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    Location: Queens, NY
    Who is your cable or satellite provider? Time Warner Cable
    About Me: Member of the YES Network team since late '02. Four-time NY Sports Emmy winner. A pretty swell guy.
    Favorite Sports: MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL
    Favorite Teams: Yankees, Jets, Islanders, Knicks. Also want to see the Nets do well!
    Favorite Players: As a child of the '80s, and growing up a Yankees fan, Don Mattingly was obviously my favorite ballplayer. From the recent era of Yanks, Mike Mussina was my favorite, followed by Gary Sheffield, even though his time with the club was short. I have way, way too many athletes I've liked across sports to list here. I'd surely leave someone out.
    Favorite Sports Memory: Once when I was trying to finish out a blowout win, the song '99 Red Balloons' got in my head and I threw 16 straight pitches out of the strike zone. Nothing special, but I won't forget it. I was freezing.
    Least Favorite Teams: Any team from Boston, obviously! Oh, and the NY Rangers (as an Islanders fan, I gotta represent).
    Favorite TV Shows: Anything Showtime is doing right now is gold (Dexter, Californication, Shameles)... The Walking Dead is up there too.
    Favorite Movies: Aliens. The Godfather. Scarface. Oceans 11. Finding Nemo. Eurotrip. The Deer Hunter. My tastes are all over the map.
    Hobbies: ...this one too.
    Relationship Status: Single
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