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    Monday, December 7, 2009, 3:18 PM [General]

    Hello boys and girls! Because I can't do a podcast every day (click here to listen to my Off the Wall Podcasts), and because there are things happening all the time in the world of sports, I thought it would be a great idea to do a weekly wrap up to discuss all things sports, filtered through my mind. Think of it as the sports world through Shearn-colored glasses, or think of me as a coffee filter, the grinds are my brains, and the sports news that comes in is the water being poured through said grinds.

    Now that you have a good visual, we may begin.

    tiger_350_120709.jpgTiger Woods: Why does this shock people? Why is the fourth woman shocking people? Why did the first, second, or third woman shock people? This guy makes a ton of money, and he is one of the most powerful athletes on the planet. Michael Jordan once held that distinction, you think he was faithful to one woman? You think Julius Caesar was monogamous? How about John F. Kennedy? Bill Clinton? The line from Spiderman from Uncle Ben to Peter Parker needs to be amended, "With great power comes great responsibility, and a conga line of women."

    Mark Mangino: The Kansas Jayhawks coach agreed to resign late last week amidst an investigation to see if he was too rough on his players. A football coach too rough on his players? A football coach getting too personal with his players? This is news? Where did these guys grow up? Why did they sign to play for Mangino? Why not transfer if he was too rough on them? He may have been a complete another word for donkey, but last time I checked football coaches get edgy sometimes. This is the product of kids growing up and always winning, even if they come in last place. As the late great George Carlin once said, "You aren't the last winner, you lost." Losing teaches you a lot of things. Trust me, I can speak from tons of experience in that department. It makes you appreciate the work you have to put in to actually win something. By the way, no one seemed to mind his coaching ways when the team went 12-1 and beat Virginia Tech in the Fiesta Bowl in 2007.

    Nets first win: The New Jersey Nets finally won a basketball game. Kiki Vandeweghe took over for Lawrence Frank and will try to develop the Nets' young talent the rest of the way. Frank got a raw deal. He's a good coach and a great human being. He will land on his feet somewhere else. As for the Nets, they are headed for a lottery pick, and according to Rod Thorn they have a shot at being close to $27 million under the cap when the season ends.

    Roy Halladay: The Blue Jays right-hander said he would approve a trade to the Yankees, and why not considering his former co-pilot A.J. Burnett will be sporting a very big ring with lots of diamonds in it come April. Halladay told the Jays he would not accept any trade after Spring Training starts though. Yankee fans who want Halladay at his cost need to stop the insanity. He is going to command CC Sabathia money or more and a multi-year contract. You want the Yankees to spend $23 million or more five years down the road on a 37-year-old starter? Twenty-three million? If you do, don't complain about the price for tickets. Would the Yankees be ridiculously stacked with starting pitching, YES! But at what cost? Mortgaging the future for what a guy has done in the past makes no sense. See the Don Mattingly years.

    Premature Celebrations: First quarter - Cowboys vs. Giants 12:37 left - Marion Barber rushes for a first down and celebrates like he just won the Super Bowl. I have no issue with a big sack celebration to take a team out of field goal range at any point in the game. I have no problem with celebrations after first downs to seal the game. Too many times though guys, even when they are losing by 17 points, will get up after a tackle and act like they just won the game. STOP! ENOUGH! What happened to making a routine play and just acting like you've been there before. Barry Sanders, I miss you.

    "Cleatus" The Fox Robot: Does FOX really need to continue with this thing? Does the NFL need to be sold by an animated graphic of a robot named Cleatus? Or can it stand on its own by the ratings it gets and the excitement that the most watched league brings to the table year in and year out?
    Dear Fox,
    Please take Cleatus out back and disassemble him. Yes that is a Short Circuit reference.
    Chris Shearn

    Jersey Shore: Does it bother anyone else from New Jersey, besides me, that their is just one person on this show, just one, FROM NEW JERSEY?! Yet this is the stereotype branded onto people from New Jersey. Take a look at the cast. Take a look at where they are from. Maybe call the show the "Ferry hits the Shore" - nuff said. Thank you MTV, thank you for proving that the shore has plenty of bennies and the stereotypes could be deflected to other parts of the tri-state area.

    Vantage Point: When you have a year old baby it's tough to watch movies when they come out. I wanted to see "Vantage Point" with Dennis Quaid in 2008, but couldn't get myself to the movies. Well recently, as luck would have it, during nap time, I found it on DirecTV and got the chance to check it out. Great movie. Interesting premise. Deserving of the Golden Globe for Best Thriller.

    Well another week is upon us. What will transpire? What will filter through my noggin and be spit out in another Off the Wall Weekly? Tune in next week. Same Chris time, same Chris channel.


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    Preaching from the Pulpit...(well the media cafeteria)

    Sunday, October 25, 2009, 6:55 PM [General]

    All season long the Lighthouse of Hope has been trying to guide the ships full of glass half full Yankee fans through their Sea of Negativity and to solid ground.  All season long, the negativity, much like the mood slime from Ghostbusters 2, has been trying to overtake the Lighthouse, and all season long it has failed. 
    Whether it be monsoons, tsunami's, hurricanes, or water spouts half full of hope, the Lighthouse has remained sturdy and hasn't faltered.  The Lighthouse is always here to flip the script from negative to positive.  Even in times of despair.  Even in times of deficits, the light always shines through.  Through the fog, through the choppy waters, through a critical Game 6 tonight.  Can I get an amen?!
    As fans, this isn't a time to be timid and shake in a corner.  As fans, this isn't a time to think of 2004.  No brothers and sisters, as fans this is a time to stand up as one.  This is a time to stand up and have confidence in a team that won 103 games.  A team that has 52 comeback victories.  A team that exorcised their Red Sox demons.  A team that always seems to come through when it needs to get the job done.  A team that has lost just eight games at home since the All-Star break. 
    Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, tonight is the night where you take pride in your pinstripe affiliation.  Tonight is the night, where instead of worrying about the past, you concentrate on the present and future.  Tonight is the night where you all stand as one, stand as one collected and confident group, and watch as the Bronx Bombers go after their 40th trip to the Fall Classic.
    Let us Pray and Let's Go Yankees.

