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Posted by: Glenn on Mar 5, 2011 at 04:47:24 AM

At this point, Jesus Montero is in pole position to win a spot on the Yankees. 

Personally, I shared Michael Kay's sentiment and thought Montero was a favorite to win a place on the team even before Francisco Cervelli suffered a broken left foot fouling off a ball Wednesday. Now Cervelli is on the shelf for at least a month, and barring Montero's own injury or a full-on face plant in March, there isn't anything stopping the uberprospect from breaking camp with the big club.

Let's not let Cervelli get lost in the shuffle though. He's done exactly what he's been asked to do over his time in the Majors. From his broken wrist in 2008 to his concussion last spring and now the broken foot, Cervelli has had terrible luck. As he turns 25, there is plenty of baseball

Posted by: Glenn on Mar 4, 2010 at 07:47:41 PM

Ah, Spring Training. The time at which the fancy of fans turns to sunshine and baseball. It took a couple of days for me to shake off the Olympic hangover though -- what a Gold Medal game that was, right? I like to think that some of the interest will carry over to the NHL ... but it didn't happen in 2002, so I'm skeptical now. Tweet me here:

This blog is dedicated to the recently DFA'd Edwar Ramirez. Hopefully, your changeup will dance somewhere in the Majors again! 

  • Nice to see CC Sabathia looking good in his first Spring Training appearance, and major props to Colin Curtis for being the first pie-worthy Yankee in the 2010 calendar year, even though he didn't receive the honor. A cancer survivor who has been profiled on YES before, Curtis