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Posted by: darkdragonic on Nov 2, 2009 at 12:43:11 AM

What started out as a bad start to the day for New York fans when the New York Giants got killed by the Philadelphia Eagles (BOO!!!) turn out to be a great day because The New York Yankees are one win away from winning the World Series.

C.C. Sabathia was ok in his outing, but has problems go against the Phillies. I think he throws way to many pitches to phillies hitters and he can't figure out Chase Utley, but Sabathia kept the Yankees in lead and could've deserved a win. If anyone would've said that the Yankees would be up 3-1 in the World Series and C.C. Sabathia would not have a win and pitched okay then I would've thought you are crazy.

I'm surprised that the Yankees offense didn't get more off of Joe Blanton. He pitched okay as well.

Joba Chamberlain certainly had good stuff in

Posted by: darkdragonic on Nov 1, 2009 at 01:13:47 AM

The rain and held up and the Yankees take back homefield on the road. The Yankees now lead in the World Series 2-1.

Pettite another win in the postseason. I believe he has 17 now. It didn't looked that way in the first two innings as he threw a lot of pitches and struggled, but after that he was great. See that is one thing about Andy Pettite that you count on is when he struggles, he will limit the damage, keep his team in the game, and grind out innings. He did all that and pitched 6 innings. Probably "greatest hitter in postseason history," he hit an RBI single which surprised me and probably everyone in the world because I thought he was going to bunt. Great night for Andy Pettite and the Yankees.

As for the Yankees offense, they exploded. Alex Rodriguez 2 run home run got the team

Posted by: darkdragonic on Oct 30, 2009 at 04:06:36 PM

Whose Your Daddy? The Yankees are still your daddy Pedro as they beat you once again. A.J. Burnett was magnificant, this is the A.J. Burnett the Yankees wanted that constantly beated them in the past. Burnett went 7 innings and gave up only one run. He threw a lot of 1st pitch strikes and he made Ryan Howard look silly.

Teixeria and Matsui went deep and you hope that gets them both going. Now that there is no DH, I expect Matsui to get real hot if it goes back to the Bronx for Game 6.

As for predictions I think the Yankees have to win games 3 & 4 with Pettite and Sabathia going because Cole Hamels is struggling in the playoffs and Joe Blanton, the Yankees has seen in the past and I believe the Yankees hit well against. I think the Yankees will make Hamels and Blanton throw a lot of pitches.

Posted by: darkdragonic on Oct 28, 2009 at 11:47:07 PM

Too much Cliff Lee. The Yankees are down 0-1 in the World Series. What can you say to C.C. Sabathia, 7 innings of 2 run ball. He pitched another good outing for the Yankees, but there was no way the Yankees offense could get going with Cliff Lee throwing the way he did.

No need to panic because the next 3 games, I see the Phillies starting pitching are more vulnerable because Pedro Martinez is not the same Pedro and he's somewhat struggles against the Yankees. Cole Hammels is struggling in the postseason and Joe Blanton or J.A. Happ, Blanton or Happ for sure in my opinion would crack under pressure.

Bottom line is the Yankees got to win Game 2. At least steal one game on the road whether it be Game 3 or 4 because you assume that Cliff Lee will start Game 5.

I see the C.C. Sabathia starting

Posted by: darkdragonic on Oct 26, 2009 at 02:07:19 PM

Yankees are headed to the World Series as your American League Champions. This game to me had such a different vibe for me in which I felt that I knew the Angels weren't going to get the BIG Hit and I also felt that the Yankees were one big hit from making the game a blow out. The Yankees got just enough to win the game and American League Pennant.

How does that quote go again.."What goes around, comes around." Errors cost the Angels games 1 and 2, and errors comes back to haunt the Angels in game 6. Howie Kendrick can't catch an easy throw to 1st and Scot Kazmir doesn't know how to lob a ball to first base. Wasn't Scot Kazmir suppose to be the "Red Sox and Yankee Killer." Go Figure!!!

