Christmas in July

    Wednesday, July 7, 2010, 12:19 PM [General]

    It's kind of like Christmas in July. We'll call it Lebronmas. Which makes tonight Lebronmas Eve. All the hype and "hoop"la has inspired yours truly to pen a poem. I hope this gets you further into the Free Agency holiday spirit.

    Twas the night before Lebron's choice and all through the land,
    All the fans will be stirring, wondering of the King's ransom demand.
    All the Jerseys will be hung by the chimney with care,
    With hopes that Lebron will pick theirs to wear.
    Fans of teams with a chance will be anything but snug in their beds,
    Tossing and turning with visions of No. 6 jerseys dancing in their heads.
    Will it be the Garden? Will it be South Beach? Will he stay home?
    Will it be Chicago? Will it be Newark? Where will he roam?
    We're just a day away from this insanity coming to an end,
    Where one human being will DEFINITELY make more than he can ever spend.

    Merry Lebronmas everyone, and to all a good night!

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    Like sands through the hour glass...

    Friday, June 25, 2010, 1:01 PM [General]

    It's the most watched soap opera since the inception of the television. No I'm not talking about Days of our Lives, General Hospital, or As the World Turns. I'm talking about season after season of Yankee baseball. I'm not referring to the players or the organization. I am referring to the over dramatic, must-win every game, maniacal Yankees fan.

    Who do we have to thank for this? Mr. Jack Dorsey. Who is Jack Dorsey? The creator and chairman of Twitter. Thank you Mr. Dorsey, without you this blog would not be able to exist.

    I knew long ago just how passionate, knowledgeable and rabid Yankee fans were long ago. However, you can't begin to even scratch the surface without being associated with Twitter. It's like looking inside a fish bowl and watching a bunch of angry fish after they've just eaten their weight in food, continuously bouncing off the glass because they want more. It's quite a scene. If you haven't tried it yet, I am recommending that you do.

    Now let me say this before people misconstrue what I am trying to say here. There is nothing wrong with people being intense fans. There is nothing I like more than people being passionate about something they love. I respect everyone that I follow on Twitter, and it's very cool to meet people that you would have never met without social networking.

    Where I draw the line, and as Peter Griffin from Family Guy would say, "What really grinds my gears," is when said fans start tweeting about what the Yankees need. I have news for you. The Yankees don't need anything. Jack Squat! Nada, zip, zero, zilch. There I said it.

    Think about it for a second. This team has been plagued with injuries. Jorge Posada, Curtis Granderson, Alfredo Aceves and Alex Rodriguez, have all missed time (also throw in Javier Vazquez's and Mark Teixeira's struggles in April and May) and the Bombers just keep marching forward.

    How? With players from inside their organization. Thirteen of the 25 players on the 25-man roster right now are homegrown Yankees. The farm has been very fruitful and is still very deep. Oh by the way, in case you haven't opened up a newspaper or looked at the standings via "the on-line" the Yankees are in FIRST PLACE! Despite the injuries, despite some slow starts, they are still on top in arguably the most competitive division in the Major Leagues!

    There are times to be upset, I can't fault any of you for that because we are all human. First place. People get emotional. The bald guy writing this is just as guilty of that as you. First place. All I'm saying is to show a little more positivity. I know you want the Yankees to win EVERY GAME, but they can't win EVERY GAME. First place. The waters in the Sea of Negativity should not be choppy. They should be relatively calm. First place. If you feel yourself getting seasick though, just look towards land. The Lighthouse of Hope will always be there to guide you.

    Have I mentioned the Yankees are in first place? Thank you Kevin Nealon. Subliminal man lives on!

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    The Superman II Theory ... that's what I'm going with

    Monday, May 24, 2010, 11:59 AM [General]

    I am a child of the 1980s and sometimes I can't help using the cheese I grew up watching to relate to the Yankees and their season. I'm going to break this down so you know my "Off the Wall" (see what I did there) thought process.

    When I think of the Yankees, I think of Superheroes. When healthy they are like the Super Friends. Think about it for a second. Would you be surprised if there were capes under the jerseys of Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte, CC Sabathia, or A.J. Burnett? Last season it seemed as though there were. All of the comebacks, all of the walk-off wins, and all of those pies courtesy of Burnett's Bakery.

