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Posted by: Lou DiPietro on Nov 30, 2012 at 02:03:07 PM

On Friday morning, Brian Cashman addressed the media atop the Landmark Building in Stamford, Conn., moments before doing a practice run for his weekend rappel. Below are the GM’s quotes on a few of the subjects broached in the early-AM chill.

On Russell Martin signing with Pittsburgh: “This isn’t something that caught us off guard. It’s something we were very well aware of. The agent was very honest with us, as well as the player, Russell. The best shot we took at retaining him was in spring training and obviously it was more difficult and now he’s moving on.”

On the catching situation: “We have people that can handle and run the game…and at the very least, that’s our fallback. The offense is an area that, currently with what our

Posted by: Lou DiPietro on Jun 15, 2012 at 04:21:18 PM

“I have made no phone calls to any general managers about making an acquisition,” Cashman said. “I’d prefer to ride what we’ve got.”

Those were the words of Brian Cashman, who spoke to Jack Curry on Wednesday about the state of the team and how the “panic” of the early season has given way to mid-season success.

But as Curry even says, those words were uttered before the team found out that Brett Gardner will in fact be out until after the All-Star break, the bone bruise and muscle strain in his right elbow needing at least three more weeks or rest.

In the same interview, though, Cashman said that “You can’t make moves until you know what you don’t have,” and added that “I expect Gardner to come back.”