Tale of a sad Yankees Fan

    Monday, April 5, 2010, 3:02 PM [General]

    I was SO pumped for the start of the season..I run home from work on Easter Sunday and turn it right to YES to watch the 2009 Yankeeography, the Yankees 2010 show (can't remember it's exact title), The Joe Girardi Show, and finally the hour long pre-game and the game itself.

    I see two home runs, a steal of home, great pitching by CC...and I'm so happy that spring is here and baseball is back.

    Then, something so strange happened...I completely lost interest and got bored with the game. WHAT???? It just didn't have the right feel...Yanks are up 5-1 CC is on cruise control and I could care less if I'm even watching the game. I continued to watch to try and push through this malaise. The game tightened up, mainly due to Joe Girardi leaving CC in too long. I wanted CC pulled at the start of the 6th pitch count be darned...use your eyes Joe! First start, he's tiring, the pitches are wild, worked so hard bottom 5 to barely get through it...I don't care that he's the #1. The pitchers are still building up their arms and with all the April off days the extra few innings won't hurt the pen.

    Then, the Yanks go back up 7-5 and what do I do? Go to bed and check the score this morning. Once again...WHAT? Feelings and moods are strange things in that they aren't logical and you can't control them. If I had my druthers I would have stayed pumped up, watched the game through to the bitter end, and caught all the post game coverage, articles, etc. Getting up at 530 AM caught up with me, however, and sleep became more important than Opening Day even against the Red Sox...*sigh*

    I've got to find a way to "fan up" and get that fire back in the belly. Next game is tomorrow so we'll see... 

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