Off to the races

    Saturday, October 10, 2009, 1:32 AM [General]

    What a comeback!

    Tonight's game was a rollercoaster ride for us fans. Especially the Yes community. You have to admit, it started to look grim by the 9th inning. The Yankees down by 2 runs. Three outs left before the Yankees might have been 1-1 going to Minnesota. But we all have to remember this amazing year. These guys are the Kings of Comeback...

    My Pop's has always taught me that you should never give up on the New York Yankees. No matter what do NOT give up on the pinstripes. Mind you my father grew up watching the likes of Mantle, Maris, Berra and Joltin' Joe as a child. I heard those words from my Pop's when I was 8 years old watching the Yankees get pummled by the Baltimore Orioles in the early 80's and I hear those words to this very day.

    "Never give up"...

    As Yankee fans we may grow angry and frustrated, but just remember that this is baseball. These guys are humans and nobody is perfect. No matter what happens I will always support the pinstripes. I will always wear my Yankees hat with pride and I will always support them through the good and bad times. That is what being a Yankees fan is all about.

    It is about never giving up.


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