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Posted by: Glenn on Feb 18, 2011 at 03:38:57 PM

What's cookin' everyone!

Hopefully by now you've checked out the first couple of content editions of MyYES Weekly, a new web show we've got here at hosted by my longtime colleague Joe Auriemma and I. If you haven't seen the latest edition, check it out here. Some movie discussion comes up in each of the shows, most notably in the first one when Joe gave us a quick review of 'The Fighter,' a nominee for this year's Best Picture Oscar and a film considered to be among the finest sports movies in recent years.

I haven't seen 'The Fighter,' but it would be hard pressed to crack my 'fave five' when it comes to sports movies. While I understand that a few of these might not draw much critical praise, they each have two things in common: they rank off the charts when it comes