    This season though, the injuries started to mount up. Curtis Granderson goes down, and Nick Johnson is lost for the better part of the year. Posada is out for six weeks, and Nick Swisher and Marcus Thames get knicked up, not to mention Teixeira continuing to be increasingly human with every at-bat. He is batting just .120 (3-for-25) over his last six games. Brett Gardner, who got out to a fast start this season is at .126 (4-for-26) over his last six. That is your two and three hitter for the past six games going 7-for-51 or hitting .153. Either way you look at it, it's very human. I'm not saying Gardner is supposed to be one of these super hero type players, but Teixeira is cut out of that mold.

    Now that you have some numbers to put together with the recent woes of the defending World Series Champions, put this in your pipe and smoke it. This is what I think about when I am sitting there watching a game. I don't go all BJD (short for Billy Joel Disease) and "Go to Extremes." I also don't suffer from JDD (short for Janet Jackson Disease) and ask, "What Have You Done For Me Lately." I come up with a Superman analogy. I know, I have issues.

    Do you remember what happened in Superman II? Clark Kent, aka Superman, has enough of the hero life and decides to become human. He uses his Fortress of Solitude crystal machine to transform him into a normal person so he could live a normal life and marry Lois Lane. Just as an aside, was there something wrong with people's vision in Metropolis? I mean I wear contacts sometimes and glasses sometimes, and people know who I am in both circumstances. Just saying. My point is he was ordinary. If you remember, after the transformation, he got his rear end kicked in that little diner and bled for the first time.
    Anyway, the Yankees are going through a tough stretch. Injuries, and players under-performing have made them ordinary just like the man in love from Krypton. Are they human to the point that they are the Royals or Pirates? Absolutely not. By the way, if you are fed up to the point where you can't take it, there are plenty of Royals and Pirates jerseys out there if you want to jump ship.

    The Yankees are going to continue to go through a rough patch until they start getting guys healthy. There are 118 games left. Yes, the Rays are for real and the Red Sox are starting to put some wins together. I know. But if you doubt the Yankees' pedigree, and you doubt the Yankees' talent, maybe you should doubt yourselves as fans. Because it's probably both of those things that brought you on board in the first place.

    Remember this as well, what happened at the end of Superman II?

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    Thoughts on a Friday

    Friday, May 14, 2010, 11:45 AM [General]

    It must be nice when one of the only problems you have in your life is another Hollywood starlet dating your ex-boyfriend. According to various sources, Kate Hudson has her collective undergarments in a bunch because Cameron Diaz is seeing Alex Rodriguez after Hudson and Rodriguez split. Hudson thinks Diaz is paying her back for her fling with Justin Timberlake after Diaz and Timberlake ended their relationship.

    It's horrible isn't it? How are either of them going to go on living?

    Then there's Ruben van Assouw. The lone survivor of a plane crash in Libya. He's nine. He and his family were on their way back home after a safari trip in Africa. Ruben lost his older brother Enzo and his parents. He has no clue they didn't make it. His aunt and uncle have the awful responsibility to let him know the family he once knew is no more. He sleeps a lot because of the anesthesia from the four-and-a-half hours worth of surgery he had to endure to repair his broken legs. However, that will pale in comparison, to the emptiness that will encircle him when he learns of his family's fate.

    Please for the sake of humanity, pray for Ruben.

    Please for the sake of my sanity, ignore the nonsensical news surrounding Kate and Cameron.

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    Thank You

    Tuesday, May 11, 2010, 12:41 PM [General]

    I'm not a Hallmark guy. I really don't like some greeting card writer trying to convey what I am feeling to the people I love. I'm also not a big fan of waiting for someone to leave this earth before I let them (and every one who reads my blog) know exactly how I feel about them.

    This past Sunday was Mother's Day as we all know. It was the first Mother's Day my best friend Mike experienced without his dear, departed mother. Joanie we will continue to miss you until our final days here. It's a shame I had to go through someone else's loss before I truly realized just how spoiled and lucky I am in my life.

    I am truly blessed. I have a Holy Trinity of women in my life who are always there for me. First and foremost, my wife. She is my rock, my right arm, my best friend, and my world. She is also the mother to our daughter Mackenzie and let's face it, she is a mother to me as well. I am such a mama's boy I think it was in our wedding contract. She is like my walking talking PDA, GPS, and BFF. If it wasn't for her, I would be lost.

    Then there's my mother-in-law. All through history, that title has brought shock and awe into the faces of men everywhere. It seemed as though men would rather hear they have kidney stones then learn that their mother-in-law was coming to visit. However, I have the polar opposite situation. I kind of lucked out because it's like she and my mother were separated at birth. My wife and I talk all the time at how eerily similar they are and it makes us love them even more. She treats me like the son she never had, and it's been that way since day one.

