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      Location: RI
      Who is your cable or satellite provider? Other
      About Me: My name is Iris and I'm a die hard Yankees fan since the age of 13, year 2005. I'm turning 21 this summer! You do the math
      Favorite Sports: MLB
      Favorite Teams: Yankees
      Favorite Players: Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettite, & Mike Mussina
      Favorite Sports Memory: Becoming a Yankee fan at the age of 13. Back in 2005 I had been watching tv in my living room and ran into a Yankees game.Now, everyone knew about the great Derek Jeter and I stayed to watch see him play on tv to see what the hype was all about.. I wasn't disappointed. It was that same year I got to see the likes of Bernie Williams, Posada, Mo and Pettitte play. Anyways, I called Bernie the doubles man because it seemed as if he would always get doubles. Fun to watch but clearly aging in center as he went on to retire the next year. I became so obsessed with the yankees that I bought a whole bunch of yankees gear any penny I got my hands on. Til this day at almost age 21 I have those t-shirts. I would not know what BA would mean or AVG or inning so I decided to google everything to become more familiar with it.. None taught me about baseball I had to find out about it for myself. I even taught my little brother about it. Speaking of my brother, we used to break night all the time on the YESboards and talk Yankees baseball and wait for the newspapers to get dropped off just so we can read articles about the bombers. I even used to cut out pictures from the paper and save them. Through out the years wathing Jeter play he became my favorite player. His work ethic, the way he goes about his business on and off the field, the fact that hes one of the greatest Yankee ever to put on the pinstripes in my era and for him to be humble makes me drawn to him even more. Ever since I've been a diehardyankees fan win or lose. It's crazy how a Yankee loss would impact my mood it would ruin my whole day basically. After a Yankees win I'd do a bunch of hand shakes with my little brother raul. Everytime they scored, same thing. Yell at the tv and everything. 2009 I got to witness the bronx bombers win the WS. The first WS victory I've witnessed as a fan as I shed tears because I was happy, shocked, and jealous that I couldn't attend that game because of the prices. I'm looking forward to plenty more winning postseasons.
      Least Favorite Teams: Red sux, Mets
      Favorite TV Shows: Being Human, Breaking Bad
      Hobbies: Anything Yankees
      Relationship Status: In a Relationship

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