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Posted by: darkdragonic on Feb 8, 2010 at 05:19:01 PM

Well, Super Bowl XLIV is over which is the end of the season. What to look forward now in sports?

MLB season won't start for another 2 and a half months.

Who cares about the PGA Tour and the PGA Major Tournaments with Tiger Woods gone. I surely don't care. Will Tiger ever came back as a dominant golfer? Breaking the most major titles won will tough or impossible now.

Nothing interesting in Tennis world. The Austrialian Open just ended with Roger Federer winning his 16th Grand Slam. Its going to keep rising. I think he'll have close to 30 Grand Slams at the end of his career. We have to wait until May for another exciting action in Tennis. The French Open, I'm referring to.

My fourth favorite sport to watch is Nascar. There is something to look forward and that is Valentine's Day weekend.