    Last, but certainly not least, there is the woman that carried me for 9 months. How do I know? Well because of science, and being reminded on almost a weekly basis when I do something to upset her. It's in the Italian mother DNA. Along with second and third helpings of the most delicious homemade meals on the planet, you also get second and third helpings of guilt. I wouldn't change a thing. My mother always took care of me, and always taught me right from wrong and how to treat people the way that I wanted to be treated. We didn't always have the hottest toy or the nicest clothes, but she gave me something that money can't buy, love. My brothers and I always had food on the table (home cooked after a long day of working herself), and clothes on our backs.

    If you looked up mother in the dictionary these three would all be part of the definition. They truly embody every fiber and both syllables of that word.

    Happy Mother's Day.

    Take that Hallmark.

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    To tase or not to tase...

    Tuesday, May 4, 2010, 10:46 AM [General]

    Why do you think it's cool to jump over a fence and run onto a field? Especially in these times, when security is at its peak. What do you get out of it? Fifteen-to-30 seconds of the sheep in the stands cheering for you to evade police and stadium security? A story to tell your friends the next day, or your grandkids years from now? "Did I ever tell you about the time your grandfather was the biggest **** in Citizen's Bank Park?"

    I'm not picking on you, Philadelphia. It just happens to be where the latest incident took place. Ah yes, the City of Brotherly Love, and induced puking on fans in front of you. What a place to bring your kids to a game! I speak from experience by the way.

    I went to college in the greater Philadelphia area as a New York sports fan. Trust me, you don't want to wear your colors anywhere near the city limits. Heck, walking out of a World Series game after working for last year, wearing a suit by the way, just walking back to my car, and someone in a Phillies jersey stared me down and just said, "**** you." Now that's class! When interleague play started back in 1997, I went to all three Yankees-Phillies games at the Vet, and a little boy who couldn't have been more than eight years old, saw my Yankees jacket and screamed, "Yankees bleeping suck!" It touched my heart.

    Okay enough of my fond memories of Philly. Let's get back to the matter at hand. A 17-year-old kid ran onto the field Monday night during the Cardinals-Phillies game and a police officer used a taser to bring him down. Now the questions of excessive force are being raised.

    PAH-lease. I say, bravo. Set a precedent. If spending the night in jail is no longer enough of a deterrent for these morons, let it be known that they will get tased as well. Everyone talks about the poor fan. What about the fan in the future who runs out onto the field and does harm to a player? Stop them and stop them now. If the idiot listened to the rules and stayed in his seat like 40,000-plus other fans, he wouldn't have been tased and he wouldn't have spent the night in jail.

    Stadiums have to send a message like this police officer did in Philadelphia right now. Police officers are out there to protect us. I commend that officer and only hope there are more like him.

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    Spinning the Headlines

    Friday, April 30, 2010, 2:23 PM [General]

    FAVRE NEEDS ANKLE SURGERY TO RETURN: Famed orthopedist Dr. James Andrews consulted with the former Vikings QB, or is he? Ah, let's face it: this guy flip-flops more than a kid at the beach. Who can keep up? Anyway, the humpty dumpty doctor of professional athletes says the gun-slinging, three-time league MVP will need ankle surgery in order to play again. Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives. Looks like ESPN's Rachel Nichols will be looking at real estate in Mississippi. Heck, it would make her life a lot easier if she had a place there or if Favre finally decided to just hang 'em up. The real question though, how many years until Andrews comes up with bionic technology? Something tells me "Six Million Dollars" isn't enough to finance it.

    LEBRON WINS MVP AWARD: For the second straight season the King rules the court. Lebron James becomes just the 10th NBA player to win back to back MVP awards. He joins Kareem, Wilt, Russell, Magic, Bird, Malone, Duncan, Jordan, and Nash. Leading us to the ever popular question, "Where will the King hold court next season?" Since the Knicks' season went the way of the 8 track, the New York Post has had a "Countdown to Lebron." If the Knicks are unable to land this guy, they might be set back as far as phonograph cylinder.

    TIGER CHASES CUT AT QUAIL HOLLOW: Eldrick didn't fare too well in the first round of the tournament he won back in 2007 shooting a 2 over 74. You have to expect this or Eastern religion would be turned on its ear! EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! KARMA IS KAPUT!

    Have a good weekend everyone.


