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Posted by: darkdragonic on Apr 8, 2010 at 12:42:20 AM

Yankees 3 Red Sox 1

Yankees take 2 out of 3 at Fenway Park. Pitching dominated this series finale. Andy Pettite pitched 6 great innings in his first start of 2010. Pettite gave up only one run. Nothing more you can say about that.

Chan Ho Park redeemed himself with 3 shutout innings in relief. Great job by Park especially against the Red Sox which is not an easy thing to do in relief.

Nick Swisher finally the Yankees on board with a game tying single in the 7th inning. Good heads up for Jorge Posada to go back to the plate and touch it after he missed it to avoid a tag from Victor Martinez in which he never caught the ball.

Curtis Granderson welcome to the Yankees. Granderson with a huge solo shot in the 10th inning to give the Yankees the lead. His next true test is Yankee Stadium.

Posted by: darkdragonic on Nov 5, 2009 at 03:58:37 PM

We started this decade with the New York Yankees as World Series Champions in 2000. We end this decade in 2009 with the New York Yankees as World Series Champions.

What a game. With all the speculation that using 3 pitchers on 3 days rest could cost them, but in end it resulted in World Series title.

Andy Pettite on 3 days rest pitched great. He didn't over do it and pitched smartly. He earned his 18th career postseason win. He won all 3 clinching series games. Simply Amazing.

Yankees offense was really Hideki Matsui. He went 8 for 13 in the World Series. He had 6 RBIs in the clinching game, unbelievable. He went to be the World Series MVP. The first time Japan born player ever won it.

Mariano Rivera shuts down the Phillies for the final 5 outs. How fitting a new stadium, Andy Pettite

Posted by: darkdragonic on Nov 1, 2009 at 01:13:47 AM

The rain and held up and the Yankees take back homefield on the road. The Yankees now lead in the World Series 2-1.

Pettite another win in the postseason. I believe he has 17 now. It didn't looked that way in the first two innings as he threw a lot of pitches and struggled, but after that he was great. See that is one thing about Andy Pettite that you count on is when he struggles, he will limit the damage, keep his team in the game, and grind out innings. He did all that and pitched 6 innings. Probably "greatest hitter in postseason history," he hit an RBI single which surprised me and probably everyone in the world because I thought he was going to bunt. Great night for Andy Pettite and the Yankees.

As for the Yankees offense, they exploded. Alex Rodriguez 2 run home run got the team

Posted by: darkdragonic on Oct 26, 2009 at 02:07:19 PM

Yankees are headed to the World Series as your American League Champions. This game to me had such a different vibe for me in which I felt that I knew the Angels weren't going to get the BIG Hit and I also felt that the Yankees were one big hit from making the game a blow out. The Yankees got just enough to win the game and American League Pennant.

How does that quote go again.."What goes around, comes around." Errors cost the Angels games 1 and 2, and errors comes back to haunt the Angels in game 6. Howie Kendrick can't catch an easy throw to 1st and Scot Kazmir doesn't know how to lob a ball to first base. Wasn't Scot Kazmir suppose to be the "Red Sox and Yankee Killer." Go Figure!!!

C.C. Sabathia is your ALCS MVP. Well deserved.

Pettite yet again a job well done in postseason play

Posted by: darkdragonic on Oct 12, 2009 at 12:11:15 AM

YANKEES SWEEP TWINS!!! The Twins has just played their last game at the Metrodome. Yankees has had just timely hitting in late innings. Alex Rodriguez HR in 7th to tie it and Jorge Posada go ahead HR. Andy Pettite pitched great as usual in postseason play. How about those Twins. Can it get that bad. They can't hold leads, poor baserunning, and the inability to shut down the Yankees in late innings. Nick Punto, probably the best producer in the series rounded 3rd after Denard Span hit a chopper to 2nd, Jeter throws home and Posada throws to the 3rd to get Punto. Punto never looked at his 3rd base coach until it was too late. Pavano pitched a heck of a ball game, but like the other Twins pitchers, they could not shut down the Yankees when they get the lead. Rivera got a 4 out save to sweep