C.C. Sabathia is your ALCS MVP. Well deserved.

Pettite yet again a job well done in postseason play

Posted by: darkdragonic on Oct 23, 2009 at 12:05:24 AM

Well it was good game, but it didn't go the Yankees way. I'm going to straight to the point with I hear most people are saying already about not taking out Burnett earlier. I have to agree with Girardi move, Burnett had a low pitch count and he could've pitched a lot longer. As for Burnett, in the 1st inning I think he got little ahead of himself and not executing his pitches. As for the bullpen, in Hughes and Chamberlain, they need to relax. They probably thought it was over, but you still have make the pitches and you play 27 outs. Hughes definitely struggled and Chamberlain still doesn't look like the old Joba in the bullpen in this postseason.

Teixeria, Matsui, Cano all had big hits with runners in scoring position and you hope that gets them going.

Swisher still needs to get hits,

Posted by: darkdragonic on Oct 21, 2009 at 12:36:57 AM

What a dominating performance by C.C. Sabathia and the New York Yankees. Was there any doubt with CC on the mound..NO!!! Alex Rodriguez continues to be a monster with the bat. I'll say one thing about C.C and A-Rod, the past is the past, the present is now and they are dominating no matter who is up at bat and who is pitching.

Who says the Yankees can't hit in runners in scoring position. The team came up huge. Melky Cabrera 4 RBIs and Damon with a 2 run HR. Basically the team got the hits when it counted the most, moving up runners, and getting the runs in.

The Yankee hitters that were struggling got it going. Melky, Cano, Damon, Posada, Swisher had some nice at bats, and you hope that Teixeria hit gets him going.

I told you in last blog that CC Sabathia was going to have a nice game

Posted by: darkdragonic on Oct 19, 2009 at 08:56:46 PM

An interesting move by Joe Girardi, as he takes out David Robertson for Alfredo Aceves. I don't like the move and I'm sure my other fellow Yankee fans don't like it. In my opinion, you let Robertson pitch the rest of the inning. The next inning you can bring Aceves and it cost dearly. Robertson has electric stuff and Aceves has soft stuff. What made even odd was that no one was on base. I think Girardi was potecting Robertson because he was hurt before. Bad time to be protective.

Yankees needs to hit runners in scoring position better.

I think C.C. Sabathia is going to have another good game. I don't see Kazmir pitching that well because he is a so called "Red Sox and Yankee killer." He hasn't looked good against the Red Sox in ALDS game 3 and I don't expect him to have another good game.

Posted by: darkdragonic on Oct 18, 2009 at 03:01:55 PM

What a game 2 that was. It was such an unbelievable game and it was only fitting that the Yankees continue there walk off magic. The theme for the Angels is "speed kills", well errors can kill you and that is the theme for the Angels in the 1st two games. The Yankees bullpen was amazing and saving the Yankees errors. Alex Rodriguez is a new man in the postseason another game tying home run, this time in extra innings down by a run. The Yankees needed to win the 1st two games at home because now they enter a tough environment in Anahiem. They ensure themselves a game 6 at home and no clinching for the Angels at home. Although, the way the Yankees pitching as been great, they might not need six games.


LETS GO YANKEES!!! ANOTHER PIE..for Jerry Hairston Jr.

Posted by: darkdragonic on Oct 17, 2009 at 02:53:13 PM

How good was C.C. Sabathia in Game 1? I'll tell you not good, but dominating. CC 8 innings of one run ball. CC retired all of the Angels lead off man in every inning. The Yankees played great defense in Damon sliding catch, Cano diving stop, and CC throw to 1st off Hunters bunt attempt (BTW Hunter, you were out, Tex had his foot on the bag with the ball for a split second.) Angels defense was bad, I guess there are not use to cold weather. Yankees pitching are just TOO HOT right now.

ALCS Game 2 Tonight Burnett vs Saunders. LETS GO YANKEES!!!