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    Back in time

    Monday, April 26, 2010, 12:59 PM [General]

    Six series - just one series loss. Not a bad way to start a title defense season, when so many Chicken Littles were exclaiming, "The Sky is falling!" before the Yankees even took the field for the 2010 season.

    It's unbelievable how the modern day Yankees fan finds anything and everything to complain about. Is there something wrong with expecting excellence on a day-to-day - or night-to-night basis? Absolutely not. Is there something wrong with wondering why Javier Vazquez is off to a slow start? Absolutely not. You can get upset. You can have your opinions. You are fans. Probably some of the most knowledgeable fans in the game of baseball. That's what all the experts call fans in this area.

    Which leads me to ask you, some of the most knowledgeable fans in baseball, do you remember the mid to late 80's and early 90's? If you're going to get your collective underwear in a bunch every time one little negative thing goes wrong with your DEFENDING CHAMPION Yankees, you have to prove to me that you are one of these most knowledgeable fans and you remember the suffering.

    If you don't, do me a favor, take my hand, and step into my Delorean. Okay, the time circuits are on, and the flux capacitor, is, um, fluxing. Buckle up, we have to get this thing up to 88 miles an hour, we're heading back to 1989.


    We're here! I hope the ride wasn't too bumpy. Sunday October 1, 1989. The Yankees finish up their season with a loss to the Tigers. There record 74-87, good for fifth in the American League East. Two of the five starting pitchers didn't have losing records. Andy Hawkins was 15-15 and Walt Terrell was 6-5.

    Okay back in the car, we're headed to 1990.


    October 3, 1990. The Yankees wrap up another awful season. Present day Orioles-esque if you will, at 67-95. Good for a dead last, seventh-place finish in the AL East. No starter had a winning record. Oh we're not close to done.


    We arrive on Sunday, October 6, 1991. My freshman year in college. The Yankees this time end the season on a winning note. A 7-4 win over the 57-105 Cleveland Indians. Your winning pitcher, current Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland. The Yankees finish 71-91, good for fifth out of seven in the AL East. Scott Sanderson was the only starter with a winning record at 16-10. After Steve Farr closed out games, they played Twisted Sister's, "We're Not Gonna Take It." I had it cued on my tape deck and blasted it in my room.

    No we're not done yet. Back in the car you go.

    **88 MPH yadda, yadda, yadda**  

    Sunday October 4, 1992 - The Yankees finish the season with back-to-back losses to the Red Sox. No Yankee starter hit over .300 (Don Mattingly was the closest at .288) and you guessed it one starter had a winning record, Sanderson (12-11).

    Okay let's head Back to the Future.


    We're back in 2010. What have you learned my little chick-a-dees? Hopefully that the grass wasn't always this green when it came to your beloved New York Yankees. You, we, are all enjoying the greenest pastures since Yogi Berra was striding into the batters box and behind the plate. No they don't have the amount of championships Yogi enjoyed, but they're halfway there. Since 1996, seven World Series appearances, and five World Series Championships, that's something to smile about.

    If you don't start smiling I am putting you back in the Delorean and I'm dropping you off at the beginning of the 1990 season, and I am going to repeatedly take you back to the beginning until you scream, "Uncle!"

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    Title defense begins

    Wednesday, March 3, 2010, 2:22 PM [General]

    How many times in your life have these words come out of your mouth, "It seems like it was yesterday when...." Well, standing in the dugout, at Steinbrenner Field, on Opening Day of Spring Training in Tampa, Fla., summoned those words out of my pie hole. I turned to Joe Auriemma, the Godfather of, and said, "It seems like it was yesterday that we were standing at the Palace in the Bronx postgame after a Game 6 win equalled a 27th World Championship. It also feels like it as well.
    Temperatures in Tampa are not very Tampa-esque. I talked to Tampa native, and Yankees fan favorite, Tino Martinez, before the game and he told me he's been wearing sweatshirts since Christmas and he can't wait to ditch the extra layers.

    It is unseasonably cold, not cool, cold. The wind is whipping down here, and although our broadcast reported 55 as the game time temperature, it feels like it's about 35-40 with the wind chill. Yes, I said wind chill in Tampa.

    Listen, I'm not complaining. I wouldn't trade being in Tampa covering the Yankees for anything in the world. I'm just saying, when I come to Florida, I don't expect old injuries to start acting up because of the cold weather. There I said it.

