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Posted by: darkdragonic on Apr 10, 2010 at 08:19:48 PM

New York Yankees 10- Tampa Bay Rays 0

There was really nothing you can say about this game except for C.C. Sabathia and defense. C.C. Sabathia flirted with a no hitter into the 8th inning. He went 7 2/3 innings of no hit ball until Kelly Shoppach hit a line drive to left. Great job by C.C. Sabathia, he was in control the whole time. Sabathia also had help from his defense. Mark Teixeria with a diving catch. Alex Rodriguez with numerous plays by diving, jumping, long throws, etc.

Mark Teixeria finally came through with 3 hits. Wow!!!

Who cares about the offense today. It was all about C.C. Sabathia.

Some way to kick off the 15th season of MLB on FOX with a flirted no hitter and some great defensive play. Who cares how long a baseball game goes as long as the game has some dramatic exciting

Posted by: darkdragonic on Oct 23, 2009 at 12:05:24 AM

Well it was good game, but it didn't go the Yankees way. I'm going to straight to the point with I hear most people are saying already about not taking out Burnett earlier. I have to agree with Girardi move, Burnett had a low pitch count and he could've pitched a lot longer. As for Burnett, in the 1st inning I think he got little ahead of himself and not executing his pitches. As for the bullpen, in Hughes and Chamberlain, they need to relax. They probably thought it was over, but you still have make the pitches and you play 27 outs. Hughes definitely struggled and Chamberlain still doesn't look like the old Joba in the bullpen in this postseason.

Teixeria, Matsui, Cano all had big hits with runners in scoring position and you hope that gets them going.

Swisher still needs to get hits,

Posted by: darkdragonic on Oct 10, 2009 at 03:58:50 PM

Hello, This is Alan.

The Twins has given the Yankees some competition and hard fought wins. Even though the Yankees won game 1 by the score of 7-2, the Twins still manage to make the Yankees feel uneasy at times. In game 2 they that especially, but the Yankees prevail in games 1 and 2 and now have a commanding 2-0. They will go for the sweep on Sunday at the Metrodome with Andy Pettite going against Carl Pavano.

The Twins has major issues. They can't seem to hold on to leads against NY. They have had leads in all nine games, but fail to hold on to them, four walk offs in those nine games.

Game 1 starter CC Sabathia was good, not great. He gave up some hits, but he prevail to allow one earn run and a win

Game 2 starter Burnett was good. He gave way too many walks and hit a couple batters.