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“The trick is to grow up without growing old.”
- Casey Stengel

The Pinstriped Bible has a new look! Veteran baseball writer Steven Goldman and his colleagues present a site with more frequent updates, and added features including video and audio podcasts. Click here for your new home of all things Yankees and varied interests that on any given day could include the worst Beatles song, the best Hitchcock film, or a guide to the best places to grab a taco in Brooklyn.

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One of the frustrations of watching baseball is when a team takes a player of limited skills and pretends him into being someone who can actually play. Ramiro Pena is a case in point. During the second game on Wednesday, Michael Kay remarked that Pena looked frustrated. Of course he’s frustrated—he can’t hit. Whatever the benefits his glove confers, Joe Girardi should know that intentionally inflicting Pena on the starting lineup in both ends of a doubleheader is just giving away offense. This is especially true when Kevin Russo, who has shown that he can hit a bit, is still on the roster. Russo isn’t a shortstop, but third base shouldn’t have been out of the question.

Before I get e-mail reminding me that Pena hit .287 last year, first, remember

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Join me today at 12:30 p.m. for a live Yankees chat.

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Welcome to the all-new and Steven Goldman's new home on An acclaimed Internet baseball columnist and noted Yankees historian, Goldman has authored the daily Pinstriped Blog on since 2005. "Forging Genius," Steve's biography of Casey Stengel, and "Mind Game," the story of the Red Sox' 2004 championship, and "Baseball Between the Numbers," from the authors of Baseball Prospectus, are  available at

Along with Steve's recent thoughts on the 2009 Hall of Fame ballot, which included his takes on the merits of Don Mattingly and Tim Raines, he provided Yankees analysis throughout their run to their 27th World Championship while looking ahead to what he believes the team needs to do to repeat in 2010.

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