    So the Yankees officially begin their title defense. Pitchers and catchers reported, then the rest of the team followed suit, now believe it or not it's the first game of Spring Training. Despite the loss of clubhouse favorite Johnny Damon, the clubhouse is brimming with enthusiasm and confidence. This is a team that lost some key players from last year's championship run, but it's also a team that added key ingredients to chase down yet another title.

    I believe that would make it 28. Hey, before you know it we will could be saying, "It seems like yesterday we were freezing in Tampa, and now we're back in the World Series."

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    Open Letter of Apology

    Monday, January 18, 2010, 1:11 PM [General]

    Dear Coach Ryan and the entire New York Jets team:

    Over the past two weeks I have doubted all of the bravado.  I scoffed at your comment coach, about how your team should have been the favorite in the "tournament."  I thought you would lose to Cincinnati in Cincinnati.  After that win, I thought you would lose and lose handily to the Chargers in San Diego.  The Chargers were a team that won 11 games in a row and had offensive weapons of mass destruction.  However, said "weapons of offensive mass destruction" never materialized.  I can't remember where I've heard that before.

    Anyway coach, I would just like to say from the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry.  ***Shameless plug alert*** Not that you or anyone on your squad listens to the "Off the Wall" podcast here on, but just in case any of you do -- I'm sorry.  I am not a man who is afraid to admit when he was wrong.  The year the Giants went to the Super Bowl and beat the Patriots, no one saw that coming.  I predicted the Giants to be 5-11 that year.  I ate my words, literally at the end of that season.  I had the record I predicted written on top of a chocolate cake.  Being wrong never tasted so sweet.

    Now coach it's your turn.  You have one more obstacle ahead of you:  Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts.  This is the same team that by giving up their undefeated season basically allowed you to make the playoffs.  Now the pandemic of Gang Green that has spread throughout the tri-state area, will be making its way west toward Indianapolis.  Not only would you have ended their bid for a perfect season, you can end their season!

    How sweet would that be coach?  How sweet would it be to shut everyone in this town up?  Everyone who thought you didn't have a chance to win that regular season game if Mr. MVP Manning didn't exit. 

    The stars are aligning coach.  The opportunity to be great, no, dare I say, Super, is within your grasp.  You know before this past weekend, the hottest team in the playoffs was the Dallas Cowboys.  Now it's your New York Jets. 

    A rookie coach and a rookie quarterback have a chance at immortality with just two more wins.  It's been 41 years since the Jets brought legitamcy to the AFL with their only Super Bowl appearance and win.  There was a leader on that team with a lot of moxy.  You may remember him, Joe Namath?  He too predicted the Jets would win it all.  People laughed and scoffed at him.  41 years later people laughed and scoffed at your big-time bravado and your bold predictions.  You've said so long to Cincinnati, you've given San Diego a Ron Burgundy send off, and now you get the chance to prove Week 16 was no fluke against the Colts.  The same franchise it all started with for the Jets 41 years ago.  Poetic justice?  Absolutely.  Go get 'em coach.


    Chris Shearn
    Expert on predicting wrong outcomes 

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    Hall of Fame should be steroid free

    Tuesday, January 12, 2010, 3:22 PM [General]

    Mark McGwire came out yesterday and told us what we had known for years. This goes back to the late 1980s for crying out loud. I say this all the time. I was a sophomore in high school and my friends and I who were 15 at the time recognized McGwire and Jose Canseco were chemically enhanced. It didn't take a brain surgeon to look at McGwire's rookie card and then look at him 10 years down the road and say to yourself, "That isn't normal." Anyone who has worked out on a consistent basis knows there are some people who are naturally built and some people who've had some, cough-cough, wink-wink, help.

    This admission, which we didn't really need because we all knew anyway, lends even further credence to anything that comes out of the mouth of Canseco. If you hung out with this guy at any point in your life, I would start lining up a legal team and a team of image consultants pronto.

    McGwire told The Associated Press he only took steroids to recover from injury, doing it for health purposes, not strength purposes. Pardon me, but most of the stories you hear about guys taking steroids, they are taking them to get stronger and to get an edge. By the way, when you go from looking like a normal human being to looking like something Dr. Frankenstein created, you are looking to use a telephone pole as a baseball bat to crush home runs over 500 feet, not to prevent yourself from having a heart attack or come back from a heel injury.

    So now the Hall of Fame discussion comes into play. Here is my answer, infinity times: NO. I am instituting the "Mattingly Rule" here. Some argue Don Mattingly isn't even close to being a candidate. There are some like myself who believe he is on the cusp. Want an argument? Two words, Kirby Puckett. That is another topic for another blog.

