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Sometimes, a team just can’t fill a position for more than a few years. For the White Sox and Mets, that position famously was third base. The former team had little of lasting value at the hot corner between Willie Kamm and Robin Ventura, a span of decades. The Mets couldn’t keep a player on third from 1962 until Howard Johnson emerged as a regular in 1987, although Wayne Garrett was a better hitter than he was given credit for being at the time. For the Yankees, that position is left field. Regardless of the ultimate allocation of playing time for the position in 2010, with Johnny Damon moving on, the team will be continuing a tradition that has lasted over 30 years. Now, this isn’t an excuse for violin-playing, because unlike the White Sox and Mets -- who had to live

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I don’t know how these last 10 years have been for you, but there have been a lot of changes for me. When 2000 began I had no children. Now I have two. I had two working eyes. Now I have one. This feature was running at Now it’s at YES. On the whole, I’d say I’ve come out ahead. I hope that the decade was as friendly to you, though I know that for many it has been rough going. The Yankees have been through a lot of changes as well. With this first 10 years of the 21st century coming to a close, some Yankees top 10 for the years 2000 to 2009:

Games played
1    Derek Jeter            1500 
2    Jorge Posada        

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I’m a day behind here as the Baseball Prospectus annual has done its usual job of turning my world on its ear; since the end of the World Series, the day of the week hasn’t mattered, the hour hasn’t mattered, it’s just book, book, and book some more, book around the clock. It’s not just the complete collapse of my circadian rhythms that has me in a sour mood today, but the latest news surrounding the Yankees and their rivals.

•    I remain convinced that the Yankees, in their eagerness to free up the designated hitter spot for a rotation, have made a mistake in pursuing Johnny Damon more avidly than they did Hideki Matsui. Matsui took the hit and got gone, reportedly signing a one-year deal with the Angels.  Despite his fragility, Matsui

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Before we move on to the news of the day, you will note that we have a new official home here, the My YES section of the YES Network media empire. I’m excited about the new digs as I’ll be able to more easily post photos as I cover games (mostly of the buffet, probably) and interact with you more directly. For those who have bookmarked us at that will still work, while the My YES URL is right here. You will still be able to find the ol’ Pinstriped Bible highlighted on the main page, but these two addresses will be the most direct and reliable way to reach us. I look forward to seeing you there (pants optional but preferred).

Pack up all your care and woe,

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As you have very likely seen by now, the Yankees have declined to offer arbitration to any of their free agents. They have elected not to get tied into an inflexible negotiating position with any of their veterans. The downside to this decision is that if Johnny Damon leaves the Yankees won't pick up a free draft pick.

Now, on the positive side, this decision doesn't mean that Damon and pals are definitely gone. The Yankees can keep talking to as many of their free agents as they're interested in retaining, even Xavier Nady. To paraphrase Yogi Berra, it ain't over 'til the fat agent sings (about signing with another team). Meanwhile, a handful of players were offered arbitration, including some players that have been rumored to attract the roving eye