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    Location: Floating about in the ether
    Who is your cable or satellite provider? Other
    About Me: Retired hair stylist to the stars.
    Favorite Sports: MLB, NFL, College Football, Tennis
    Favorite Teams: Yankees, Giants, Rangers, Knicks, UM Hurricanes
    Favorite Players: Gehrig, Reggie, Murcer, Goose, Paulie, Mo, Bernie, Donnie, Matsui. Alvaro Espinoza!
    Favorite Sports Memory: First Yankee game at the stadium was Game 6 of the 1977 World Series. Yeah, that one.
    Least Favorite Teams: Blo Sux goes without saying. Cowgirls, Redskins, Eggles.
    Favorite TV Shows: Hong Kong Phooey reruns.
    Favorite Movies: Lots.
    Hobbies: Tarpon fishing. Dolphin fishing. Sailfish fishing. Fishing fishing. Painting, writing, looking at myself in the mirror.
    Relationship Status: Married