    Today in Postseason History:  The New York Mets rally from three runs with two outs in the 10th inning to win Game 6 of the ALCS. 
    Karma is on New York's side on this night.

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    2009 or 5 AD

    Saturday, October 24, 2009, 5:58 PM [General]

    If you look at your calendars you will clearly see the year we are in is 2009, or for "The sky is falling" Yankees fans, 5 AD.  That would be five years After Devastation. 
    Last time I checked this year's roster was a little different from the roster in 2004.  Last time I checked the starting pitching wasn't as shaky as the San Andreas Fault.  Last time I checked the lineup was about as solid as its been in quite some time.  Last time I checked, I weighed 195 pounds.  I need to get back to the gym.
    Look, I know as well as everyone else that the spector of 2004 popped into every Yankee fans head as soon as Nick Swisher's pop out with the bases loaded was squeezed at shorstop on Thursday night.  The difference between 2004 and 2009 fans?  Pitching and defense. 
    Mark Teixeira doesn't have the numbers with his bat.  Although he has hit a walk off home run, and helped the Yankees claw their way back in Game 5 Thursday night with his bases clearing double in the 7th.  The intangible that Tex brings to this team more than his hitting right now, is his glove.  He has saved more than a handful of games during the regular season and a couple of post season games as well.  
    Now the pitching.  Game 6 in 2004 you starter was Jon Lieber.  Game 6 in 2009 is Andy Pettitte.  Advantage 2009.  Game 7 if necessary your starter will be CC Sabathia.  Game 7 in 2004 was Kevin Brown with Javier Vasquez on deck.  Yuck. 
    The bullpen has been unreliable as of late, but the thing you have to remember is, the Angels are a great team.  Phil Hughes will get big outs.  Joba Chamberlain will get big outs.  They got big outs all season long, and there time will come again in Game 6 and Game 7.
    Sure the Yankees could have wrapped this up in four.  Sure the Yankees could have wrapped this up in five.  They didn't.  We are here for a Game 6.  The past is the past. 
    By the way, all you Yankee haters, and you know who you are, why not succumb?  Join the Darkside.  Resistance is futile.  Wait, that was Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Great, now I'll have the Trekkies as well as everyone who hates the Yankees on my case.  Such is life.
    Also for the non-believers 2009 playoffs (thanks for the research YES Research staff):

    Yankees                                                                    Opponent


    Wins                       6                                               2

    Runs                     43 (5.4 /G)                                  23   (2.9 /G)

    AVG                     .257 (76-296)                              .241 (71-295)

    HR                          14                                               4


    ERA                       2.52 (22 ER - 78.2 IP)                   4.60 (39 ER - 76.1 IP)


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    A Half Dozen

    Wednesday, October 21, 2009, 11:58 AM [General]

    Have you ever ordered six bagels? Six donuts? Six geese a laying? Six anything? Well how about we all order six more Yankee wins?

    Did you know you can almost count to six on one hand. If you're Antonio Alfonseca, you actually can count to six on one hand. Google him if you don't know him, or if you're too lazy, he was a relief pitcher in the bigs and he has six fingers on his right hand. Much like Count Rugen from "The Princess Bride," but Alfonseca didn't kill Inigo Montoya's father.


    Sorry couldn't help myself.

    So just six more wins and the Yankees will be parading down the Canyon of Heroes. It won't be easy though. If the Yankees get past the Angels, they will have to deal with the Dodgers or Phillies. By the way, let me just say right now, I am hoping the Phillies win the NL pennant. Are you asking, "Why Chris?" Well if you are, here's why. If the Dodgers and Yankees make the World Series, it's not going to be about the Dodgers and the Yankees. It will be about Joe Torre and his return to the Bronx, and if he can be beat the team who let him go.

    I don't want that.I want the games to be the story. I don't want Torre being the story. So "Access Hollywood," "Inside Edition" and all you entertainment shows drooling over the possibility of this happening, I boo you. Stick to Jon and Kate, it's what you do best. Leave sports to the people who cover it all season long. Leave the Yankees to the people who are there for Baltimore in April and the Nationals in June. Thank you.

    Now, even with a 2-0 lead over the Angels in the ALCS there is still some cause for concern. This is a good team. They have a great manager. The Angels aren't going to just let the Yankees walk in to their house and let them walk right over them.

    The temperature in Anaheim is much more baseball friendly; the forecast is 71 degrees and sunny. There won't be any ski masks, or any hats with ear flaps, unless Elmer Fudd decides to make an appearance. That's his normal wardrobe. The next three games are on the left coast. Game 3 this afternoon, Game 4 tomorrow night, and Game 5, if necessary, on Thursday.

    I'd rather not see pinstripes again until October 28th.

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