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Posted by: darkdragonic on Feb 8, 2010 at 01:01:05 AM

My favorite Super Bowl XLIV commercial are

1. "The House of Beer" where the house is made out of bud light beer cans and bottles that are not empty. That is awesome.

2. "Playing Nice" The Doritos commercial with the little kid telling his mom boyfriend not to mess with her mama and his doritos. That was hilarious.

3. "Calf Growing Up" Budweisser commercial where the horse and calf grew up together. The calf couldn't get pass the fence until 3 years later, it was older and ran pass the fence. I thought that was pretty cool.

4. "Brett Farve" It's the Hyundai car commercial. Its year 2020 and Brett Farve is still playing. He is 2020 MVP and thinking about retiring then again maybe not.


This commercials are in no particular order. What's you're favorite Super Bowl XLIV commercial?