    Here is the definition of my "Mattingly Rule." If all of these guys are using the excuse that they were using to come back from injury, then they were aided and abetted by the use of performance enhancing drugs. Donnie Baseball didn't turn to anything to enhance his brutal back situation. He had a run for six years where he was putting up Cooperstown caliber numbers, including between 1985 and 1987 where he hit 96 home runs and struck out only 114 times.  Also throw in nine gold gloves, an AL batting title, an AL MVP, and six All-Star appearances.

    The 1990 season is where it all started to go south with his back problems. Did Mattingly turn to PEDs to enhance his numbers? No. So how could you reward one of these cheaters, when a guy like Mattingly just succumbed to his injury the way a normal human being would?

    In my book, the answer is you can't. Shame on the writers, and shame on the Hall of Fame if they ever immortalize any of these cheaters. Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa allegedly took PED's as well. Who knows if we'll ever hear from them.

    So what do you do with these records that were broken? Here's a thought. Roger Maris had to deal with Ford Frick's decision to apply an asterisk to his single season record back in the Summer of '61. Now the asterisk next to his name should be defined as follows:

    Single Season Home Run Leaders
    Barry Bonds 73
    Mark McGwire 70
    Roger Maris - 61*

    One more for you:
    Career Home Run Leaders
    Barry Bonds 762
    Hank Aaron - 755*

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    The NBA...Where Amazing Happens

    Sunday, January 3, 2010, 11:40 AM [General]

    Excuse me Commissioner David Stern, does "Amazing" include players pulling guns on each other in an NBA locker room over a gambling debt?  You all know the story by now, unless you don't like to watch TV, you don't know how to surf that super highway thingie, or hate getting ink on your fingers from reading the paper.  Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton had a little dust up over Arenas' 25,000 dollar charter flight poker debt to Crittenton.  Crtittenton allegedly told Arenas he wasn't "his punk" and Arenas allegedly took out a gun, in the locker room, and aimed it at his teammate.  Crittenton, not to be outdone, took out his own gun and returned the aiming.  They do call Arenas "Agent Zero".  "007" had a gun, why not Arenas?  It does give a new meaning to his position of "shooting" guard as well.  Want another joke?  The NBA's collective bargaining agreement allows for players to legally possess firearms, but prohibits them at league facilities or when traveling on league business!  That is in the CBA?!  Really?!  It's not just common sense?

    All kidding aside, deceased Wizards owner Abe Polan must be spinning around in his grave.  This is the guy who changed the name of his franchise from the Bullets to the Wizards because he thought Bullets promoted gun violence.  Apparently the Wizards themselves are promoting it now.  This is just further proof that nothing is in a nickname.

    Not since Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton dueled it out back on July 11, 1804, has there been such drama.  The NBA, it's FANtastic.  Especially for all of the young fans out there who follow every move these guys make.

    Why is it always all about not being a punk?  A lot of times, the crutch in this situation is the surroundings and upbringing some of these guys had to endure.  I admit, my perception of their reality is a little off.  Arenas was abandoned by his drug addict mother, and raised by a single father, Crittenton was raised by a single mother.  My parents were there and are still there to this day.  I know I can't relate to what they had to go through growing up, but there is no excuse to act the way they acted in the locker room over Christmas.  These guys were blessed, and have worked hard, to play a professional sport and get paid handsomely to do it.  They should stop, look in the mirror daily, and realize that they made it!  They live in nice houses, they have nice cars, when they go to work, they are playing a game.  When most of us go to work we are daydreaming about doing what these guys are able to do on a basketball court.

    What a lot of these guys fail to realize is, they are revered, admired, and put on a pedestal by young fans all over the world.  They idolize these guys, and what does this teach kids?  When they are owed a dollar for borrowed lunch money and they don't get paid are they going to go to their locker and settle it by pulling a gun, because they aren't a punk?

    These guys are making good money.  Arenas is over 16 million a year this season and it goes up every year until the 2013-14 season where he will be banking over 22 million.  Although if the Mayans are right he won't be making anything, in fact none of us will after December 21, 2012.  Crittenton is making 1.5 million this season, the final year of his deal.

    The investigation into this alleged incident is still ongoing.  I don't know what NBA Commissioner David Stern will do when, and if its proven, but the penalty should be severe.  You don't think so?  If this did indeed happen, what if one of these guys actually pulled the trigger?

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