blown by the League’s big men on campus.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s unexpected retirement from the good-ship Manchester United had the most strength, and while we can agree that all good things eventually come to an end, this observer believed that the most successful manager

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FREE KICK: If recent Super Bowls were a jab, last season's BPL finale was an uppercut, as Manchester City scored a pair of injury time goals in defeating Queens Park Rangers to swipe the crown from hated Manchester United. A bowling ball would’ve fit into the mouths of soccer fans during those final frantic minutes at Etihad Stadium, and City’s margin of victory in claiming their first title since 1968 was goal differential the size of a fingernail.  

It was not the same this season, as sadly, much like the month of March, the 2012-13 Premiership season went out like a lamb, with the final Sunday having as much potency as a Shirley Temple. Man U had the crown locked up weeks ago and QPR, Reading, and Wigan, the FA Cup champion, were already relegated prior to the start

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FREE KICK: F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote that "Destiny is not a matter of chance, but of choice." With 38 continental trophies in his 26-year tenure, Sir Alex Ferguson has firmly established Manchester United as the New York Yankees of British football. Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Joe Dimaggio ultimately exited the stage, and at age 71, the most decorated manager the sport has ever seen has taken his final bow. His departure leaves as many questions as there are answers, but those riddles can be solved at a later date. Let's kick start this thing.

MANCHESTER UNITED vs. SWANSEA CITY: Following an emotional pre-game ceremony before Ferguson stepped on the Old Trafford pitch for the last time, poor Swansea had to feel like the lamb being led into a den of wolves. Unbeknownst to them, there

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FREE KICK: This season’s Barclay’s Premier League standings are much like an ocean, in that danger and intrigue can be found near the bottom instead of at the top. Three teams face the Premiership firing line, with Reading and Queens Park Rangers already blindfolded and dangling a cigarette from their lower lip; currently, Wigan is the third team set to be demoted, but Sunderland, Newcastle, and Aston Villa entered the weekend just five points above sea level. For those four “contenders,” it’s time to grab the life preservers and float to shore, because with relegation comes a loss of some 40 million dollars in TV revenue. It’s time to find out which teams sink and which ones swim. Let’s kick start this thing.


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MANCHESTER UNITED vs. EVERTON: Man U refused to take their eyes off the prize despite Wednesday's mammoth sized Champions League encounter with Real Madrid on the horizon, and much like a week earlier the Red Devils were more blue-collar than business-like in their approach. After sending a shot foul from the sweet spot just ten minutes into the contest, the caped crusader Robin Van Persie made amends three minutes later when he spotted Ryan Giggs all by his lonesome at the top of the box, and the ancient wonder entered the record books by becoming the first player to record a goal in each of his 21 seasons. For good measure, Giggs also is the third oldest player to score a goal in Premiership history.  RVP then made Everton RIP when he beat Tim Howard with his lethal left boot just

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FREE KICK: Vince Lombardi once said that fatigue makes cowards of us all, and you can tag me “Mr. Meek.” The Christmas holiday schedule included five premiership league games and an FA Cup match, and so many games in such little time resulted in Here's The Pitch taking a well-deserved rest. Unlike the players, your humble scribe is refreshed and rarin’ to go, so let’s kick start our first column of 2013.

MANCHESTER UNITED vs. LIVERPOOL: A delicious matchup involving the Yankees and Dodgers of English soccer, and it was one-way traffic in the first 45 with Man U travelling in the express lane. Robin Van Persie would net his league leading 17th goal of the campaign when he one-timed a Patrice Evra centering pass into the right-corner pocket, and Tom Cleverley and

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FREE KICK: New York has the Mets and Yankees and Chicago offers the Cubs and White Sox, and both cities share a love of baseball but a hatred of their intra-city rivals. Several cities within the Premiership have ownership of more than one soccer club, but it’s in Manchester where the bad blood would make any street gang green with envy. On Sunday, the BPL’s top two teams settled their beef at City’s Etihad Stadium. Let’s kick start this thing.

MANCHESTER CITY vs. MANCHESTER UNITED: City started the game with guns ablaze but United landed the first bullet when Wayne Rooney wrong-footed Joe Hart from the top of the box. Rooney doubled United's pleasure when he slotted home a cross from Antonio Valencia, but once Roberto Mancini exchanged Carlos Tevez for a pouting

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FULHAM vs. TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR: Instead of heaping scorn and abuse upon Clint Dempsey, Fulham fans, while vocal, were far from vengeful.  A comatose first 50 minutes suddenly came to life in the 55th when Sandro's piledriver from 40 yards away eluded a flailing Mark Schwarzer. Australia's number one 'keeper should have been able to put up the stop sign, but it went in the books as an E-1, 1-0 Spurs. Jermain Defoe would then net a pair within a five minute stanza, his first coming courtesy of room service delivery from the boot of Glyfi Sigurdsson and the insurance tally coming via a breakaway with Dempsey providing the first aid. Spurs is certainly in a groove, moving up to fourth in the BPL Top 20 charts. After a promising start in which they resembled a Ferrari, Fulham's offense has

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Fans of the Barclays Premier League were treated to some heavyweight matchups the past two weeks, but this weekend's games were played in the featherweight division. But, hey, featherweight results carry the same weight as those in the heavyweight ranks. Let's get ready to rumble.

SWANSEA CITY-MANCHESTER CITY.....Swansea wasn't even expected to have a puncher's chance against the premiership leaders and a missed PK in the 7th minute wouldn't brighten their spirits.  City made one mistake but it would prove to be costly. Stefan Savic's goof at midfield would soon become a Luke Moore goal. Mike Tyson, meet Buster Douglas. Swansea-1 Manchester City-0.

MANCHESTER UNITED-WEST BROMWICH ALBION.....WBA came in winners of three in a row but they would hardly lay a glove on the red devils.