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Posted by: Al Iannazzone on Mar 1, 2011 at 12:32:24 AM

NEWARK – As the fourth quarter wound down, and then the overtime, it looked like the Nets were going to have a similar result as the last time they jumped aboard an intercontinental flight. And you expected Deron Williams to deliver a clinching basket.

In preseason, Stephen Graham hit a buzzer-beating, game-winner to send the Nets off to Russia and ultimately China.

Last night, in Williams’ home debut, the Nets came up just short of leaving for London with a comeback victory at the buzzer. They ended up losing 104-103 to the Suns in a wild, entertaining game that 15,836 fans attended.

The ball was in Williams’ battered hands on the last play and he turned the corner for the basket, getting by Grant Hill and Marcin Gortat before putting up a runner over Channing Frye

Posted by: Al Iannazzone on Feb 4, 2011 at 11:51:29 PM

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – The Nets seemed to be very upset after Friday’s 92-82 loss to the Pistons, and rightfully so. They weren’t upset with anyone but themselves, which could be a good thing if they finally do something about it.

Many times there is indifference in the Nets’ locker room. Often times there is more smiling and laughing than there should be.

Many times, the Nets feel they’re getting closer to putting together some wins. They feel good about how they played despite a loss. They weren’t even kicking themselves all that much after losing by 32 points last weekend in Indiana and 10 points the next night in Milwaukee.

But after this one, you could see the disgust in some guys faces, including Brook Lopez, who hasn’t been down on himself

Posted by: Al Iannazzone on Feb 1, 2011 at 12:12:19 AM

Carmelo Anthony came, saw placards of what the new arena in Brooklyn will look like, and the Nets conquered.

This was easily their most significant win of the season and how they beat Anthony and the Nuggets, 115-99 last night at the Rock, made it even more significant.

Brook Lopez, the only untouchable, had a strong game with 27 points. But it was everyone else, many of them involved or affected by the Anthony talks, that showed tremendous pride and desire and put forth some of the better efforts of the season.

It started with Devin Harris. The Nets’ captain was nearly traded to Denver twice and it definitely had an impact on him. After Mikhail Prokhorov said the Nets were out of trade talks for Anthony and cancelled a meeting with the Nuggets star, Harris’ game and focus

Posted by: Al Iannazzone on Jan 27, 2011 at 04:38:41 PM

The Nets were within a stop and/or a make in the closing seconds against Dallas of taking a five-game winning streak into Indianapolis tomorrow. They’re probably kicking themselves now for that, but there is nothing wrong with a 4-1 homestand.

Not for this team that usually needs a few weeks to register four wins.

They got their fourth win of the season in their 10th game. Their eighth win came in their 28th game and their 12th win came in Game 43. So four-in-five and almost five-in-five is definitely an indication that the Nets believe in each other, their coach, the system and, more than anything, they’re finally executing.

“Right now the spirit of our team is at an all-time high, just in terms of all the things we're trying to implement and change this culture,”

Posted by: Al Iannazzone on Jan 25, 2011 at 05:26:05 PM

Sometimes it can be just a matter of timing.

Nets principal owner Mikhail Prokhorov flew to New Jersey to attend Russian Culture Night and dropped a bombshell on his team and the NBA, instructing management to pull out of the talks for Carmelo Anthony.

For the Nets, the Jazz coming to town with Russian Andrei Kirilenko couldn't have come at a better time. Prokhorov might not have delivered that same message from his desk in Moscow or while he was heli-skiing somewhere or space jumping or crocodile wrestling or whatever he does for fun.

There are more than four weeks to go until the trade deadline, so we’ll wait and see if Prokhorov’s words hold water. But his words definitely lifted a tremendous weight off of a locker room that was feeling the tension

Posted by: Al Iannazzone on Jan 25, 2011 at 12:16:58 AM

The Nets know exactly how the Cavaliers feel.

The 2010-11 Cavaliers are the closest thing to the 2009-10 Nets. The Nets can empathize, but they didn’t want to be the ones to lift the Cavaliers’ spirits.

It was close to happening, but the Nets executed down the stretch and Brook Lopez’s short turnaround with 1.4 seconds to go carried them to a 103-101 victory last night.

Lopez was to the Cavaliers last night what Damien Wilkins and Dwyane Wade have been to the Nets. They delivered dagger baskets that contributed mightily to the Nets’ 0-18 start. Lopez’s score extended the Cavaliers losing streak to 17 consecutive games.

The Cavaliers had a chance to win, but Daniel Gibson back-rimmed a corner three at the buzzer. If this was 2009-10, Gibson would

Posted by: Al Iannazzone on Jan 16, 2011 at 01:09:19 AM

The Nets’ season has been like the movie Groundhog Day.

Every game seems to be similar and every day there seems to be more reports and rumors about Carmelo Anthony. If you want something to look forward to, here it is: There’s just one more game to go – on this trip and probably for some Nets, too.

That doesn’t mean the Nets won’t suffer more losses like Saturday night’s 96-89 outcome in Portland. But if the three-team trade with the Nuggets and Pistons goes through and the Nets get Anthony, Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton, you have to believe they will handle themselves better in games like this one.

Of course, the Nets may need to convince Anthony to join them, but all signs point to an agreement being reached between the teams at some point

Posted by: Al Iannazzone on Jan 2, 2011 at 12:35:37 AM

MINNEAPOLIS – The Nets had every intention of putting 2010 behind them, all they went through, all the change, all the heartache, and start 2011 the right way. But the New Year opened with even more heartache, more headshakes and looked an awful lot like 2010.

The only thing that turned was the calendar. The Nets aren’t that much different as they showed in a dismal 103-88 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

This was as embarrassing and deflating a loss as the Nets have suffered all season because of the opponent. The Nets weren’t playing the Lakers, Magic, Celtics or Heat on New Year’s night. They were playing the Minnesota Timberwolves, one of the few teams that came into 2011 with a worse record than the Nets.

This was a game that should have at least gone

Posted by: Al Iannazzone on Dec 14, 2010 at 11:48:38 PM

The losses just keep on piling up for the Nets, but they have to be considered a winner in the trade that will be announced Wednesday.

Long before the Nets lost their eighth straight game and perhaps shooting guard Anthony Morrow to a hamstring injury, they agreed on a three-team deal that brings them more assets and flexibility and they hope eventually Carmelo Anthony.

That’s getting way ahead, but Anthony factored in the Nets’ thinking when they made this deal.

Terrence Williams will be traded Wednesday to the Rockets for a protected first-round pick, and Joe Smith will go to the Lakers for shooter Sasha Vujacic and another first-round pick.

They will also save money when Vujacic’s deal expires next year, and Williams is signed through 2011-12. When it’s

Posted by: Al Iannazzone on Dec 4, 2010 at 03:22:27 PM

The Nets are a quarter done with their season and already have five more wins than they did at this point last season, but they are a perplexing team.

Some games, like against Atlanta and Portland, the Nets look like they can not only compete with but also beat some of the better teams in the league.

Then some others -– think Charlotte twice and Sacramento –- the Nets look like the team from last season that struggled to score, couldn’t execute on either ends in crunch time and produced many head-scratching, eye-rolling moments.

Brook Lopez is the poster boy for this dichotomy.

There are games in which Lopez looks like he can be an All-Star-type player, like the first two games of the season when he scored 25 and 29 points, respectively, or the Atlanta win in which