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      Who is your cable or satellite provider? Cablevision
      About Me: I'm a huge Yankees fan,i believe the number 1 yankees fan.been a fan since i was 6 and til the day i die.all my friends think im crazy bc when i have a son i want to name him Derek.I really want to get a Yankees tattoo hopefully soon even though im really scared of needles.When we dodnt win the World Series all my friends and family now not to talk to me for weeks or months.My dream job is to work for the Yankees and I dont even care what i would do just working for them would make me so happy.
      Favorite Sports: MLB
      Favorite Teams: New York Yankees,New York Giants
      Favorite Players: The Core 4
      Favorite Sports Memory: In 2001 i meet Derek Jeter,Scott Brosius and Shane Spencer.I took a pic with Derek and the picture sits on my desk in my room. and got to go in the Yankees dugout and sat 3 seats from the Yankees dugout :)
      Least Favorite Teams: Boston Red Soxs,Dallas Cowboys
      Favorite TV Shows: Anything that has to do with the Yankees
      Hobbies: Watching the Yankees kick butt :)
      Relationship Status: Single
      AIM Name: LhlovesDJ
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