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Posted by: My YES on Oct 29, 2009 at 03:10:53 PM

A few hours before the start of Game 2, Ken Singleton sat down with My YES to recap last night's Yankees loss, look ahead to tonight and recall his memories of the 1983 World Series.

My YES: The Yankees are in a situation right now, being down 0-1 to the Phillies, that you are familiar with. Your 1983 Orioles also dropped the first game to the Phillies in the World Series, but you went on to win the next four.

Ken Singleton: That was a very interesting series. We lost the first game 2-1. I can remember Al Holland finishing the game up for the Phillies and waiving his finger in the air like they had just won the World Series. That really ticked me off. Then when we were walking up the tunnel and I remember saying out loud, and some of the younger players heard me say it, “that’s