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Posted by: Pinstriped Bible on Jul 31, 2010 at 03:51:52 PM

Now that the Berkman trade is official, a couple of words on the price paid to get him:

Mark Melancon was treated strangely by the Yankees this year and in general. His resume entering the season as excellent. They signed Chan Ho Park despite possessing a kid who threw in the low-90s, a cruel curve, and ground-ball tendencies. In both the minors and the majors, he was very difficult to take out of the park; in 232 processional innings, Melancon has allowed just 15 home runs. His control was also good in the minors, at least until this season. He struggled with walks in the majors, and seemed to take that problem back to Scranton with him, so we will never know if he would have licked the problem with more patient handling.

The stranger part of Melancon’s Yankees years was the way

Posted by: Pinstriped Bible on May 19, 2010 at 03:14:03 PM

I know I’ve been kvetching about the composition of the Yankees’ roster for awhile now, but it remains an important issue, something that Tuesday night’s game amply demonstrated. With 13 pitchers and two injured regulars on the bench, Joe Girardi had absolutely no flexibility in the crucial ninth inning. Could he put in a defensive substitute for Marcus Thames in the top of the inning? Pinch-hit for Francisco Cervelli, Thames, Juan Miranda, or Randy Winn in the bottom of the inning? The answer to all of the above was no. What he could do, and did, was pinch-run with Ramiro Pena and enjoy the company of Mark Melancon, who wasn’t used, and Boone Logan, who is left-handed and therefore gets to stay on the club without

Posted by: Pinstriped Bible on May 6, 2010 at 06:19:34 PM

I’ve always been a big supporter of David Robertson’s. His Minor League track record was exemplary, featuring the killer strikeout rates he carried over to the majors. Last year, I felt the Yankees were too slow to embrace him and too conservative when it came to challenging him with appearances in critical situations. I remain enthusiastic about his Major League future. However, it seems like that future is not now.

In nine games this season, Robertston has yet to have one perfect appearance. His walks have been acceptable, his strikeout rate still good, but his mechanics and command seem to have gotten completely out of hand. His last three appearances, each spaced four days apart from its predecessor, have been disastrous. He’s allowed

Posted by: Pinstriped Bible on Mar 19, 2010 at 09:52:24 AM

But what is he a monument to? He had a solid inning on Thursday, but it’s still not obvious why he’s on the team, other than to provide depth for its own sake. Depth is a valid concern, but the Yankees would be better off in the long term getting Mark Melancon established.

…Why hasn’t Jesus Montero been cut yet? Shouldn’t he be allowed to go to the Minor League camp and start playing every day? He’s not making the team unless Nick Johnson joins Grant Desme in religious seclusion. You’d like to see him unlimber, if only so that if there’s an injury to Johnson or one of the catchers, the Yankees can give him honest consideration for the spot.


Reader Rob takes issue

Posted by: Pinstriped Bible on Mar 1, 2010 at 12:58:44 PM

I'm traveling today and not all that wired in at this writing, but so far that hasn't mattered much because Spring Training, at least Yankees Spring Training, has been on the slow side. Sure, there are a few interesting storylines—Jesus Montero, the fifth-starter duel, the left field mix—but Montero isn't going anywhere, the fifth-starter thing won't even give a hint of resolution for a couple of starts, and left field seems like a six of one/half-dozen of the other thing, so there's not much tension there.

I can dream of a different spring, a more compelling exercise full of stories that we would await with anticipation as we would the next Harry Potter novel. My top five wishes for a parallel-Earth Spring Training:

1. Derek Jeter is tutoring a 21-year-old shortstop who hit

Posted by: Pinstriped Bible on Feb 22, 2010 at 08:05:36 PM

The Yankees added a veteran right-hander to their bullpen today when they signed the soon-to-be 37-year-old Chan Ho Park to a one-year deal. Park comes to the Yankees hot off of 3.1 scoreless innings against them in four appearances in the World Series.

Park’s career has been defined by the nine seasons he spent as a starter with the Dodgers, particularly at Dodger Stadium. In his career, Park has a 2.95 ERA at Chavez Ravine, 5.12 everywhere else. Foolishly disregarding his own dependence on the ballpark, in 2002 Park joined the Texas Rangers as a free agent, going from the DH-free league to the AL and from a pitcher’s park to a hitter’s paradise. He was predictably shellacked. His career ERA at the Ballpark in Arlington was 5.74, as Park’s tendency towards wildness