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    As YankeeQueen I have official capacities. One of them is to exonerate people from troubles that have plagued them in the past, especially on the baseball diamond , where I might have denounced them, often, as "A-Choke." I want it to be known that Alex Rodriquez can no longer be accused of that in October as he has twice delivered us from the evils of possible elimination in the first round of a post season game. I know we are not "there" yet, so I won't give Alex OFFICIAL designation at this time. Instead, he's been placed on YankeeQueen's LIST of NOMINEES for STANDOUT PLAYER for the ALDS. Others seem to relish getting baked goods smashed in their faces. That's all well and good for the common types, Alex. But you keep on getting us out of 1-3 holes , tying the game , and paving the way for TEX to knock one out of the park, and knighthood could be yours.

    October 10, 2009
    5:58 PM
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